ADD LOTS order form 

cause face it, you just never have enough bettas! :)  


Use this form ONLY if you already have a pending order. 

What is a pending order? A pending order may be:


an order you just submitted (even if you have not heard back from me yet)


an order that has been approved by me and confirmed (payment instructions have been sent to you)


an order that is in the final stages and ready to ship (funds have been received, shipping date has been set, etc...)

Regardless of how far along the order you previously submitted is, you can add lots to it at anytime until the moment I seal the shipping box! :) This is the form to use to add lots.

If you do NOT currently have an order placed with BETTATALK, then you cannot use this form. Please return to the stock page and click on the 'place a brand new order' tag instead. 
Thank you!



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Note: It is imperative you use the same name and email address that appears on your original order.

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                                       ADD LOTS TO YOUR ORDER

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                          WE ARE DONE. PLEASE HIT 'SUBMIT' (ONLY ONCE!)


Please allow 1 to 5 days for a reply / confirmation. I always check for add-ons right before shipping so fear not, your order will not be shipped without your added bettas :))
(unless you submit this form after I have already shipped them that is - duh!)