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color type: white opaque
crowntail, DT, red loss  
note: very rare
this strain is: somewhat fragile
skill level: intermediate/expert
strain by:  affiliated IBC breeder

price range*: $70 - $150 / pair

*prices vary depending on color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

C R O W N T A I L    O P A Q U E S

This is a very exciting new twist to our opaques! These bettas are opaques, some carry red-loss and also DT, and to top it all, all carry or display the crowntail trait. Notice on the picture above, how the fin's edges have long fringes? That is the crowntail trait. These bettas are very rare and hard to produce and remain pricey, so I do not recommend them for the beginner. The price may vary greatly depending on the finnage and color purity of each betta. Only a small percentage will come out truly clean and truly crowntail at this point, so any real nice pair will easily reach $150. They also sell very fast because they are rare and in demand. The gene pool is a dream come true! Combined DT genes and red-loss give you an explosive geno combo that could produce outstanding stock! Remember that even the low priced ones carry most of these great genes. They may not look like top top male above, but they still have lots of potential! So roll up your sleeves and get to work!! ;)