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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


02/11/03 - no answer required

You have been a great support for me and I do have one question, but I can't get my computer to accept your radio program, even after downloading everything, technical stuff gets to me sometimes.  Thanks to you , My spawnlings are growing well, too bad I didn't have you early on, I would have more survivors, but the ones I have are wonderful..  Thanks for being there and I understand the "what life" situation, I have the same.  Looking forward to your sale site so I can get some variety.  Sorry I talked your ear (eyes) off, but I have been concerned since you have always been pretty much on schedule

Your faithful site-watcher,



02/12/03 - hi



 i just like to say your website kicks butt!

its helped me with my sick bettas  and many other problems.

i'm a more caring and loving betta owner and my finned buddies say thanks******




02/14/03 - Admiring you

Hi Faith

You have the best Betta site on Earth, love your fish as well.

You look beautiful and writes flawless.

Your admirer.

Bill Tan



02/3/03 - BETTAS:>

<(((< Hello my name is Amanda and I LOVE Bettas and I also love your web site. I just recently, (actually 3 days ago), fell in love with Bettas. I searched some sites and found one and it said was a very good sight, that is how I found your site.  Well anyway I got a pair of male Bettas and I named them Arthur and Franklin.  They are very
pretty, but sadly 2 days after I got them from a pet store Franklin started to show signs of what I think was a fungus infection. A pet store is the only place I can afford to buy them from, since I'm only a teenager.  I went to your web site and found the cure.  (..)  Well I know you are very very busy, I will let you get back to reading your other E-mails. I would just like to say that you have some wonderful looking Bettas, and that you are doing a FANTASTIC job with them, and your web site! I hope you will not stop doing what you love because you are so good at it!





I like everything about this site. I like you! I have been here for days gathering all the information that I can on bettas.
I am just beginning with this hobby and I hope to buy from you in the future. This is the best site I have found so far. Keep up the great work! I love your music also.



07/11/03 - Wow!


Very impressive site...Great pics, info, wow. My only gripe is that it's a little tough to read (stock page) but I'll be a frequent visitor.

I'm sure to be ordering when the right stock comes available. Fantastic job!




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