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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


01/17/02 - Vinegar eels



I've been testing three different growing mediums for vinegar eels to see which does the best.  Most of the sites on the 'net recommend either three parts water to one part vinegar or equal amounts of vinegar and water.  I tested both of those against your recommendation of three parts vinegar to one part water.  You'll be happy to hear that yours was the best.  The eels in the weaker two solutions have been slowly dying and the liquid is becoming cloudy as there bodied decay.  Your solution is clear and teaming with eels.  Thanks!

 I'm still on track for attempting my first spawn at the end of the month.  Wish me luck.



01/22/02 - fan mail


  I was thinking about ordering your fish when I read through some of the wonderful e-mails that people all over the USA send you and made up my mind.  I WILL BUY A PAIR OF BETTAS FROM YOU SOON!!!  I'm not sure when but sure enough- I will!  It's been wonderful reading this site and have the betta-fever lol. ; } Bye!

 God Bless you,

 Tell the children I said hello (hehehehehe)


 PS- What's this I hear about the gift bettas you just give away???  You are so wonderful!!!!!



01/23/02 - Love your site!

I got a couple of bettas 2 years ago, they are now taking over my life! I'm having lots of fun. I started breeding them recently, I've had 1 successful spawning and 2 unsuccessful ones so far. In a year or so when I'm no longer a broke college student I'm going to get some of your bettas. The blue splash and the satin flame are incredible! 



01/03/02 - fan mail

Dear Faith,

             didn't know you where so, well normal. I did think you were an old lady. you shocked me. oh, also all the time you had your site and personal info, i didn't know about mr.181. mummmm, great couple you guys are. does he help out with the bettas? any, email me with info. well, good luck you two luv bugs.



01/08/02 - BettaTalk


I just got my first ever betta last Thursday (1/3/02) and I'm already hooked on the fish! I plan on getting another one soon. I regret to say that I only have my betta (Sammy) in a 1-gallon tank, but that is because I don't have room for a bigger one. As soon as I do I plan on getting one though!

But the night I got him I was compelled into getting to know the species of fish because I didn't know a thing about betta's when I got him! I went to get a goldfish that night but couldn't get the goldfish, so we got a betta instead. Anyway, I hopped online right away and started looking for information on Bettas and learning more about how to care for them - and coming across your site I found everything I needed! I'm always looking over everything more than once.

I will say I'm worried about my little Sammy right now but I know you are busy so I won't ask any questions. But anyway, again you have a great site, it was really helpful, and your band is really good! I'm going to see if I can get your cds, but I'm home alone and under 18 so, I can't do that too well right this second!

Keep up the great work with both sites, your band, your job and of course your betta's!!



01/4/02 - Help meeeeeeeeeeeee!


I really thought that I could handle it. Thought I could just say no. Okay I admit it I AM WEAK!!! Ever since the day I was given a betta, things have just spiraled out of control.

I now have six males, and I plan to get a few females. Just for the guys to look at!!!

(I'm sure they are tired of looking at each other.) I wasn't going to get any more I swear. And on top of it all, my favorite, Gonzo, always manages to get sick. But thanks to your wonderful website, He is still alive I have only had him for 5 months , but hopefully several years. How do you hug a fish?





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