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everything you need to know about buying my bettas


Buying my bettas through the internet is much simpler than you think. Thousands of people have done it and have been very happy with the outcome of their purchase (see references ).

Let us go over a few of the facts and guidelines about buying my bettas through the internet.

Customer service 

You are not just buying bettas, you also buy peace of mind. All bettas are already sexed. A very comprehensive documentation is sent along covering: how to unpack your bettas, how to acclimate your bettas, what to feed them, what kind of water they were raised in, etc... You don't have to be kept in the dark! 


Complimentary consultations 

As a customer you will also get complimentary consultations (email support), should you ever run into trouble with the bettas you have purchased from me: I am only an email away. Issues eligible for a free consultation include: all issues related to the health, feeding and housing of the bettas you purchase from me. Questions related to spawning them or raising their fry or questions about other stock you did not purchase from me are not covered. 


Buying bettas is one thing, receiving them alive and in great shape is another

Many novices out there will gladly sell you their bettas but they do not have much or any experience in shipping them. I have heard countless horror stories about bettas arriving in non insulated boxes, sandwich bags, no heat packs, no air and the list goes on... Breeders often ship without even notifying the recipient!! So you come home and find a box of dead bettas which has been sitting on your porch for 3 days (?). Well, I have shipped over 600 shipments this year alone and I have EXTENSIVE experience in getting bettas from point A to point B smoothly and in the best conditions. I NEVER ship without asking you for the green light FIRST. My shipping experience is what will make the difference between getting dead bettas and getting live-happy-bubble-nest-blowing bettas. 


Check available stock first

Bettatalk is a one stop stock supplier. We carry the largest variety of betta strains available on any one betta site. Not only do I myself breed many unique looking strains, but I also work with many affiliated IBC breeders who provide bettatalk with their top stock, thus insuring we can bring you the most strain variations possible. Each of these breeders specialize in a few strains. Together, we have it all. To see what we CURRENTLY have available AND FOR SALE you need to go to the stock for sale page. If something is NOT on the stock for sale page, then IT IS NOT AVAILABLE right now. By the same token, anything that is for sale IS posted on the stock for sale page.


Minimum order is $60 

To place a betta order, you must purchase at least $60 worth of bettas (after discount or credits). Why this minimum order requirement? 

bulletIt is a lot of work for me to reply to order submissions, collect funds, enter orders in the PC, check on zip codes, delivery time frames, weather conditions, pack and ship bettas, give customer support.
bulletMany of the lots are consignment from our affiliated breeders, which leaves a lot less for me. I must justify my existence ;) and the time involved in each sale transaction.



You may qualify for a discount and save money!! :) 

We have many discounts available:

bulletFirst time customer? Order over $100 (Shipping costs not included) and get a 10% discount.
bulletRecurring customer? You get a 10% off all your orders. Ordering more than $300? You get a special 15% discount!! Order over $500 and get a 20% discount!
bullet Have ordered at least 6 times from me? You have now earned a 'VIP' status and get a 15% on all your orders* :)). (*some restrictions may apply on certain strains)


Get a free surprise betta ANd a free microworm culture (retail value of about $40 to $50) ! :) 

First time customer get a free surprise betta with their first order And a free microworm culture :). This to thank you for trusting with your betta needs :).


All orders are promptly shipped via FedEx

Having your bettas shipped is very safe. See statistics. For years I used Express Mail but now I have switched to Fedex because they offer superior service. FedEx is fast and super reliable. They offer great tracking of your package. Your bettas will arrive in less than 48 hours!  FedEx has many convenient locations for you to pick up your fish from and they are open, in most cases, until 8:30PM ! And unlike the post office, FedEx has no long lines.   I use only the very best shipping boxes and shipping methods. Which is why I have a near zero dead on arrival record. The safety and well being of my bettas is my top priority and also consider this: Would you rather pay a bit more and get healthy, live bettas, or try save on postage and get dead ones? Dead bettas are not very decorative and I have had no luck at spawning them! And neither will you. So trust me, the funds invested in fedexing your new bettas are funds well spent in deed. 


