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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


06/01/03 - From The Dominican Republic


 I'm Vladimir Frometa and I live in the Dominican Republic, I'm a computer Systems Engineer and I've had Bettas among others as pets since I was 5 years old (I have 26 now) and I haven't see anything like yours, they are just great!

 As I live in the 3rd world, (...). The first bettas I had were found outdoors in lakes in Santo Domingo, (....). I want to give them the best, which of your products do you recommend? (...)

 You have a wonderful site!!!





name:                  Elizabeth Nuccio
how did_you_find_site: did a search on a search engine
think_site_is:         easy to navigate and well layed out

problems: Nope!

bugs: No bugs...

liked_most: It is SO informative; someone who knows NOTHING about bettas can learn almost everything they need to know; someone who is an experienced breeder can find QUALITY fish!!! There's something for everyone, and your great sense of humor really sets it all off!  :)




06/25/03 - Your web site is terrific

I just wanted to email you and let you know that I learned a lot from your web site.  I was referred to you by a coworker who has plans to buy some special breeding betta from you.  DeeDee has praised your site and now I know why.  THANK YOU!  I appreciate your humor and great facts about Betta so far I have done things right but you put my mind at ease and I learned a lot I plan to refer people to your web site you are truly great thanks for you vast wisdom it reassures us beginners who just want a few bettas to enjoy around the house and I might even take one of mine to my desk at work : ) 

Thanks again for your wonderful web site...


06/29/03 - Hi!

I really really like your site. I learned so much and even saved a friend's bettas life.
( Thanks! )   You do an awesome job on your radio show, and your bettas are absolutely gorgeous!   Nice job, many thanks,  and good luck on everything you do.   =)

                                                      ~ Ash M.



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