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The betta bug 

This might be a little long for the "story" section.  Thank you for an AWESOME site, you saved five bettas from my well meaning mistakes!

 It all started when I set up a new tank for my "babies", twelve white cloud mountain tetras and new friends.  I had a 3 gallon Eclipse that was empty , so when I went out to the LPS shopping for a new tank, I spotted the Betta counter.  I looked at several non-active male bettas and decided on a blue/purple, neon green one.  His name is Prince...OK anything that is remotely purple that resides in  Minnesota is named Prince.  Prince quickly took over his new home, complete with gravel, plants, rocks and filtration, and is happily enjoying life, amazed that there is a human that understands he cannot reside in a "cup". I was extremely fortunate that he was healthy.

 Then, I got the bright idea to have a community female betta tank. I am a sales rep, I visit this discount chain that has a fish department so for weeks I have watched the bettas they received. I chose three females and  a new male betta,  along with  two new tanks.  I properly  set up both tanks up, and introduced the "girls" (now named "B", Lil blue, and Pink).  I mistakenly thought that females were "peaceful" and wouldn't fight, fortunately I observe all new residents for at least an hour, and realized that the "girls" did not like each other. If you could picture me leaning into the tank, telling the "girls" to "stop that", "don't do that". "B" is the Alpha female, who was showing the other two who is boss, Pink wasnt being intimidated and ignored her, Lil blue just wanted out of there.  Yahoo to the rescue! I put in search word "betta" and found an absolutely wonderful and informative site... The creator and webmistress of this site deserves the website "Oscar" for a fantastic site 

I then separated the "girls" for the night.  Next day, back to the discount store for two additional tanks.  While I was there I found another girl (Lucky) who was very active, despite the fact she has obviously been in a fight and had a fungus infected wound.  I informed the person working the department who could care less. He tried to tell me that there was nothing wrong with her, despite the fact she has an open wound with cottony looking stuff on it.  I purchased Lucky, stopped  at a real LPS for medication. (Thanks to I recognized what Lucky had suffered) Lucky has been brought home, and is doing very well.  Her wound is healing and she is eating extremely well.  She is still in her "cup" until her wound is healed, then she has a wonderful Eclipse waiting for her. I don't want to overstress her with environment and water condition changes until her wound has healed and all signs of fungus is over. She is close enough to see the other girls so she wont get lonely and her new tank is set up next to B's and Pinks

 The other "girls" now reside in two tanks.  Lil blue has the 3 gallon all to herself, she loves it, so many plants to explore and "nap" on, so little time.  "B" and Pink reside in one tank.  I bought one of those "divided" filtered tanks, put one girl on each side and thought the problem was solved.  "B" flared and puffed on her side, and Pink did the same, but Pink really wasnt into all this huff and puff. She had this whole new tank to check out, new plants to "rest" on.  "B" was on the filtered side so she was having a hard time with the water flow. I could tell B didn't like her side, but she was going to have to deal with it while I was out earning the cash to keep  her and five others in Brine Shrimp and Bettamax. I checked the tank when I came home only to find one side empty and "B" swimming on the other side.  OMG, she killed Pink I thought when I saw her on Pink's side.  NO, Pink is fine and normal. I removed "B" to her side, thinking I was extremely lucky to check the tank when I did.  A short time later, "B" is on Pink's side again.  Nothing happened, Pink is fine, so to avoid a possibly fatal accident with my "jumper" I removed the divider. (Again thanks to I recognized that "B" is a "jumper"tank cover is always closed and all "cups" are covered)  So the "girls" are fine and happy, each thinking they found Betta heaven....but the story doesnt end here>>>>>

 Bleu, my new male betta wasn't feeling so good.  He had a brand new tank, lots of room, but still stayed at the bottom and wasn't eating.  I took a good look at him after I got Lucky, realizing I might have missed something, sure enough I spotted little cottony spots--fungus!  I started treatment immediately, consulting  I prayed, talked to him....promised him a new tank, new filter, oh heck I'll take him to the local LPS he can pick out his own tank and accessories! Nothing improved, I prepared myself for the worst, then...I woke up at 5:30 am  to see Bleu slowly swimming around his tank, both Prince's and Bleu's tanks are on my nightstand,  I sprinkled in Betta Bites, he ATE! I had tears in my eyes, this was such a moment... Prince was furious, huffing, fluffing... Kinda like "hey mom over here remember me?? Breakfast please???? Like now??? I am so hungry and deprived" Ya right!

