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 Rainy day bettas  

                                                                           author: Ashton Pittman
                                                                                                                 date: 06/12/02



I have been breeding Bettas for about two years now, and I guess you could say I'm not the smartest Betta Freak in the World. :-b. Anyway, during this time I have had 14 spawns, and well, I'm sure AT LEAST a thousand Bettas. It has been suggested before that rain induces spawning. Well, I believe, indeed, it does! Not only that but it also induces bubblenest building! Of all the 14 spawns I've had, 2 of them were not on rainy days. I got a black crowntail to finally build a nest on a rainy day--and spawn! Some pairs I may have had in a week and they would not spawn, but as sure as the rain came they were like Romeo and Juliet! (Ok, so maybe Juliet didn't start sprinkling little tiny eggs out but you get the picture! LOL) Males which never blew single bubbles, became like a bottle of bubble bath poured under a running faucet! However, in 4 months, I have not had a spawn, or nice nest! Why? Well...All I know is it hasn't been raining much since then, and I retired breeding for about two months. I'm now working on it again but no luck. (...) Anyhow, as I was saying we've been experiencing a small drought lately in Mississippi (until recently when we had some rain) and Bettas have been...nestless and...Well....lemme put it this way....I'M ABOUT TO CHANGE EVERY DANG ONE OF 'EMS NAMES TO VIRGIN! LOL! Well anyway, that's all for now folks. I gotta go feed my kids....NO I DON'T HAVE CHILDREN!!!! MYYYY kids....ya know the bettas? :-b heh heh

A footnote from Faith:

We all have wondered why one day all jars are normal, and the very next all are filled with bubble nests. Do bettas in our fishrooms get bored and suddenly go "HEY YOU GUYS! LET'S HAVE A BUBBLE NEST CONTEST!! ON YOUR MARK, READY? GO!!!!!". I guess, one possibility (although pretty darn slim LOL). There are many theories, like the full moon does it, or the rain does it, or bettas have cycles, or.... Who the heck knows? LOL. Changes in barometric pressure seem to indeed induce bettas to spawn, and so does a nice full moon. Having said that, I really wouldn't sell your house and start scouting for a new home in Seattle LOL. Cause bettas have been spawning like crazy, right here in dry, drought prone Southern California, for many many years now. So that kindsa shoots that theory in the foot ;). And if given the choice, I'd pick 364 days of sunshine a year over 364 days of gloom and loom any time :).