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MTV shoot at
George Barris
Kustom shop

Grand National
Roadster Show

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save Harvey's Broiler


Pacific Coast Highway
group cruise

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my first photoshoot
as a hotrod pinup

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I become art at
Allan Greene's
gallery opening

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Bill Hines 85th
Birthday party

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Hiboy's photo is
published in

and many
more adventures
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2006 adventures



      Whether heading to a car show or a cruise night event, whether exploring city neighborhoods or country back roads, whether going for a night out on the town or simply running errands, driving a 1932 Ford Hiboy is always an exciting experience! This hotrod is a total people magnet! Everywhere you go, you get thumbs up, compliments, conversations and SMILES! Lots and lots of smiles... So whatever you are doing and wherever you are going, you know you are going to have FUN as soon as you drive off. Plus, you never know whether you are going to make it back home or not. Break downs are always hovering over your head, adding a little element of uncertainty, excitement and adventure to the mix. Here I share some of my year 2007 stories and photos, as well as review some of our local cruise nights and car shows. make sure to read previous years adventures as well !!

I hope you enjoy cruising with us! 

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