Footnotes from Faith: Well, flattery may not get you anywhere but sure the heck will get you on the betta story page LOL Thank you sweetie, that was a rad fan mail, made my day! 


Under construction! Betta at work! 

Hi Faith!
My name's Caryn and I'm 12 years old, I just wanted to share this amazingly shocking story to you. I just got an all red (and my 1st) Betta 4 weeks ago named Apollo. For a petstore Betta he's pretty smart. One day, when I came to feed Apollo I looked through his tank and I was shocked. He just finished constructing his own room out of a fake plant! 8-0 Apollo somehow wove the branches of the plantto make a little cave...(well, i shouldn't say cave, room sounds better!) 
^_^ I was so proud of him! Unfortanutly, I was planning on getting rid of that disturbingly way-to-big plant for a few smaller,  more comfortable ones. So I did! Apollo was pretty upset about losing his room and his work of art, but to my surprise, he made yet another construction site out of one of the smaller plants!!! 8-00 although his 2nd room wasn't as detailed and not as big, he still sleeps in it every night! (It's so amazing how you can learn from a Betta in only 4 weeks worth of time.)^_^

Thanks for reading Faith, it meant a lot to me!

~Caryn and Apollo~

Footnotes from Faith: Here's a new one to me! I have seen bettas use their plants as hammocks, but never have I seen a betta turn into an architect! Maybe this one has arachnid genes LOL.


Betta love at first sight

My first betta was a pretty blue male that I kept in a 'betta bowl' in my room on my desk, next to a bunch of little fish and animal knick-knacks.

    One day, for some reason, maybe because he was confused about the fake fish outside his bowl or just plain weird he started making a bubble nest. I fed him these little food bit things that slowly sank to the bottom of the bowl, and he started sticking them to the bubble nest. It stopped when I cleaned his bowl and changed his food to flakes...

Footnotes from Faith: I have heard of bettas falling in love with photos, prunes, box labels etc, but tshi one really took the whole thing to a brand new dimension with his using food to mimic eggs LOL. Now THAT is funny!


On second thoughts...

I was looking for female bettas one day at the fish store.  They only had a few sad looking ones that weren't really what I wanted. For some reason I ended up buying a pale looking double tail with blue fins and a pinkish body.  (The name "Pinkie" popped in my head as I watched her)     I kept saying to myself, why did I buy this betta?  She's not really pretty like my other girl, just kind of short and fat with dull looking fins. Anyway,  at feeding time as I was putting thawed out bloodworms into her bowl and she jumped up and grabbed the worms off the toothpick before I could put them in the water!   It's been about 2 weeks and Pinkie is still doing her little jump out of the water and get the food trick. Sometimes she'll do a little flip after she grabs the worm.  I just love her!  She is now my favorite fish.  Her fins are becoming a bright turquoise and she is quite a looker too! : D

Footnotes from Faith: Sounds like you have a nice little marble geno female. She will probably continue changing colors throughout her life, making for a stimulating fish on all fronts!



Betta acrobatics?

Dear betta fan people,

Hello my name is Angelina Cohen I am sending this e-mail to find out if it is normal to see an acrobatic Betta fish I got this fish at a pet store and it is very special. I am six years old and I want to be an acrobat at the
circus who raises Betta fish because I love them. I watch shows about acrobats also. I realized lately that my own fish was an acrobat when one day one of the pink buttons off my shirt fell into my Bettas bowl. He picked
it up and swam to the surface. He stayed there going back and fourth across the surface with the button in his mouth, the button and his face out of the water like he was on a tight rope holding a ball, I thought he picked it up
from the TV shows I watch. He loves his button but its a nothing compared to his gel bracelet it's his hoop that he jumps through all the time. He is the best fish ever who shares my dream to become an acrobat.

