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Dear betta friends,  I have been helping you with your bettas and betta meds needs for over 12 years now. Many of you already know that I have, over the last 3 years, become a successful filmmaker. My first film, a two hour period drama centered around the early fifties hot rod era, is about to be released. As my film release deadline approaches, I am becoming increasingly more busy. I feel it is best I focus on my film right now and shut the store down temporarily until my film is out and I am past this severe crunch.

You can find out more about my film DEUCE OF SPADES here and see the film teaser here (in case you are curious).

Meanwhile, you can get basic antibiotics for fish at most established local fish stores. Don't bother looking for BETTAZING though, I am the only one who sells it.

Remember the BETTATALK website, which comprises of over 500 pages of betta information is still open for you to learn more about your fish and to help you. Remember to search the database for answer to most betta questions and visit the diseases page to monitor your betta health.

All the above is available, free of subscription or any charge to you 24/7.

Bettatalk remains the largest, most informative site about Siamese Fighting Fish worldwide and represent 10 years of my hard labor to build it. It is my present to you and your finned friend.

Please don't email me to ask me when the store will be open again. I don't have time for anything right now, and will not be able to reply. ;)

My film will be released in September, and as soon as things slow down a bit for me, I will reopen the store. So simply check back in 3 to 6 weeks. Many thanks!


Betta Guru and Filmmaker


u Most orders are currently shipped within 1 to 3 business days. 
u All our supplies are priority mailed to insure reliable delivery :). Find out how soon will you get your order
u Living outside of the U.S.? SORRY - I CANNOT SHIP TO YOU CURRENTLY.
u All sales are final. No cancellations, refunds, returns or exchanges under any circumstances. Due to the nature of the items sold on this page, I cannot accept returns or exchanges.
When emailing about an order already received, allow 2 to 7 days for a reply. 

The following supplies are MUST HAVE for all betta hobbyists! Fish stores usually don't carry them, so I am stepping in to help you out. I created this page for your convenience, please take a moment to read up on each betta must have product. Whether you intend to breed bettas or just have bettas as pets, you will find something here that will save your betta day (big time). And now, I even offer the convenience of a shopping cart and accept most major credit cards.

Over the years I have found that having the proper supplies on hand can and will make the difference between success and failure. I decided that I would help betta hobbyists out there by carrying what I feel are supplies one should not try to do without. These are betta supplies that may be difficult (and in some instances impossible) to locate on the market. So if you need regular supplies such as filters, tanks etc, I'll let you go to your local fish store. But if you need specialized betta must have goodies, you can come to me and get them from this page :).

Mainly here you will find Betta meds (includes BettaZing, a great substitute to bettamax, which no longer is on the market) and, for you betta breeders out there, Live cultures to feed the betta newborn and keep them alive and thriving :) 

To get your supplies, simply scroll down the page, read up on each product and if you want to buy it, add it to your cart. You can pay for your purchases with any major credit cards. It's that simple :). Our products come with complete instructions and cultures include customer email support.








Betta First Aid Kit  (heavy artillery back up for you!)

u although especially tailored for bettas, our first aid kit can also be used to cure goldfish, guppies and all other tropical freshwater fish :).

Product info: All the heavy artillery you need to win any battle against bettas' most common diseases hehehehe... . A must have on hand at all time for any person who truly cares about their betta(s). This is your first aid kit! It includes a selection of powerful meds to hit bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasitic infestations and an all around disease preventative. None of the whimpy, really-doesn't-do anything stuff many stores sell you. Basically it contains most of everything I use and recommend to use on my diseases page to cure most bettas' ailments. In quantities and at a price that makes sense to the single betta owner :). Don't wait until your fish is sick to run around and try to find the right meds! Buy them now and you'll have them ready as soon as the you-know-what ;) hits the fan! Comes with complete instructions tailored for bettas living in bowls :) (so it makes SENSE). With this kit you can stand tall and proclaim: " Bring it on! I am READY for battle!"

