B E T T A T A L K     S T R A I N     C A T A L O G 


  • God, I'm gooooood! LOL

    Welcome to the new and improved BETTATALK betta strain catalog !

    H o w    t o    u s e     t h e    n e w     c a t a l o g :

    Browse through all BETTATALK strain photos in the left frame by using the left scroll bar to scroll down. 
    Click on a photo you like and a summary page will promptly pop-up, for a quick look at some basic information about the strain. Here you will find the name of the strain, color outcome, if it is suitable for a beginner or not, price range and whether this is one of my own strain or one of BETTATALK's affiliated fine IBC breeders. Note: no photos will be displayed on that summary page.
    Two links will be provided from each strain summary page: 'this strain at a glance' and 'in depth look at this strain': the first link will open up a page with only a few photos (2 to 4), allowing you to see what the bettas from that strain look like without spending too much time downloading. The second link will give you the full version, meaning ALL the photos currently available for that strain. A treat for the eyes! But it will take longer to open up, so it is up to you (and your time availability) to decide how much you want to see :) and how much time you want to spend seeing it :)
    when you are done looking at one strain, click on another one in the left frame and do it all over again!
    easy to navigate, fun and guarantied to give you the sensory overload you are seeking!
    when you are all done (and, admit it, a little dizzy and out of breath from excitement ;) ) , click on "home" (top left) and you will return to the BETTATALK home page
    or click on "stock page" instead and you will be beamed magically into our stock for sale page. There you can see what we have for sale currently, instantly place an order and get the bettas in your hands in no time at all :))