Footnotes from Faith: Maybe you can come up with an aquatic acrobatic show where you will swim with bettas hehehe...


Loving Nemo...

I have a blue male betta named LiL Monster ( my first betta )  his tank is in the office area where we watch movies.

ANYWAYZ... when my younger sibling brought home Finding Nemo  she immediately ran to the office to watch it. she put it in and laid the move down rite next to the fish tank; monster had never flared his fins or anything before this; 
ANYWAYZ.. i sat down & saw him his fins flared out, dancing, &  blowing bubbles at the sight of the clown fish on the box!!! It was absolutely hilarious!! (i had never seen this before!)
 I eventually had to move the box but he was never quite the same without his first love!!!

Footnotes from Faith: Well, we all have had our crushes on celebrities at one point or another, so why should he be any different? :P


betta dolls? :)

Hi Faith,
I have this cute story i want to tell you.
I have four bettas, 3 opaques and 1 multicolored. The multicolored one is named Spectre, Spectre is a mean fish. He nipped and flared at the african dwarf frogs I put with him, so I moved the frogs with my two opaque girls. After that, Spectre was really lonely and I kinda felt bad for him. So I decided to put some fake frogs in his tank and see what he would do. He noticed the fake frogs and went crazy, he was nipping and flaring at the fake frogs and swimming around in circles like a wacko.
I still think it's hilarious to this day. To make a long story short, Spectre loves his fake frogs and still swims around like a wacko (except when he's eating) hehe.


betta trainer on duty

Nearly every betta that I have had, I've been able to train.  A lot of the LPS bettas have been very intelligent, especially the crowntails.

Anyhow, I would tap the glass at the top of their tank right before I fed them to see if they would be able to associate the sound with food (I'm a dog and horse trainer so I am always trying to figure out what else I can
train!)  and it worked very well.  When I got them to swim to the surface and towards the sound of the tap,(great for showing people how pretty my guys are!) I started holding my finger right above the piece of food so they
would get used to it.  Eventually I moved to putting the food on my finger, and they got used to that really quick!
 Finally, I held my fingertip above the water at increasing distances to see how far they would jump for the food off of my finger.  One of my bettas had a record leap of just about 1.75 inches and nailed the tiny Hikari pellet dead on.  Needless to say I keep my tanks covered because I KNOW these guys can jump!  I'm going to try to "train" the bettas you sent me now .. wish me luck!

Jenn M.


 Fleur de laceur

 Hi, Faith :D I am 10 yrs old and I am so happy to finaly be e-mailing you! I've been waiting to for a long time!! Your site is awesome! I'm speechless! BETTATALK! BETTATALK!. But enough about that. Here is my story:

  Unfortunately, I only have one betta, and it's not even a male! She is a LPS betta named Fleur de laCeur( Harry Potter fan), and I know you are pretty much against pet stores, but you have never been to FishTails on route 88 in Jersey! They take excellent care of the fish, all of them. But anyway she now lives in my ten-gallon-and-hopefully-soon-to-be-twenty-gallon community tank along with many other fish: an angelfish, an albino corydoras catfish, a pleco, a Japanese dragonfish, a pair of swordtails, a female guppy, a glass catfish, a guppy fry, and an algea eater.   Every night, when we feed them, she gets real agressive, but when she calms down, she swims around the center log a couple times, stops halfway, sticks her mouth in the gravel, sits there, and then swims under her fake
plant which nobody else is aloud near, and then purposely gets stuck between a leaf and the gravel, but only to the point where she can easily get free weird, huh?

                  Thanks for listening,
                           10 yr. old Christina        --


Lucky betta ;)

notes from Faith: The opinion expressed in this letter reflect strictly the opinion of the reader and not that of

(( Hey Faith! I love love LOVE your site and I have a very sad but important betta story to tell. It's quite long but I spell checked it and edited it many times to insure it was interesting. Thanks for reading! My lil' bettas mean a lot to me.))


Hello my name is Lauren. I’m 16 years old (well, I will be on Tuesday the 14th of September) and my boyfriend (who is 17 and very helpful because he makes money to support our little fetish) and I have caught the betta disease. We can't stop buying them!

