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 Wednesday, November 12, 2008  

The return of the Bettacam :)


So whatever happened to the bettacam?

Evil firewalls & anti virus programs. That's what happened LOL. Due to the ever so staggering growing flow of hackers, spammers and nasty buggs the internet has spawned as of late, internet providers & Microsoft Windows have put sooooo many security features on our hard drives that it is becoming impossible to access the bettacam. I tried many times to fire it up and failed. 

The good news is, I "may" have fixed the problem. No promises, but I aim to attempt to launch it again starting next week. The cam will probably be open once a week for your viewing enjoyment to start. If it is not giving me too much trouble I may broadcast twice a week. We'll see how it goes. I will post updates here and will let you know when it is up and running again. So stay tuned!!

Note 1: If you cannot access the cam, that means too many people are currently peeping, so come back a bit later or keep trying aggressively (which ever matches your personality best ;) ). Maximum viewing time is set to 5 mn so you can only watch 5 mn at a time and then you will get disconnected. This, to give a chance for others to enter the cam and also enjoy the view. Thank you. 

Note 2: Bettas may be able to get "off camera" when they swims outside the range of my webcams. So if you don't see them when you first log on, don't worry, they'll swim RIGHT back!! LOL

Note 3: all bettas featured on the cam are in separate cubicles, even if you cannot notice the clear dividers ;).

WARNING: the cam may not accurately show the exact color of our bettas. due to rather heavy compression to make it internet ready, the image will lose some of its original color. hence betta color may seem "faded". 

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Once you enter the bettacam you will see the above film strip icon. Click on it. This will take you to our clip's page. To view a clip, just double click on it. It's that simple!! I will record new clips regularly. Enjoy!

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Now the whole wide world can see beautiful bettas live!  

To view our bettacam: Click on 'enter' and you will access our bettacam page.  Click on the green arrow play button under the cam (left) to start viewing it quasi instantly :)). It's as simple as that. When you are done, use the 'back' on your browser to return to bettatalk.

I will try to change the bettas on display as often as my schedule allows. If the bettas on display are on the stock for sale page I will let you know and will let you know their status. If sold it will be indicated. If for sale, I will give you the lot number and a direct link to beam to the exact location of the lot on the stock page. From there you can purchase the betta if you so desire. 

Enjoy!!   PS: I rule! hehehehehehehe...




If you are unable to view the cam, hit control & reload. That oftentimes solves the problem. Make sure to always do a full refresh (control / reload) of the main bettacam intro page so to make sure you are looking at the latest version. Important updates might have been posted since your last visit (such as announcements regarding the webcam being on or off, under maintenance, etc...)

ALSO: You may not be able to access our bettacam if:

1)- If your internet connection is too slow: the slower your connection the slower the live cam will be. Dial in connections under 56K may not be able to view the live cam at all.

2)- If your computer is too old: Time to upgrade!!! ;) Stop being such a money pincher and splurge a little LOL!

3)- If you do not have JAVA: You can download JAVA for free :)  here  (it is a fast download and super easy to install)

4)- If I am not broadcasting: If you get an error message or a "page busy" browser message, or if no video is displayed when you click on the green arrow, it means that the webcam is currently not broadcasting or that it lost its internet connection. Since it is on "automatic" pilot all day, if the connection is lost, I will not able to fix it until I come home (usually in the evening). Check back then.

5)- If too many viewers are connected: There is a limit to what the system can handle so if too many viewers try to log on at the same time you may get a page busy message etc, try again later.

6)- If it is after hours:  The bettacam is OFF at night (cause bettas need to get their beauty sleep!). I usually turn it on when I wake up (which can be anytime between 7AM and 9AM)  and will turn it off when I go to bed (which can be anytime between 10PM and 11PM). Sometimes I might shut it off earlier if I feel the bettas need a rest. 

7)- If the webcam is shut down: for maintenance or to cool my server down or so I can work on this website etc... etc...)  I will try my best to run it as much as possible but for now it is still on a "whenever I feel like it" and "whenever I can" basis (deal with it LOL).

8)- If I am having technical problems: A rare, but possible occurrence. Usually the live cam is back the very next day.

8)- If I am out of town: The bettacam is usually turned off until I return. But not to worry, I would post a message to let you know I am out of town right on the bettacam intro page. (so pay attention LOL !!)  

10)- If the bettacam Gods have a grudge against you LOL hehehehehehehe (try to be nicer to them next time LOL)

Other than that you should be able to access our live betta cam in the most excellent fashion ;). If you are consistently unable to access it during normal hours and have tried for a period of at least 3 days, report your problem here.

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To customize your viewing of the bettacam: place your mouse over the webcam. Two icons will appear at the left bottom. Click on "Ivista" (left icon). select the "adjustment" tab. Use the provided sliders to adjust the bettacam image to your liking. You can control brightness, contrast and compression :).

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If the image is too slow, you can speed it up by playing with your compression settings (I'll explain how to do this in just a jiffy). However note that the higher the compression, the faster the image BUT the less good the image quality. So you'll see better motion but less details. Want to have it all? Not on THIS planet LOL !!

OK so here is how to play with your compression settings:

Once the bettacam is running, place your mouse over it. Two icons will appear at the left bottom. Click on "Ivista" (left icon). Select the "adjustment" tab. Select the "compression" slider and slide it to the right to speed up the image. Warning: make any compression adjustment SMALL, cause sliding that thing all the way to the right will make the bettacam look like you have had way too many drinks LOL. All blurry and stuff. So I do not recommend going above 80% (and trust me, at 80% things are looking pretty fuzzy already LOL). When done, click "apply" and take a look at what you have done. If not happy with your fine work, do it again ;). Knock yourself out!

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.  click on the link to jump to the stock page and see description/price and to order the fish. Once you click there may be a semi long delay before the stock page opens/displays, so just hang in there :)