guidelines to feature your betta in our obituary section will be happy to feature your finned friend in our betta obituary section for a small donation of $10 or more (we leave it entirely up to you). Here's how to go about it:

1. Log on to and fill the 'send money' form as follows: In form header, put BETTA OBI. In form comment box, type in your obi text (tell us about your betta and why he was special to you, etc..). Make sure to not exceed 50 words.

2. Remember to include YOUR FULL NAME, the name of your betta and the date it passed away!!

3. Send the funds to

4. To send me a photo of your betta (if you have one), since paypal won't let you attach a file to their payment form you will have to do the following: Return here and email me your FULL NAME, a copy of the same OBI (so I can match the photo to the paypal OBI - duh!) and attach your betta's photo to your email! We accept gifs and jpegs. Only one photo will be published, so pick your best one! Don't have a photo? Don't worry, you can still honor your betta on our home page. To email the above requested stuff click here.

5. Please allow up to a week for the OBI to reach me and be added to the home page. Your OBI will be published for a minimum of a week and a maximum of, well, until someone else submits a new obituary to replace yours ;).

Note: Your donation supports this website and funds our betta disease section, which aims to save betta lives. Finley and I thank you for your kind support :)).


we cannot publish your obituary if you don't do this right or if you don't send a minimum $10 donation!