Zero was (and is) our first betta love. Out of all the other fish at the pet store, he looked the saddest and palest. He wouldn’t even flare at the other fish in the little jars next to him. So we brought him home and he lived happily in a medium sized Kritter Keeper until we got him his own 2 gallon tank (complete with a little hollow pirates chest that he was scared of for about a week. But don’t worry he loves it now.)

Kitty and Cutie were next to come. Me and my boyfriend we at the mall and we decided to go *look* at the bettas at the hermit crab stand. We couldn’t help noticing the beautiful two bettas being displayed in a divider tank. We had to get them both! At first Kitty had to live in the Kritter Keeper while Cutie got the whole divider tank to himself (it’s very tiny actually). But now Kitty (who also got some Roman ruins that he likes to snuggle next to) and Zero have their own brand new 2 gallon tanks, and Cutie is living in Zero’s old one. He was supposed to get a new tank too but we had an emergency yesterday...

*NOTE* Sad story ahead...

It all started when my mom told me she wanted me to get my brother a betta. She had noticed how beautiful and well kept mine had turned out to be and so she thought my brother would enjoy one too. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to get another fishy and so I called my boyfriend and we were off. We were headed to the mall (they have beautiful bettas there) when I spotted a Pet Co. "PULL OVER IMMEDIATELY!" I screamed. A little frazzled he pulled into the Pet Co parking lot. You see, I've been trying to crack a story on Pet Co for my school newspaper (they are notorious for animal cruelty) so I decided to go in to "look around". When I reached the betta section I was very surprised. All their cups (yes, tiny cups) were crystal clear (now I know that crystal clear isn’t always good... where is the excess food and waste?) and most of the bettas looked pretty healthy. It was then I noticed a cup pushed behind the others. I gasped in horror when I saw the fish inside. At the time I didn't know what the problem was but the fish was simply horrifying to look at. It was situated in one of the corners of the cup in an L shape! I gently shook the cup to see if it was alive, and was ever more surprised to see that it could barely swim! To get to the top for air (about a 1 inch swim) she had to work so hard that it exhausted her. I was later told that he has a bacterial infection in his swim bladder and it drags him down when he tries to swim. Much like if someone strapped 20 lb bricks to your feet and then told you to jump. I almost cried right then and there. After much soothing my boyfriend coaxed me out of the store and over to the mall to see if they had some betta medicine over there. The "fish expert" at the mall didn't have any medicine but she did give us a free bag of aquarium salt and a free book (that usually cost about $5) about bettas. We thanked her greatly and RUSHED back to that evil Pet Co. I ran straight for the bettas and grabbed the cup (gently) where my sick betta resided. I went up to the register to pay and the teenage cashier (probably only a year or two older then me) gave the cup a quick look and sold me the fish readily. He didn’t even say a word about how sick it was. Shows how much he (and everyone else there) knew or actually cared about the bettas there. I held the cup carefully in the car until we reached our local fish store (they specialize in tropical fish so not only do they know about bettas, but they care about them too). We brought in the cup (we named the fish Lucky Fighter PS [Pet Co Sucks] on the way there] so they could take a look at him. The guy told us our fish had tail rot (duh) and a bacterial infection in his bladder which was the reason he couldn't swim. He also told us that one of the reasons that his fins were ripped and torn off in some places and not others is because the fish had most obviously been fought. How sick is that? Before we left the guy gave us some free Bettamax and told us that this was a disease that could be cured... But first he had to do the real test... To see if Lucky would eat or not. He dropped two tiny flecks into the cup and within seconds our little fish mustered all his strength and grabbed the food like he had never eaten before. It was then I saw the label on the cup "Feed Bettas sparingly. 2-3 times a week." We all gasped in shock. Not only had they been fighting the bettas and making them sick but they had been starving them too! We thanked the man for everything and left. We went to the local Pets Mart (good prices but a lot of sick bettas, although none as bad as Lucky) and bought a little bridge and a betta (who died the day after we got him RIP) and tank for my brother. I put Lucky in the divider tank (don't worry, he has it all to himself) and added in the little bridge so he'd be able to lay on it. He needs a lot of strength to swim to the top for a breath of air so he gets tired quickly. He can lay on the top of the bridge if he needs to rest and it also makes him closer to the top of the tank. I put in the salt and the medicine and thankfully he has successfully survived his first two nights here. He’s been swimming around a little bit (he was actually swimming since the minute we got him out of that god-awful store) and it seems that going up for air has been a little easier. He’s also been eating regularly and resting in some more normal positions. If you can call that normal for a betta. :(

