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Love your stories kids, so keep 'em coming!

A talented, but weird female

Dear Faith,

This is a funny & sad story about one of my eight bettas that I wanted to share.

I HAD a female betta named Glit.  She was an aggressive betta, so I had to put her in a divider.
She could jump really really really really high (about 2 inches) out of the water!  She was a ginormous betta (that's one of my mixed vocab words :)).  I thought she was gay or something, cause she flared her fins & gills at my other female betta, and what's even stranger is that she built bubblenests too!<:o.
I held food up about 1 inch and a half above the water, she would jump and get it.  I think that not
one person on the face of the earth wouldn't flinch when they had the food swiped out of their hand by

One day, my mom was doing the food thing again, and this time Glit waited for a couple seconds and jumped without warning.  She got the food, hit my mom and fell to the floor.  My mom tried to scoop her up, and finally did.  Glit lasted for about one week after that, (...) but then started to pale and developed a lack of appetite and activeness.  I was worried. But the next day I found her lifelessly looking at the bottom of her divider.  I thought she was just tired and resting. Then the day after that, I found her coated in cotton-like stuff, but still in the same position. Glit died shortly after.

Footnotes from Faith: Seems you really lobed Glit. The sad part is that you could have easily saved her by simply putting her in bettamax for a couple weeks immediately after her accident :((. Live and learn. PS: Kids, don't encourage your bettas to jump, they are bettas, not poodles! Encouraging their bad habit of jumping will result in their death. AND cover your jars always!


Salmon in a betta's body? LOL
Dear Faith,
First I want to say wicked job on the site! It's hard to find a site with so much info, and such nice graphics!
I have this dark red pet shop betta with black fin tips that I picked up about a week ago. He is my first betta, so I decided to try it out with a "mutt" hehe I must say, he has really surpassed any expectations I had. He is such a character! He loves to flare at his reflection, and his colors get very rich. He also likes to play in the slight down current from my Red Sea nano filter. This filter is just right for his 2.5gal as it's max output is 15gal/h and is fully adjustable. I placed him in the tank with a fabric amazon sword plant and a nice squarish rock with a curved hole through the middle and 1/4 fine gravel. I think he may be so energetic because he's been stuck in a cup for so long! Another favorite thing of his it to lay across the curved inner surface of the rock like a hammock =] Every morning, he is there, sleeping in late in his paradise. Thanks for letting me share this strange little fish!

Footnotes from Faith: Yes, bettas oftentimes like swimming against a gentle current, for as long as they can get away from it when they are tired. :)



Pete  Survived the Alcan Highway (or, Betta are the best fish!) 

From the beginning my betta Pete has been through alot, but nothing compared to when I up and decided to move to Alaska.

It was decided that Pete would travel along with us, in a pickle jar (the pickles went into a Tupperware container lol) as it had a lid, and was big enough for him to move around quite well. I did punch holes into the lid so as to give him air mind you.

We drove and drove and drove, and Pete seemed to be just fine, until I noticed the water was a little cloudy and gross.  Turns out I didn't wash the jar well enough and so we washed it again VERY well.  Things were fine with the jar and everything,  so when I saw that he was swimming around quite lethargically I was really worried he was dying.  Apparently betta don't like to swim in ice water!! DUH me, I don't know what I was thinking, it gets darn COLD in canada and the Yukon, so we ended up wrapping the jar in a blanket or towel , and putting the jar on the floor and turned the car
heater on full blast , on the foot setting.  That helped alot.  Also, we slept in the back of the truck instead of hotels (expensive!!) so we took the jar back there wrapped in a towel and kept it between us to keep him warm.  All in all he survived, and is doing quite well despite my bad luck with glass bowls breaking. Now hes in a plastic "critter box" thing, with a ceramic log that he hides in, and a plastic plant he hangs around when he wants food.  We talk to him ALOT, and hes very responsive, though I keep telling my wife to quit waking him up, she thinks hes dead or something. LOL

Footnotes from Faith: Well it's pretty obvious no other fish would have made it alive. But I am not surprised Pete survived the trip. What really surprises me, is that YOU did!! LOL. Next time, get a heat pack from sport shop, place it inside a small hand towel (so it won't cook your fish) and place the warm bundle on top of the betta jar lid (not under it). Some heat packs can last up to 3 days, or you can buy a 24 hour pack for each day of the trip (not sure how many days you trip was, but you could activate a new heat pack every day) - Beats the heck out of sleeping with the betta (mmm.... A bit kinky, no? LOL)


Not a rain check!

