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Love your stories kids, so keep 'em coming!


Cute Betta Antics


2/28/2006 1:46:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Faith,

 First of all I have to say, great site.  I love how in depth it is!  I've spent hours here reading everything there is to know about Bettas.  I never realized how attached to a fish a person could become until I got my pet store mutt. A few weeks ago I decided I needed a buddy to pass the time at my office.  So I got a red crowntail, and named him Jack B. Fish.  He's such an adorable little piglet, he's always begging for food whenever I come up to his tank.  One of my coworkers adores Jack too. She comes up to his tank and waves her hands and says in a high-pitched voice "Hi Jack!  Hi Jack!"  He seems to enjoy her company, he comes right up to her, swims frantically and then he kind "hops" not a jump exactly, but just a tiny hop.  He only does it when she does her little "Hi Jack!" routine.  Everyone in my office thinks we're crazy talking to a fish. They say that he's either flaring at her or we're really scaring the daylights out of him.  He's not flaring like he would at a mirror so we maintain that he hops because he likes her.  :) 


Seattle, WA


Subject: BlackJack
Date: 6/5/2006 9:58:29 AM Pacific Standard Time

I went into an out of the way pet store and saw a beautiful black CT male betta. He was emaciated and swimming in a very small bowl of filth. The guy didn't want to sell him to me because he was almost dead, so he let me have him. I brought him home and put him a small jar (My betta intensive care unit). I fed him krill with tweezers around the clock to give him the strength to feed himself. I didn't think he would make it since he was so thin and weak. He finally got enough strength to eat himself and I fed him everything. Flakes, betta bites and krill several times a day and changed his water daily.  Now I have a beautiful healthy black CT betta who is very happy and healthy and he sits on top of the computer.  

Carol Seymour

















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