So please everyone, keep little Lucky in your prayers and remember that even the unhealthy bettas need loving homes too. And unless they have something horrible like Dropsey they are pretty tough lil’ guys who are able to heal.


Heshe betta

Dear Faith,

    Well, before I start, I would just like to say that your website is the BEST!
Anyways... When I got my betta, Cosita (which is Spanish for Thing- but sort of like a 'girl' thing LOL)- or should I say his real name, Devel-  I felt like my heart had sunk all the way to the bottom of my chest. Cosita- or Devel-  was the ugliest betta! I took her (well, I thought it was a her at first) home and put her into her new clean bowl. She loved it! She was in her little container for so long, that she probably thought that the 10 gallon bowl was heaven!
Well, I went onto your website and found out how to tell if it was a boy. SO, I got a small mirror and put it next to the bowl. It was both scary and shocking!- Cosita got mad and puffed out his gills and everything! He is so aggresive!
I laughed and so did my family, who were all laughing.
From now on, his real name is Devel- which is a mixture of Angel and Devil put together because of his color and everything J But somethimes, I might call him Cosita by mistake! Oops!!!!
                                                                                    From, Mixed Up J

The Almost Disastrous Jump!

Okay... Here is my story of Rainbow #2(and Rainbow#1 ). Well, as everyone knows, you need to clean out your bettas' tanks once in a while, so that's what I was doing before this disaster happened- cleaning the tank. Well, it just so happened that I had already cleaned Moonstone and Speckle's tanks. So my sister and I began to transfer Rainbow#2 into a container while we cleaned his tank. So we started to pour him in(this was before we got a net) and he... you guessed it, he JUMPED OUT AND INTO THE SINK! Rainbow#2 landed in a pan with water in it, but it was SO scary! Finally, Belle got him out(WHEW!)! Do you know what's odd? My other betta before(Rainbow#1) also jumped into the sink, but he almost went down the drain! He died shortly afterwards, but Rainbow #2 is still alive after what happened. He is 4 years old and still displays. I will miss my little Rainbow when he dies. He has always been my rainbow when the storms of life are here.
-Meagan He, age 9



This is a story about how funny things can get while attempting to breed Betta's.
I had gone to superwalmart to get yet another 10gal tank setup (dang mollies breed allot), and what do i see? Female Betta's WITH color even! (a rare thing for common walmart Betta's) Yep, you guessed it, i had to get not one, but 3 of them *sigh* I've had a male for a few weeks, living happily in his 1/2 gal tank in the bathroom, and i decided that i would set one of the females in a small tank net to him, just to see what he thought. It was lust at first sight! And she seemed to think he was kinda cute, so after about 2 hrs, i introduced her to his tank. He was doing is best "look at me, see how handsome i am" display, which she ignored to go see how his nest building abilities were, and he thought "oh yes baby, i'm THE man, the total package" and swam to her fully expecting her to be falling at his fins and begging. (males can be clueless at times) lol
after her inspection she gave me that look "ok, you can remove me now please" and i did, he looked at her, then me, then his nest and said, "what the hell?" and promptly started to add bubbles. The next day i put her back in his tank, with the same results, but she flirted with him abit this time. (you could hear the male groan, i swear) When i removed her this time, he decided that he would just tear apart the nest and start over. The next day I noticed that the female was dripping eggs, and here the male had NO nest now, i put her with him anyway, if nothing else to have he able to get rid of her eggs, I'm not sure if they get egg bound like some other egg layers. She swam rite up to him and started to nuzzle his side, he looked at her, then where his nest WAS, then back at her saying "now? you want to do this NOW, after i have completely dismantled the nest?" So here he is, gulping air, wrapping the female, grabbing eggs, and franticly trying to make a nest and plant eggs in bubbles. (at this point i was glad the tank was in the bathroom because i was laughing so hard i thought i was going to wet myself) After about the 3rd wrap, the female starts to feel abit sorry for him and grabs some eggs and goes to put them in what should have been a nest. There she is with a mouth full of eggs, looking for a place to put them, then she gulps some air and tries to get the eggs to float. (females aren't good at that it seems, but it's the thought that counts rite) When it was all said and done he had very few eggs in bubbles, eggs all over the bottom of his tank, and a dazed look on his face. That night he had it all taken care of and we are now waiting to see if the eggs will hatch.




