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From the first moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one. He was everything I ever wanted... And more... And so was to start a great love story, the tail of the great passion between a woman and her Deuce Hiboy roadster. And the many adventures that would follow...

My roadster's past was a mystery waiting to unfold... Secrets untold... With his old Guide headlights, Buick finned drums, his early 40's red steelies and original 41 hub caps, his vintage retro 50's steering wheel, my flat black roadster yells OLD SCHOOL loud and clear and it's music to my ears.

The machine was driven over the years. Hard. It bears the scars of many road battles to prove it. Yet even as it stands today, with nicks and dents and in all its black primer glory, it still turns heads everywhere we go.

My deuce and I drove out to the Primer Nationals this year and returned with a first place trophy. Proving once again that it's not about how perfect your car is, but rather how much faith you have in it. In the end, it's all about heart and soul, and that, my deuce has plenty of.

Oh yes, we are going to be happy, my roadster and me... And this website will keep track of our many, many tales together. So make sure to visit often and enjoy our great pictures, videos and music...