Shipping costs

are not included in the lots prices. Shipping costs are set at a flat $35 fee. Furthermore I will pay for any extra postage you incur, should your order require more than $35 in postage. So you can add to your order without having to worry about extra shipping fees. 


I do not charge for handling 

Shipping bettas is a lot of work if it is to be done right. I spend hours bagging the fish, carefully boxing them and drive for an hour to take them myself to the main Express Mail post office. From there they go directly to the airport, insuring they get a shorter and safer trip. For all this extra service, I do not charge.


I do not charge for my heat packs

And I use nothing but the very best, which obviously cost more. I just want the bettas to have as safe of a trip as possible.


Shipping boxes

are not for sale and must be mailed back to me. Details on how to do this will be provided with the box itself. You are responsible for paying the postage to send the box back.


Placing your order

Select the lots you want on the stock page, then fill the order form. Remember to note the lot number cause you'll need it for the order form! Paste in the description of your lots (it helps a lot) then hit submit. You will get a reply from me usually within 4 days, confirming your order and your total will be calculated and sent to you along with payment options. The address to send payments to is not published on this website. As I said it will be sent to you once your order is processed and confirmed.


Payments options

Currently we have three options to pay for your bettas:

bulletCredit card  - through Paypal (recommended). The fastest way to get your bettas. Paypal instantly forwards your funds to me electronically. They are very safe, reliable and I have used them for over 5 years now. Over 90% of my customers choose this payment option. You can use your credit card to pay with paypal.
bulletMoney Orders.


Holding the bettas you ordered

Bettas are sold on a first come first serve basis. Once your order has been accepted and processed, I will hold the lots for you. I usually cannot hold bettas for more than a week. I ask that you only order if you are ready to receive the fish and if you have the funds available now. I cannot hold fish until you come back from a 3 week vacation or until you get a paycheck in two weeks. Hence be in town, available to receive them and have the funds already set aside to pay for them. Your consideration is appreciated. 

As a courtesy, bettas you submit an order for are held until payment is received. I simply ask that you paypal or mail your payment within 3 days of receiving my order confirmation and payment instructions. If payment is not paypaled or mailed within that time frame and if you do not email me to confirm you have sent the funds (or explain why you have not yet :), I may deem your order cancelled and put the bettas back on the market. Note that there is a $20 cancellation fee. If you are unable for reasons beyond your control to send in your payment you must notify me immediately. I have been known to be quite understanding :). But if you order bettas from me, have me hold them for you for a week or more, and then you just "FLAKE" on me without notifying me via a courtesy email, you will be black listed by Bettatalk and will be unable to order bettas from me (and many others) in the future.


Bettas get shipped as soon as your funds are received

As soon as I receive the funds, your bettas are shipped. I currently am very fast at getting the orders out. Often times within a few days of getting your funds, sometimes even as soon as the next day. I currently ship twice a week either on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. For the betta's safety, I do not ship Friday through Sunday. Betta shipping dates vary from week to week and are usually posted weekly on the stock page (top right).



I ship year round

Some restrictions apply from November to April, and will be posted on the stock page itself. I use special heat packs that keep the temperature inside the shipping box at around 70 to 75F. Even if it is fairly cold outside. The heat packs last about 3 days. So even if your shipment gets delayed for some reason, the bettas will not run out of warmth. :) If we are unable to ship due to extreme weather conditions, I will hold your bettas, feed them and pamper them free of charge until your lows are around or above 30F and it has become safer to ship the troops.


My shipping range - where I ship and where I don't 

I am located in Los Angeles, California USA and I ship anywhere in the US. Ironically, the large majority of my customers are on the East coast and in the Midwest. I also ship to Hawaii on a regular basis, but I will not ship to Puerto Rico because the mail tends to get lost there (YIKES). I have successfully shipped to Guam. If you are local (LOS ANGELES AREA) or coming through town, you may elect to pick up your bettas yourself. Pick up arrangements must be made with me first. Please note that my home (and fishroom) are not open to the public. (it was either that or Mr.181 would divorce me LOL).

I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE US (no exceptions, and whining won't help :) If you live in Canada near the US border I can ship to you. Special arrangements will have to be made, more details will be given once you place your order.

Well, that's it in a nut shell. If you are ready to order proceed to the stock page.