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Archived questions and their answers  
from our ever so popular column: 
"All you ever wanted to know about bettas" 

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TOPIC: fins chewed up

Q: Is it possible that my Betta is chomping on his own fins?  I read the info on fin rot but the water has been clean and there is no dark or red edges.  His fins looked like someone munched on them, and the only fins effected are the ones possibly in his reach?

TOPIC: eclipse tank filter problem

Q: I have a two gallon eclipse tank and I use the marineland filter that came with it. I believe that the filter is too strong for my betta as he gets stuck to the intake tube. How can I lessen the flow of the filter without getting a new filter?

TOPIC: male betta not courting female

Q: I noticed that one of my males seems to only want to court the females I don't pair him up with. If I put the female he was courting with him, he'll forget her and look for another one. Is it normal for a male to seek a different female or does he just want them all at once?

TOPIC: teaching bettas to flare

Q: How do Betta owners who "show" their bettas train them to flare?

TOPIC: bettas dying fast

Q: I had a Betta for 2 weeks then bought him a nice 2.5 gal. tank, & found him dead the next morn. :(  I bought a 2nd Betta & he's doing the same thing as the 1st, hugging the filter, or laying on the bottom.  I've treated the water, bought a heater & thermometer.  Am I killing them?! :(

TOPIC: mosquito larvae

Q: What amount of mosquito larvae is appropriate for one betta?

TOPIC: betta scared of mirror

Q: It's supposed to be healthy to let the bettas flare at each other and at their own reflection once in a while, but the mirror literally scares the poop out of mine (hence his name Fraidy).  Is this normal and does it stress him out?  Will he become braver if he sees himself more often?

TOPIC: fin rot

Q: When a betta is recovering from fin rot, should it have a black ring around the new white finnage?

TOPIC: laying of eggs

Q: my betta who does nothing but sit on his plant all day blew out a giant bubble nest yesterday. I put the female into the tank at this point (she was ready to lay eggs). Is there a way of knowing if she actually did lay eggs ?

TOPIC: betta acting crazy

Q: Sometimes my betta's swimming or still, and then suddenly he'll start flopping himself around wildly, looking like hes madly confused or trying to swim through the bowl wall. I have experimented by sitting very still with all electronics off. And he'll still do it. Is there something wrong, or did I get a schizophrenic fish?

TOPIC: bettas eating cory cat wafers

 Q: My betta keeps eating the sinking wafers I feed my Emerald Cory Cats!! Is this harmful in any way or should I consider a divider at feeding times? He also guards the leftovers and flares and chases them. He's becoming quite the bully!

TOPIC: females eating their eggs

Q: I have a female who has just expelled all her eggs when not mating. She lives in a clean 2-gal tank and I've been watching her because she wasn't eating as well as normal. This morning I found her happily munching a cloud of millimeter-sized white balls. Not being a breeder, I'm assuming these are eggs. Should I be concerned?

TOPIC: betta food

Q: I know you hate feeding flakes or anything other that worms, but I started to feed my bettas betta bio-gold and they love it. Do you think that I should stick to blood worms?

TOPIC: betta numbers in community tanks

Q: How many female bettas can you place in a ten gallon tank?

TOPIC: when to retire a breeder

Q: I've spawn beautiful veil tail bettas for about two years and am now moving on to the "REAL" thing. I want to know when do you retire a betta from spawning or how do you know your betta must retire? I have spawned many young ones many times and I feel that I'm overdoing it (one female, Pinky, has spawned 5 times in her life.)

TOPIC: treating tap water

Q: Recently I moved into a new house and when I changed my bettas water I forgot about the water softener. I changed the water and have been using Maracide, but he won't eat and is looking very weak.  Please help me try to figure out if it's too late.  Thank you!

TOPIC: cleaning betta tank

Q: I have a pet Betta who lives in a 2 gallon tank w/small carbon filter changed every 2 wks, 1/2 inch of gravel on the bottom. I do a weekly 1/4 water change. Should I remove him from the tank while I swish/suck the gravel & change the water or is he fine staying in the tank. I don't want to stress him out.

TOPIC: ghost shrimps and bettas

Q: I just got 2 ghost shrimps for my crowntail betta in my 1gal tank. just now I saw the shrimp munching on his tail! I read they were compatible. Should I do something?  Also I want to know why some bettas have curled up fins at the ends.. I see them like that at a lot of pet stores and my crowntail's tail is recently starting to curl.

TOPIC: betta water

Q: hi I just bought a betta and I wanted to know if I should be putting anything else then Stresscoat in the water. also why is the water foggy even after I change it. He has air pumping in it but no filter, should I get a filter?

TOPIC: male not building a bubble nest

Q: Hi! I have started to try breeding bettas, but I'm having a little problem. I looked at the section on how to breed and took a male and female and put them side by side, everything went perfect! But for some reason when I put them in the tank, the male won't make a bubble nest, he just keeps flaring. Please help!

TOPIC: stopping betta abuse

Q: Since visiting your site and learning lots about our betta friends, I am HORRIFIED by the way PetSmart, Superpetz, Wal-Mart, etc. keep their bettas. I feel sooooo bad every time I am at one of those stores. Any suggestions on how to get them to STOP abusing bettas?

TOPIC: fry food

Q: When do you change fry from smaller foods, ie bbs, vinegar eels, microworms, to other larger foods.  How do you do it, what foods do you give and what do you do to transition them from one to the other, etc.  Thank you.

TOPIC: nocturnal bettas

Q: Is it normal for your betta to be more active in the night than the day?

TOPIC: introducing new food

Q: I want to vary my betta's diet, and I got freeze dried bloodworms for him but he won't eat them (he's used to HBH Betta Bites). He won't swallow them. What can I do to get him to try them?

TOPIC: color changes

Q: I have had my betta for about 2 weeks.  I have noticed that he is changing color on his fins from red to blue.  Is this normal??

TOPIC: microworms

Q: I read that you feed your fry Microworms throughout their fry stage. But I always thought that Microworms were low in nutrition. So I feed microworms only for the 1st week. Ok, my question: Is it really really ok to feed microworms to fry for their entire fry stage of their life??

TOPIC: microworms

Q: My roommate is really squeamish so for his sake I can't use microworms, so do you think my fry will make it off of a diet of only BBS? And, Assuming that I do only feed BBS, like will I have to have two hatcheries running, or will one be enough to harvest a two time a day feeding from? Thanks
Are male bettas happier living alone?

TOPIC: bettas living alone

Q: Are male bettas happier living alone?

TOPIC: betta breeder male too aggressive

Q: I have a 1-yr-old DT opaque male that's unusually vicious and attacks the female relentlessly, even after weeks of seemingly good acclimation to each other. Any suggestions on how to make him more conducive to mating? He's been enjoying a pleasant 10-gallon abode all to himself for his entire life . . .