The Fascinating Betta

I have a male red betta. His name is Fishie. I had him since January 31, 2004. He has over 50 nicknames. Some include Fishie Wishie, Pookie, Foofie, and Woofie. There is a green leaf that goes across his tank. It is an n-shape. He loves sleeping on and in it. I find it so cute. He goes into the cutest sleeping positions. He will hide his head in a leaf and sleep. He will rest his body on the steams and leaves. There are red rocks on the bottom of the tank. There are also a few big white rocks. He sleeps on the white rocks. It looks as if it is his bed. Sometimes when he is at the surface, he will all of a sudden gets sleepy and stop all movement. He will then let his body fall and plop on the rocks. He can see in the distance. He proves it! I can be 10 or 20 feet away, wave my hands, and he will swim side-to-side or wake up and swim. I find that amazing! When it is time for me to feed him, he gets very excited. He will do his dance. He will swim side to side and up and down. Even after he is done eating, he wants more. He continues to wait in the feeding zone. It is as if he wants food 24/7. One time I put a lamp near the feeding zone. The lamp wasn’t on. He was in the feeding zone for a long time. He thinks that the lamp will feed him! When I sit near him, he will look straight at me. I feel as if I am being watched. If I put my face too close to him, he will get scared and poop. He poops when he gets nervous. One time I showed him a birthday card that was the shape of a fish bowl and a fish with big eyes on it. I showed it to him and he swam like crazy and then pooped! Sometimes he will get himself stuck between the leaf and glass of the tank. He will struggle and struggle and finally escape. I am so glad I have him. I am very attached to him. I read articles and stories about bettas. I find them fascinating.




Marvin, the locker-room betta...


This is a true story about a betta named Marvin who lived in the guys locker room at my high school. Marvin arrived in one of those plant jars and when I first saw him I knew he was not going to be happy and I feared for his life. First of all, he came with no food and as I tried to explain to my gym teacher he needs food they would not listen to me, plus some of the guys put stuff in his water and one tried to flush him down the toilet! Anyway, Marvin went for about 3 months living on nothing but plant roots, his own feces, and the maggots that were swarming in his water. I became buddies with the gym teacher who took care of him and asked if I could take care of him, and maybe he could be the gym mascot! The teacher said yes and I was so happy. The first thing I did was change his water so he had no maggots and so his yellow, acidic water was clean. Then I went to the store and got betta pellets and freeze dried brine shrimp. Marvin ate so much he could not swim, but he quickly bounced back and was swimming really fast. After a few months Marvin got healthier and everytime someone walked past his jar except me he would flare up and follow their shadow. Some people said “cool fish” and others just wanted to kill him. Summer came and nobody knew what to do with him, so I suggested I watch him for the summer and return him back in the fall. They agreed and I walked home with the jar and Marvin in it. The summer went great and I made sure Marvin was in great shape before going back to school because I wont be able to take care of him as good as during the summer. Well, the same things happen and Marvin suddenly turns ill having ich and blood in his fins. Someone put him in the toilet bowl and was ready to flush but luckily I stopped them and saved him! The school year ended and the gym teacher who got him retired so I had no idea what would happen  to Marvin since he did not take him. I would have to watch him again for the summer, but the gym teacher said if he is still alive when I graduate I can keep him for good! Summer came and went and it was back to school for the 3rd year! I could not wait to graduate so I could get Marvin, and anytime he looked sick I would panic because I did not want him to die in the school. The end of the year came and Marvin had made it, and I was ready to take him home when another gym teacher said you cant have him. I was so mad and said about the other teachers promise. Well anyway, I stayed after and got a janitor to open the room and I got Marvin and took him home. Surprisingly nobody said a word and he was a free fish. Summer came and I gave Marvin to my grandfather who was waiting for him for a year. Marvin had a hex tank with bubbles, gravel, a tunnel, and fish figures on the bottom with marbles. He loved to swim in the bubbles and would zoom around the tank in circles and go under the tunnel, he was happy! His fins grew longer and everytime my grandpa would put the light on near his tank he knew it was time to eat. Later that year I gave Marvin a special treat, live brine shrimp! He chased them and ate every one! Around 6 months later Marvin mysteriously got sick and died. Mabye it was old age he was at least 4 years old, and he got a nice home anyway for a while. I miss him and maybe in the future I will get some sick bettas and nurse them to health just like Marvin.




