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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


11/7/02 - You are INCREDIBLE !!!!


I bred Bettas in Puerto Rico back in the late 60's and 70's. It's much easier in warm weather. Your tank setup, super web site, and positive attitude, sets you apart from anyone I've even heard of. (your cute looks don't hurt you either.)

I hope to order from you soon, as soon as I get off my duff and get ready to get back into the hobby.

Thanks for a very informative site.

God Bless !!



9/4/02 - Re: hope you feel accomplished

Thank you very much for your valuable time. I know you don't have much. People like you make the world go round!



09/4/02 - Fan mail


  I just want to say you have a great website for new betta owners.  They are such beautiful fish, but there is a lot of important information to know about them...and I learned everything I needed to know from your website...Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to think about helping others.

   Shari Walters



09/12/02 - your website

awesome...thanks for being so informative and creative...your stuff is so
easy to reference and understand.  thanks for sharing your experience.

great stuff!



09/26/02 - Re: Hi I just wrote to you...

Thank you for the information! I will never let the betta madness out of me! LOL! I thank you for lot's and lot's of information Your site gave me a lot of information! THANK YOU!




10/19/02 - Very Nice Site! No Follow up needed!!!!

I found you site via a search engine. I bought a beta from Wal-mart to do the plant in the vase thing, I think the plant is too big and george would like more space so I am going to get a small plant for him to play with.  I was concerned about the bubbles at the top of the water, I now know that george is health!  THANKS for that info!!!  I am going to start him on shrimp and freezed dried food. I don't think these flakes are cutting it. He is eating some of the flakes and spitting out the rest that in turn is resting in the bottom of the vase. THANKS FOR THE INFO!!!!




10/25/02 - Thanks to you,....

my Betta is alive now because of the great info on your site.

Unfortunately, I fell victim to the Betta in the Bowl with the plant trend, I thought it would be a nice addition to my office, however because I believed that he didn't need food and only a 50% water change here and there, my poor little guy came down with either a bacteria or fungal (or both) infections! 

One day I came in to my office and I thought he was dead- he was at the top, kind of listing to the side and when I tapped his bowl, he was able to muster up some energy to move his fins a little bit to show me that he was alive.  Well, after some intense research on the net and with the help of finding your site- as well as others within the webring, I was both disgusted with the place I bought my little finned friend-Farfel- and relieved to know that there was treatment. I remembered reading that Bettas respond well to treatment, the web site said-"don't give up!"  I went to the local pet store and they said that it was a hopeless case, but I just couldn't give up on the little fella with him waving his little fins at me,
breathing rapidly- he was telling me that he had a lot of life in him yet. So, I didn't listen to the person in the pet store, I bought Bettamax, and after about 2 weeks of treatment, he appears to be recovering quite well (cross your fins!).  I think that unfortunately, he will be disfigured due to the severity of his condition before he got the treatment, however he
swims happily about his bowl and is eating like a little piggy again- Thank goodness.  I have to crush his Bettagold pellets to make it easier for him to eat, he was not able to suck down the whole pellet, and he was getting so
frustrated that I crushed one pellet and he gobbled it up so, I've been doing that since and he seems to really like it.

So, I want to express my heart-felt thanks to you and the Betta community for helping to save my little Farfel.  He is quite interactive and very handsome, even his blemishes make him more endearing!   Everyone in my office thought that I was a little crazy buying the medicine and hovering over him every day, but now they are very happy to see Farfel enjoying his new lease on life!


Patricia and Farfel



10/25/02 - Betta talk fan mail

Thank you Faith for such an all inclusive informative web site. I've been following your site for a year now, and enjoy the eye candy your photos provide.

 It is also great to know that at least one other person understands the exhausting process of changing betta jars!  I am the aquatic specialist at a Petco (where some of your other fans may have bought fish), and it takes the better part of my shift to keep 150 to 200 bettas a week in their best condition with water changes and feedings (not to mention my other fishy and reptiles friends)! So if your local Petco aquatic specialist looks a little frazzled, this is why ;-)!  I thought I was truly alone with having to surmount this sometimes daunting task! My co-workers actually laugh at me because I care enough to do this for "just some fish"!

 Your site has been great with helping me cope with betta health issues so I can provide proper treatment, and make sure my customers go home with a happy and healthy buddy. Nothing makes me sadder than to have somebody return to the store with a sick or dead betta.

 Thank you very much, Cole




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