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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


2/15/2000 - Darling Geronimo...

I was going through you site admiring the photos of your bettas and I was in a very creative mood and so i drew a photo of him in my paint program on my computer..ok so I also did about 30 of his by hand in my one of my many sketch books but he is SO perfect to use as a model. Keep up the good work of breeding and and who knows maybe one day I will buy some bettas from ya lol:) (but for now i'm content with my yellows and red dt's and my new melano male). But because he is your betta i thought that you should get one of the things I did of him.
Happy Xmass!





12/22/2000 - Your admirable work with Betta

Hi Faith,
   I just wanted to say how admirable your work is, the love you put into the breeding, and the money you spend to insure healthy fish healthy spawns. And with all the other work, such as your Alternative Faith recordings, and answering your    e--mails, and the Betta radio Talk show. I really think it is awesome of you to devote your time to all this work, and your beautiful strains. And the web page, that must be so hard to accomplish! I love Geronimo, I love your whole Ivory strain and especially the Apache and Crystal! They are all the best strains there is. And the comments I've heard of your packaging your Betta for selling! How do make so much room for 20 breeding tanks? I only have 1 10 gallon breeding tank, 1 10 gallon community tank, 1 30 gallon goldfish tank, 1 1.5 gallon  female keeping tank, and 100 Betta bowls and Vases! Wow! But I just started in September 2000, so, I'll probably be like you soon! LOL! (...) You have a great sense of humor, it is nice of those Betta to let you live in their house! lol :) Well, Just wanted to tell you how great you are, and when I buy a Betta from the internet, it'll be from you definitely!




12/24/2000 - just wanted to tell you !


i just wanted to tell you that your webpage is very nice!!
i like your pictures and they way you word things!, i am new at breeding bettas and your webpage has helped me out alot! far i havn't been having good luck with this at all, i am almost ready to give up!....but i am gonna try it a few more times i guess, i just want to ask you something, when i was looking at your betta pics, what is that white plastic stuff i see in the backround? it looks like a net of some sort, is that how you house all your bettas? LOL i relize you have many e-mails but i was just wondering and i would really like it if you write me back!
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!



12/22/2000 - Cool Website!

Hey, just a short note to let you know you have the BEST website, second to none regarding bettas! I'm so fortunate I just found it. I'm looking forward to your Jan'01 spawns and am particularly interested in opaques or ivories like your beautiful pictures. I know you're not taking reservations but I'd be glad to pay price and a half at least for a great male/female combo! Anyway, keep up the excellent work and we sure do appreciate all that you do!!!


12/24/2000 - LOVED your website!!
I know that you are a very busy lady, but I've been researching bettas in order to gather info on breeding and I came upon your site!!!
Wonderful!!  I laughed at lots and I can empathize with a BETTAHOLIC..I have been raising angels for 5 years now, and have tanks in every part of my house (yes, water space outnumbers people space 2 to 1 !!)  Now that I have been reunited with the beauty of these fish, I have set up my own little betta barracks and have been cleaning, feeding, reading... I love your Gorgeous yellows and blacks!  Thanks for a great site and great info!!!  Good Luck to you on your album!! ( I will be checking that out next! ) Merry Xmas!
Amy Masterson (aka fellow fish fanatic)


12/24/2000 -  no header

Hello. I am new to this website, but I already think its great! I just got my first Betta, & this web page has helped me out a lot. I also think the Bettatalk show is an awesome and unique idea. I'll be back soon. Merry Christmas!

  Your new Betta friend,

  Benton (age 13)


12/30/2000 - website

Your site rules!!!! I have found it so helpful and informative! I started out with 1 betta and now have 20 and am not going to stop there!!!! All of my fish are happy and healthy and I was even able to nurse one of my males and one of my females back to health. Your site has helped me so much. I would be totally lost without it! Most of the petstores that I have gone to are sooo pathetic that they've ended up asking me questions that most of the time I know all because of your site.It has really disturbed me to see the way that most petstores treat their bettas.I have decided to raise hell every time I see the ones for sale treated badly.It may not do much good but you never know right.Thanks again, I can't say it enough and neither can Rupert,Clovis,Sedgewick,Finsey,Bubba,Saki,ChiChi,Bijou,Sushi,Byron Webby,Jasmine,Kabuki,Ivy,Cleo,Amazon,Isadora,Wisteria,Nutmeg and last but not least Scarlet.We love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01/18/2001 - turquoise
Thank you very much for you quick reply and your honesty! I just wanted to let you that you web site is SUCH an asset! I would say that your site is the main reason why I got into bettas. I've always hated the betta's at the fish store, they look so unhealthy and dull, then one day I ran across you site, and I was hooked!
thanks again for your time!



I decided I would find out how I sadly and most regretfully killed my betta. I knew it was something to do with the water and by coming to your site I see where I went wrong.  Your site is most helpful and thorough!  I know am going to buy one from you someday....I want and Apache!!  Gosh I have never seen such beauties!  The only ones I have ever seen are in pet stores.  Thank you for you wonderful site.  I know you probably have your hands full so just care for you babies and know that I'll be back to visit and purchase!!



01/15/2001 - Wonderful Wonderful Site

Hi!   AT LAST -  a site that tells me how to travel with or without fishie and how long to leave him -- and who to entrust him to  - "Someone you trust not to get in your underwear drawer while you're gone" LOVE IT!!!!!  :))  I have a betta that I bought in - yes - one of those peace lily vases until I learned how not cool they are for long term loving, now I think I've become the original earth mother (I'm thinking of buying a fish tank shaped like a minivan and putting a soccer emblem on it)  Bless you for your site so that we beginner betta moms don't have to "fin" for ourselves out here!  

Teresa  (and Finneus)