this strain at a glance
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color type: white/blue bicolor
BF & Crowntail variations
note: offshoot line
this strain is: rare
skill level: all levels
strain by:  Top IBC breeders

price range*: $70 - $100 / pair

prices vary depending on color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

B L U E     C A M B O D I A N S

This is a brand new color outcome, bearing light colored bodies (white) and blue fins. At first glance one may take them for pastels, and in a way they are. However, pastels usually have  blue or green pigments on their bodies, while these blue cambodians don't. Hence the body is pretty white, while the fins are blue or green (rarer). Fins can be expected to be fairly blue. Some specimen have deep blue fins (rare and more expensive) while others just have a fairly good amount of blue, but may not be as "intense". Usually in ST, I also get them in DT occasionally. Last but not least, a BF variation and a crowntail variation, which, if combined, produce the most stunning bettas you have ever seen!

Note that these fish are not "cambodian" per say. But for the lack of a better term, breeders have been calling them blue cambodians. I believe they came as a result of experimental crosses between royal blue pastels and opaques. Regardless, those are gorgeous fish suitable for all breeding levels.