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  news  flash

uu NEWSFLASH: Back by popular demand: The Betta First Aid Kit will start selling here, again, next week!! :)

08/09/13 - I am getting ready to bring back the BETTA FIRST AID KIT, hopefully by the end of next week. As always, the kit will include everything you need to treat your sick betta, and comes with detailed instructions. What's best is that it it designed to work concurrently with our current betta disease page: If your betta gets sick, you visit that page, diagnosis the sick fish then apply the appropriate meds contained in your first aid kit.

Basically we take the guess work out of the equation, and give you both the knowledge AND the ammunitions you will need to treat your betta fast and efficiently.

THE BETTA FIRST AID KIT: Every betta hobbyist should have one on hand at all time.


uu Betta breeding / rearing complete tank set-ups for sale.

08/09/13 - I have moved all of my tanks to my storage and now can start selling them. Many to pick from, no leaks, many many years of use left in them, gently used. Complete set-ups including filters, heaters, plants etc. in misc sizes ranging from 5 gal all the way up to 50 gal.  I also have one partitioned betta male display tank I need to sell. See it here (top 3 pics).


if anyone is interested please email me here. I am located in So Cal, about an hour North East of Los Angeles area. If you email me about the fish tanks set-ups, make sure to put in your email header "BETTATALK - Interested in your fish tanks" or I may not spot your incoming email. 

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 the woman behind the
w e b s i t e



I have been featured on
national and international
television and have been
helping the betta community through this website since 1998. 
I have over 180  spawns
and  5000 shipments under my belt and have been filmed by both Animal Planet and the BBC channel.   
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other headlines!
  • the Animal Planet betta segment is now available on this site: click here

  • Bettatalk brings the first ever live betta spawn to audiences worldwide!

  • Bettatalk is crowned #1 betta site by the Daily News :)).go to article


  • Bettatalk to be featured on The BBC / Discovery Channel networkgo to article


  • San Francisco Bay Brand now features one of my Halfmoon Blue moon geno males on their betta food new packaging.

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And now our ever so popular betta column:

 all you ever wanted to know about bettas...
                                                    ... and weren't afraid to ask :)

You ask your question, I answer it here.                                    


Q: I would love to have a breeding pair but the thought of having to "cull" just makes me sick.  Is it really necessary, I mean can't you just take some of the eggs away before they hatch?

above topic submitted by Amie, San Diego - CA

 A: Amie, this is a very good question in deed, one that raises a very important concern and I would be glad to roll up my sleeve and put my two cents forth :).

I think one of the most exciting aspect of our betta hobby is the fact that they are fairly easy to breed and that their spawning ritual is so exciting to watch! Most of us, at one time or another, decide to take the step that separate betta keepers from betta breeders. It usually happens quite naturally, almost as though the betta keeper had little choice in the matter, he/she got bit by the bug, the betta fever is running in the triple digits hehe and, in a semi state of betta induced delirium, we decide we will spawn "hey, what the heck! Why not? It should be FUN".

And in deed it is. FUN FUN FUN! (A bit frustrating at times, a lot work most of the times, but FUN FUN FUN nonetheless). 

But where should our fun stop and betta ethics begin? It is oftentimes a fine line... Blurred by too many careless people... In other words, if we are to play GOD by creating life, do we not owe it to our creations to care about them and FOR them? Is it not our moral responsibility? If we do not have the adequate space, time, financial resources to provide the fry with proper care and most importantly homes, should we even attempt to spawn in the first place? Are we being selfish when we spawn for fun but the many bettas we produce suffer?

The answer is yes, yes and YES.

So does that means then that we should not spawn bettas at all? Of course not, but we should be wise about the way we spawn and we should be responsible betta hobbyists in the way we spawn. In this column I am going to offer some suggestions (strike that word and replace it with the word 'INSTRUCTIONS' or better yet "ORDERS' hehe) so to keep all of you betta crazed feverish hobbyists in line ;) and so to make sure our hobby does not turn into a nightmare for the little fishies. 
                 > continue reading the column here 

Featured  fanmail !


Dear Faith:

This is just a quick to note to thank you again for
the incredible "Tutti Frutti" pair; and to say that I
shall do my utmost to help them to  breed.

The male now has his own thirty- gallon tank (all to
himself, of course) and the female has her own
twenty-gallon tank (again, all to herself).  These are
both well-planted tanks with an interesting array of
Malaysian driftwood, too.

I know from experience that bettas actually love big
tanks to swim about in (despite the prevailing opinion
of the day) and that they do live quite a bit longer
as a result (a fact I've proven with other, past
bettas).  My personal opinion is that they enjoy lives
of significantly great  "quality" when placed in such
environments, as well.    

All my gratitude to you for providing me the
opportunity to experience such beauty on a daily

- Peter


In loving memory of...

Henry Willy

"This is our first betta fish, Henry Willy. We rescued him from the pet store where he was very sick and going to die. We gave him a beautiful home of 2.5 gallons, and he lived with us for 1 1/2 years. He got better and healthy. 

On the last month he lost all his fins and half of his weight. We did everything we could to save him. He left us June 11th, 2009. We are proud to have had such a great son. Smart and a happy dancer."


Fernanda Sheehan


lost a betta that was dear to your heart? honor him here. 

find out how



greeting my young betta apprentice!

If you past familiar territories into this intergalactic Alien Betta site wandered have, it probably means bit by the bug you got. 

                 The Betta Bug.

Beware! One bite will infect you with a psychosis called the I-cant-buy-enough-breed-enough-have-enough-bettas? a rare, but incurable disease.

But there are some good news: Though incurable, one can live happily ever after with the ailment and have a complete blast.

And it is only mildly contagious. 

However, do seek medical advice if you have the following symptoms:

  • You woke up this morning with both hands in your betta tank.

  • You caught yourself flaring at your reflection in the mirror while brushing your teeth.

  • You inadvertently sprinkled freeze dried bloodworms on your ice cream yesterday.

  • There is a betta swimming in your coffee maker.

  • You have actually pondered the thought of converting your brand new TV set into an extra fish tank.

  • You can actually see bettas swimming when you close your eyes.

Well, if it is too late for you, as it is for me, I welcome you warmly to my website, a place of comfort for all of us Betta Freaks.

Come back any time you need your fix ;). May the Bettaforce with you, be. 




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