A second chance at a good life

My friend Alexis was never any good at taking care of fish. She decided she was going to get a betta because it look easier to take care of. 2 weeks into having it I went over to visit and check on her betta. The bowl (with no plants and ugly dirty brown rocks) was disgustingly dirty and she had not fed him AT ALL since she had bought him, he was kept in a dark room and never got attention. I ended up throwing a fit and taking that betta from her. He was only half alive and I didn't think he was going to make it. I bought a brand new tank, beautiful green marbles for the bottom and I put some beautiful plants in. I fed him everyday and within a week he was GREAT. He swam around, built a HUGE bubble nest and just seemed happy. Now, whenever I put my face near the tank to look at him he  floats up to where my eyes are and stares right at me and it seems like he is waving to me with his fins (by the side of his head) I think its his way of saying thank you for saving him. Now were the best of friends, he follows my fingers around and always seems to be watching me. And he has a WONDERFUL new home. Thank you for listening to my story.





About a month ago I acquired a couple of betta fish from a 99-cents variety store. Francisco and Pio were kept in two small plastic bags. As I was leaving the store I saw these 2 fish by the counter (a sign below them read "siamese betta fish" and immediately fell sorry for them; fish cannot last long in sealed plastic bags! So I bought them to save them
from the inhumane conditions they were kept. Little did I know what I was getting into. The store owner told me only that I should keep them separate otherwise they would fight. I thought it was mainly his personal experience with my particular fish, although they were the same size. I didn't know that fighting fish existed except for the "big fish eats
small fish" rule! Anyway, websites like yours educated me in the proper care of bettas, except that one evening, after feeding them, I forgot to close the lid of their 1-gallon tank. When I woke up next morning I saw a small animal curled up next to their tank which looked like a snail. I took it with two fingers to examine it and to my surprise I saw the head
of a fish and a couple of eyes staring back at me! I immediately looked over towards the aquarium and realized Pio was missing! He had jumped out of his tank sometime during the night! My first reaction was to throw him back into the water as I was praying for a miracle. I was numb for a few minutes. 'It had only been his third night with me and he had already
committed suicide. And here I was thinking that I was saving these poor fish from the plastic bags in which they were previously kept. I had even named them after my favorite Franciscan saints so they could someday cohabitate in peace...' As these thoughts flooded my mind, I saw how Pio slowly began to uncurl in the water. Then suddenly it gulped some water! Is he alive? Could it be? And yes, my poor Pio was fighting for his life! At first he just seemed to be free-floating, and I started caressing its small head with my index finger, being carefull not to harm him. Then
little by little I saw some gill movement; then it started swimming very gently, more like floating, in the surface of the tank. I kept watch on him for that day and he is now fully recovered. Since that incident I got them a 5.5-G tank which I divide with old glass jars to keep Francisco and Pio separate so they don't fight each other but can still get a
workout by flaring at each other. I had also bought two tank plants which I keep in the jar dividers. I guess they're also a bit spoiled because they won't eat flakes nor betta food pellets, so I had to get them black worms from the Pet store which they devour. Well, this is a happy ending after all. Thanks for keeping your bettatalk website informative :)