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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


03/05/03 - Love your site

I love your website!!!!!! I have not found anything quite like it anywhere on the web. I have two beautiful bettas. One is orange and the other is clear. I also enjoyed your section on housing for bettas. I unfortunately learned the hard way  that community tanks are not the way to go. I had a tank that could hold four bettas. Before I knew it they were showing distress signs and before to long they all died. I have learned my lesson and only have two fish in two separate tanks that I put together so they can flare up at each other. Keep up the good work and the great web site.



04/05/03 - love the site please read

I have seen your site [bettatalk] and i really love it because it has so much info!! i like the thing about the betta personalities. i have just 2 males that i bought from a pet department of a normal store, but they are still wonderful pets and beautiful too. i have also noticed that my bettas [a big big purple and gold, and a young solid red] enjoy watching tv or the computer screen when i play games. it is very fascinating to them! i have noticed other traits as well. but i really wanted to thank you for making your site so full of useful information and very easy to use!! 



06/20/03 - Betta Appreciation


I have really enjoyed looking through your site and seeing all of your wonderful betta pictures, reading your advice, and learning all of the wonderful things that I have been able to learn about the beautiful betta fish.  My husband brought me a betta in a vase for our Anniversary.  Of course, I feed the betta daily and change out its water every three to four
days.  As a result, there is a small bubble nest at the top of its tank.  I fell so in love with the fish.  He is turquoise, red, purple, and has some shades of dark blue throughout its fins.  I just had to buy another one. So, I bought a blue one that has dark blue and red mixed all over its body. It is so peaceful to get to watch them swim everyday.  It is almost as if they know how beautiful they are and like to show off ;-).  Anyway, it is really cool to find someone who loves these beautiful fish so much and who has so much knowledge to share about them. I have learned a lot from what you have written about bettas. 

Keep up the good work and stay "betta crazed".

Janai Mes



07/14/03 - bettapage!

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly cool your site is :) I'm only half way through the website and I just had to share, oh Wise Buffalo (hey you put it on your website ;P )

-L :)



06/30/03 - Great Website

Hello there, 

I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed learning about bettas, and also looking at all those beautiful strains you have.  I certainly don't have any bettas as gorgeous as yours, I just have a regular old pet store betta.  I wanted a fish that I could just have in a that didn't need filters and bubbles and all the set up.  The pet store told me a betta would do great in a bowl.  Now I have 3.  Your website has inspired me to look more into this species of fish.  

Thanks again for your fantastic website. 




name:                  Jesse
email:                 jesse@XX
how_did_you_find_site: did a search on a search engine
think_site_is:         easy to navigate and well layed out

problems: nope!

bugs: nope!

liked_most: Your site kicks! I loved the part about how your babies are snobby. My new Betta(Siamese Fighting Fish) is a pretty princess. She is white and purple. Her name is "bubbles"

suggestions: um it rocks!



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