I started breeding Bettas back in the mid 80ís. I was doing fairly well. I had no less then four breeding tanks going at once. But one week after setting up the new breeding couples, I could not figure out what was wrong. None of my Bettas wanted to breed. I tried everything for a couple days and nothing seemed to work, they just were not interested. So I finally decided to put everyone back in their holding tanks and jars, feed them really good and try again the next day running all eight breeding tanks hoping that a couple nests would be built.


That day at school it was particularly gloomy as a huge storm rolled in and it started to rain just before lunch. To my surprise when I got home all but one of the females had jumped the divider and seven of my breeding tanks had full bubble nests bursting with eggs. I was never so busy for the next few months.


I remembered this a few months ago and I remembered how much I liked breeding Bettas as a kid and with the mention of it from a friend we are going to give it another go.


P.S. I like your new Betta Room.

Footnotes from Faith: the above way of trying to spawn is not the way I recommend you guys do thing. Moving bettas back and forth between holding tanks and breeding tanks daily would be VERY stressful for bettas. Having divider that betts can jump over is also not a good thing... Having said that, I thought the story was cute so I published it :) 


Betta Jacuzzi

I'm a newbie at bettas.  Maybe that is how I was able to discover a new toy for bored bettas in their jars.  I have recently ordered a quality pair from Faith, but this story is about a pet-store betta I got some months ago. 

I have 10-gallon aquarium designed mostly for plants and assorted rasboras. In outfitting it, I got an air pump and manifold, thinking I'd put several aquaria in a row and get air to all of them.  I used airstones and skinny
tubing so that the air stones would sink.  One of them was sitting there unused, so I plopped it into the betta's jar, thinking that even though bettas don't require it, it couldn't hurt for as long as I set the air very low so that only gentle streams came out.

The betta (I'm now calling him "Bubble Boy"--you know that movie about the guy who lived in a bubble?) discovered it very quickly and started laying on the airstone, letting the bubbles wrap around him, just like I would in a jacuzzi. The bubbles collect on his fins, under his body, under his gill covers, and then rise to the surface.  It's sort of a massage he's getting all the time.  He also sips the bubbles like a scuba diver would sip bubbles out of the regulator.  He has pretty well abandoned his bubble-nest making and the mirror in favor of the jacuzzi.  I wouldn't recommend this for a breeding male--he might very well not be interested in the female!  Next I expect him to want tiny little cigars.

J. Hafner

Footnotes from Faith: I do not recommend you guys add airstones to your betta's set-up, unless you can regulate the airflow in such a way that it is 100% gentle and does not in any way disrupt your betta. So unless you really know what you are doing, I'd say DON'T DO THIS AT HOME! 


Be nice to your finned friends

A cute betta story for your site Faith.

After getting one shipment of 6 fish from Faith, I was instantly addicted to bettas. I now have 13 fish.  Every time I go to the fish store, I save the ones that need help, the ones who look sad or sick.  The reason I do this, is to put my knowledge of betta health and diseases to work.  Faith's website has taught me the ins and outs of bettas, and because of her site, I have saved quite a few pet store fish lives.  Read Faith's website everyday, and I personally guarantee you will end up like me...with a fish room full of recovery sad cases, and turn their sad lives in to spoiled brat happy lives. All my guys have plants, rocks, friends, and clean water.  Every betta should be treated like a little person. They do have brains, and they do have memories. Be nice to your finned friends, and they will be nice to you.

Footnotes from Faith: No, I did not pay Gillian to plug the site every other line LOL :)). Thanks Gillian!!


Darth Betta

Recently we purchased a turquoise crown tail male betta and placed him in a tank with 4 guppies (2 male/2 female), 3 clown loaches and a suckerfish. He is quick to flare up and has large gills. One morning a guppy had half of his tail missing. Hmmmmm (he is still alive). Then a pregnant guppy also had half of her tail nipped off. She was stalked by the betta and eventually died from the stress of being bitten to pieces. Three days later after coming home from school a female guppy died after having all of its fin nipped off. At the time to vacuum the gravel 2 days later, the second male guppy was killed because of a deadly case of fin nipping. We took him out that night when he wanted to finish the job on the fist victim and put him in a "gold fish" bowl. He was pissed!! Now he's in a 5/8 gallon tank and as mad as ever. Well, let's see from a cup to a 12 gallon tank with a filter, gravel, plants, victims to a 5/8 gallon tank with one plant. Now, after killing 3 guppies we call him DARTH BETTA. Use the fins....

