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color type: blue/white BF
DT & ST now in HM also
note: also in green (green moon)
this strain is: a favorite
skill level: all
strain by:  Faith

price range*: $60 - $150 / pair

prices vary depending on pattern, color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

B L U E   M O O N

This line originated from a show winning blue/white BF male which Bonnie McKinley bred. She gave me one of the nice offspring (pictured left) and I went to work :). The results? Generations upon generations of beautiful blue bettas many of which displaying a great blue/white BF pattern. A few outcrosses have produced a DT version, then soon after a green/white offshoot (green moons). Lately I have been focusing on improving finnage. Now in 2003, I have produced the first Blue Moon Halfmoons. In this first generation, most males came out solid colored, all carrying the BF gene. The spawn produced 30% true halfmoons, gorgeous fish with no impurities. I cannot contain my excitement and cannot wait to see the next generation which should yield BFs. 

Blue moon males remain one of the most striking bettas. Females are solid colored. I have been blessed with very little red impurities, so this is a pretty darn clean strain. This strain is one of Bettatalk's old time favorites and Blue Moons sell fast. Prices will vary upon BF pattern, finnage and color.

Sturdy and fairly easy to spawn, this strain is suitable even for the beginner. Enjoy!