betta questions 

How to find the answers to your questions

With over 420 pages of betta related information, it is likely that the question you have has been addressed and answered here, somewhere on BETTATALK. Because this is a HUGE website, it might however be difficult for you to locate your answer. That is precisely why we have a search engine (hehehehe)! For example if your betta is sick enter the keyword "disease", if you have a betta in a vase, enter "vase", etc... You'll see, it works quite well. Kinda like magic!! :)))

  To do a search go to the
search page.  The "search" box is right there.   

What if I still can't find the answer?

Then you have two options:

  • submit your question to the "All you ever wanted to know about bettas... And weren't afraid to ask" section on the home page. This is free. When I do the column, I randomly pick a question and cover it on the home page. There are however no guaranties your question will ever be picked, it is the luck of the draw. If you have a betta emergency and need help with it I recommend initiating a consultation.
  • if you need help fast and bad, then I recommend seeking a betta consultation. For a low $20 fee you will get custom help with your specific custom betta problem, either via email or even via a phone call. You will get all the help you need and personal attention from ME.  

These are currently the ONLY options to have a betta question answered by me.