Footnotes from Faith: Crowntails are very aggressive and I do not recommend them for community tanks !



Betta abuse and pet stores... 

A couple of days ago, my sister and i got our first bettas from a LPS. I don't know about her (hers is a red), but it was love at first site with mine (mines blue...and shiny. He looks like a crowntail ;)). To make a long story short, hers didn't eat. We tried pellets at first, but then I bought it baby brine shrimp, but it still wouldn't eat (and it stank!!!). Now he's doing better, and my Bubble Gum is great. But, turns out we brought them when the shipment just came in. I visited the LPS again today, in hopes of buying a female, but i changed my mind.

    I was really a mammal person, I've had hamsters, gerbils, etc. and never paid much attention to fish. And, to be honest, i didn't really believe Faith when she wrote about the way they're treated in pet stores. But today, i saw one with fungus, a couple with dropsy, quite a few dead and a bunch with God knows what!!!! one was floating around in such dark brownish water that you couldn't see him form the side!!!
    From now on, I'd rather pay $24.95 for shipping. Its inhumane!!!! I'm so glad they're not my bettas.
    By the way, can't we report it to the ASPCA or something???? Its animal abuse!!!
    Oh, and a little piece of advice: If you still decide to shop at an LPS, pick out a betta that you like (or a few, in case someone buys one) and watch them there every day for about three or four days and if they still look O.K., then get one.

Footnotes from Faith: yeah, I can't believe how badly most pet stores treat their bettas! Just the other day I was at an indoors swap meet and a lady was selling fish there (???). She had 3 bettas in small cups, one of them was dead and in a bad state of decomposition (not sure how much she intended to sell him for ?), the other one was covered in fungus. I asked: 

ME- Are you aware your bettas are sick?
HER- Oh yes, I am treating them. I just got a bad batch that's all.
ME- what are you treating them with?
HER- medication 
ME-(thinking: duh!) what kind of medication (I was not about to give up)
HER- Bettamax
ME- (I look at the jars and they are crystal clear) (very blunt) No you have not.
HER- (getting pissed) Yes I HAVE
ME- (just as blunt) No you have not. Had you treated these jars with bettamax, the water would be green right now and it is not. It is clear as can be.
HER- (still in denial and starting to feel she is out of her league) I am telling you I put bettamax in there but it was this morning and the bettamax dissolves and turns clear after a few hours.
ME- (thinking: never have heard such a bunch of crap. How far is this lady willing to go to cover up her lack of care?) No it won't. I use bettamax on a regular basis as a preventative and I can tell you for a fact that the water will remain blue until the next water change. Unless you have a carbon filter that is, which you don't on these cups.
HER- (finally backing down) - well OK, I did not treat them, but I am going to take them home today and treat them there.
ME-Well you do just that. By the way, I am Faith of
HER- (now very embarrassed)- Oh, yes a lady friend told me all about you and your site...

This is the way I handle things. Polite, but firm. I gave her advice on how to best help the fish, and gave her the opportunity to implement changes. If changes are not observed, then you can lay the real pressure on. Find how by clicking here.



A betta that did not lose his marbles! ;)

Hi Faith~

My first ever betta had a strange habit, a FAQ a while back reminded me. The FAQ was about betta noises, and you wisely concluded that the clicking heard by the asker was probably marbles shifting.  I think this is a noble  assesment because my betta did just that.  Every time I cleaned out His Highness's tank (usually in the evenings) Otto would spend the entire night rearranging his marbles just the way he liked them.  Otto lived in my room, and the first time this happened I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights to see what was going on.  This fish was obsessive compulsive and would keep me up making loud 'clinking' noises.  He always made sure his marbles were in his favorite arrangement to spread himself out on- just in time for his morning nap.


Jeremiah, the frog bum nibbler :)

Hi Faith ^_^ I have a pretty cute little story about my blue Crowntail Jeremiah...