See how this kit has helped betta lovers like you :)

Specs: Kit includes:

1. Powerful broad spectrum antibiotic Tetracycline (10 capsules - enough to treat 200 half gallon bowls)

2. Powerful broad spectrum antibiotic Ampicillin (10 packets - enough to treat 200 half gallon bowls)

3. Anti fungal powder: Fungus Eliminator (enough to treats 75 gal - aka 150 half gal betta bowls)

4. Antifungal and disease preventative BettaZing concentrate (2oz of concentrate, which will produce 8 oz of useable BettaZing solution). Comes with very detailed instructions so it's goof proof. 

Notes: Purchasing a Betta First Aid Kit does not warrant any free betta consultation / help from me. I do not ship these kits outside of the U.S.
Also, I do not express mail kits. It is best to always have a kit ready on hand, so that when the betta gets sick, you are ready to take immediate action. Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute obligation on my part to spend 30 min of my time in line at the post office to express mail your one box. I wish I had that kind of free time on my hands but I don't :(.

Now with Ampicillin! Price: $35  

live cultures
microworm + vinegar eel combo

I remember the first time I bred bettas. I failed miserably. It was such a frustrating experience it took me 10 years to muster enough guts to try again LOL (and I wish I was kidding!). I later found out what went so terribly WRONG: Lack of proper food for my fry. They all died of starvation basically. Feeding powder food to new born bettas does not work. Only live cultures will provide the proper and necessary food for the tiny fry :). This is where you can buy them :)). Cultures come with complete fool proof instructions on how to set-up, maintain and harvest them!

Product info: The best two live cultures for betta fry at a discounted package deal price. hehehehe... Life is good!

Specs: One small microworm colony and one small vinegar eel colony to get your own cultures started. Comes with complete instructions, & email customer support.

Notes:  Adult bettas will not eat microworms nor vinegar eel.

Price: $15


For your convenience, I also included a package deal including all of the above, at a discounted price :). It's a good bargain, you save money, your bettas and fry are healthy and everyone is HAPPY :).



kit & culture combo 

(if you are a betta breeder or intend to try it)

Product info: Everything (or just about hehe) you will need to try your hand at breeding bettas: Two types of reliable fry food & all the meds you will need to heal your spawning pair torn fins and protect your fry lives. Betta fry tend to get velvet a lot and entire spawns will get wiped out that way in a matter of a few days. Bettazing is the most effective velvet med I have ever tried :). Plus you also have the anti fungus and broad spectrum antibiotics, all of which you will NEED to keep your spawn alive.

Specs: One microworm culture, one vinegar eel culture, and my First Aid Betta Kit. Comes with complete instructions.

Notes:  You save more money that way :)

Price: $45
(you save $5 hehehe)



international orders



u For those of you who are wondering how fast you will be receiving your supplies, here is a quick idea of how it works:

u Orders are usually shipped within 2 to 5 business days. Priority mail will take between 2 to 4 days depending on how far you live from Los Angeles. So basically expect supplies to arrive about 5 to 9 days after you placed your order (give or take a couple days).

Please note that the above timeframes are just an estimate. Sometimes I ship them the very next day. Also, on occasion, if I am out of town, sick, catatonic, stuck under a large heavy object or even got abducted by aliens :P, the orders might take a few days more to be processed. Meds are sometimes on back order and wholesalers do not always have them in stock at the time I order them, causing some delays. But for the most part I am very on top of supplies order and do usually ship them within 3 to 5 business days. 

Can you track the order to find out where it is at? No. Priority mail does not currently offer detailed tracking. I do put a receipt confirmation label on the box but they only scan it twice, when it is shipped and when it is delivered. So there is no way of telling where the package is while it is in transit between me and you... But tracking is helpful in case box gets lost, or is delivered to your neighbor by mistake LOL.

i If 4 days have gone by since you placed your order and you do not get a confirmation email from me, email me right away. Do check your spam folder first though.
i If 14 days have gone by since you received my order confirmation email and you still have not received your supplies, you need to email me right away. It would mean something went wrong and the box got lost. Please don't email me unless 14 days have gone by since you ordered and you still have not received your order. Also please first make sure to double check with your husband/wife, children, roommates, apartment manager, mailman and local post office first to make sure the package was not already delivered to your address (but perhaps not handed directly to you). If no one has seen the package, then DO email me after 14 days and don't wait. If you wait too long I will not be able to track the box anymore and you will have to eat that loss.

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