Jeremiah is a VERY mean fish.  In fact, he's SO mean, that he's HAPPIEST when he's mad (especially when flaring at Esther and Vashti, my ladyfish bettas).  When I first attempted to put him with an African Dwarf Frog, he
stalked it and nibbled it repeatedly on the bum (thus his name, Jeremiah FrogNibbler).  I decided he was destined for a life of solitude, so I decided to leave him in a tank by himself (and of course, found out that Crowntails are extremely vicious... makes sense :P).

In any case, Jeremiah has a game he will play with me.  He seems to recognize me and will swim up to the side of his tank when I come in the door.  I will put my finger up to the top of the tank and move it-- he will follow it wherever I move it.  Then if I put it in the water, just lightly, he very slowly swims up to it... swims around it... looks at it, looks at
me... and then bites it!  It's very funny and doesn't hurt, and I think he really thinks he's hot stuff because he bites the finger and it RUNS AWAY! Sometimes he will go as far as to flare at it and then charge.  But if I put
too much of my finger in the water, he gets scared and won't come near it. He's actually a betta coward, ^_^ but I love him so much.

Thanks a lot, for your informative site which has brought me out of the Betta Dark Ages, and for reading this silly little story...

--Rachel, TX

Betta Cam Addicts

Hey, Faith!  Awesome site!  I love it to death!

Anyways, enough on my likes, and more on my Betta's' likes. :)  I have 3 Bettas - Betsy, Ponderosa, and Burbank.  All three are rather lazy and just stare at me when I work at my desk (which is where they are currently residing).  One day, I went to your site and noticed that you had a new Betta cam up and running.  I clicked on the link, and sure enough - there were your beautiful bettas swimming around and flaring and more.  I thought to myself, "Hmm...I wonder what my bettas would do if I put them in front of the computer screen to see these fish?" So, I moved all 3 jars in front of my computer and hit the "play" button.  It was hilarious!  All 3 flared up and then sat there staring at the screen.  When I closed it, they all swam towards me as if to say, "What?  No more Betta Cam?  What's wrong with you, Human?"  So, I turned it back on again, and they sat there again...enjoying their famous comrades. We've made it a ritual to log on to your site every Saturday for the enjoyment of the 3....
Thanks so much for putting your site up!
Burbank, CA 

Caught bowl-jumping!

Dear Faith,
I love your site that I even visit it on a daily basis. It has taught me so much. Through it, I have been able to properly care for my bettas and eventually caught the Beloved Betta Bug as a result! :-) (No regrets there!) :-P
Anyway, this story only emphasizes your current lesson/point on the main page.

I had 2 of my male bettas Glory and Sunset sharing one of those divided containers (each in their separate part of course). Glory was (and still is) constantly instigating flaring *contests* with Sunset. They would go back and forth seeing who can outflare who and try to nip each other through the divider. To my knowledge, I never saw Sunset jump, but I knew Glory had a tendency to get all wiggly and get close to jumping many times (and had actually succeeded jumping once in the middle of a water change) .
Well, one day, I had just finished giving them their weekly water change, put their colored divider in place, and gave them each a pellet of food since I was going out and would not be back to feed them for an extended period of time (but not a vacation). For some reason, I had failed to cover their container with the lid that came with it (and had even known for some time that Bettas jump). *Shame on me* :-(
When I returned home very late that evening (or sometime the next morning), I discovered, to my absolute horror, that one of them had managed to jump into the OTHER's side and had obviously had quite a fight. (I supsect Glory was the culprit.)  Thankfully, they were both still alive, but each of their tails were badly damaged and there was nip marks on Glory's head. (Based on the damage, it looked like Sunset had *won* the fight.)  When I saw the two fish looking rather weak and tired, I was overcome with a mixture of anger, sadness, frustration, and panic. Somehow, between scolding my *children* and weeping tears of sadness over the painful damage, I managed to spring into action and consult good ol' BettaTalk and got my bettas straightened out. After a couple months Sunset's wounds healed and his fins re-grew. Glorys nip wounds healed but his larger fins are still not completely regrown. (I believe with lots of TLC and prayer, he will get there.)
So the moral of this *Tail* is:  BETTA-->JUMP!......COVER BOWL!!!!!
(I hope everyone can learn and benefit from my story.)