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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


2/25/02 - Animal Planet

I think it is so cool that the Animal Planet wants to feature you and your Bettas in one of their series.  Will you be able to post the date and time of the broadcast on you web site?  I would love to watch it.

Keep of the good job


Myra Kimball


03/06/02 - Thanks!


I bought a Betta from my local pet store and unfortunately, he was quite sick. I combed the web and happened upon your site. The concise and user-friendly advice really helped. I bought everything on the suggested list and turned my kitchen into a virtual fish hospital -- from sterilization to medication. My husband and friends thought that I was crazy for spending so much time, money and energy on a $2.99 fish. I just HAD to do everything I could to try and save him though. Unfortunately, it
was too late for my poor store-bought friend.

However, the story does have a happy ending! I have since acquired a new betta (free of charge because the pet store felt so bad because of my plight, monetary dedication and concern). This time, I knew EXACTLY what to look for when picking him out. He has an awesome home (with carefully crafted water conditions) thanks to your great site. He is very happy, making bubble nests and greeting me in the morning and upon my return from work.

Thanks for everything Faith and good luck with the new home!


03/09/02 - No Questions, no need to answer

I just wanted to thank you for all the info from your site (since I see your tired of getting e-mail to all your categories). It's nice to see a fellow musician from the L.A. area that has other things to do besides music.. hehe

I just got a Royal Blue Betta from some friends cause they thought I needed a pet. :)

I read that they like *Peas*, well I eat next door to my home every day and I had Broccoli (sp?) for lunch and I don't like it, so I brought it home and gave Simon (Simon, *The Siamese Fighting Fish* that is) a tiny *Sprig* of it and he just loved it !! I'm sure if it's not bad for him at least he will get some vitamins from it (yes it was cooked). I think I might just give him one every week or so. Also I heard they love Freeze dried *Blood Worms* but he just looks at me like: DOH !!!. He does now
eat his Betta Bio Gold everyday.

Thanks for all your help.



03/10/02 - fanmail

hello, my name is nadia and I'm only 12. but i love bettas so much they're all i think about. i got my first betta 3 days ago and he has a mild case of fin rot, but I'm treating him and he seems to be getting better. anyway, i just wanted to say that i admire you for keeping so many babies and not cracking.

sincerely yours,



03/25/02 - Fan mail

Hello Faith,

Your site is just wonderful!  I was giggling the whole time I was reading every page, but still learning a lot.  I want to get into the betta breeding hobby because of my wonderful fish, Rex.  I've had him for over a year and I think he's just gorgeous.  I don't know why veiltails went out of style!  Anyway, since reading your site, I have a lot of work and gathering of equipment to do before I can start - and I can't breed Rex!
Since you are now my betta Goddess, I will do as you say and buy good stock before I start.  I don't understand why you drill into your readers to buy 2 pairs of what they want to breed and then don't sell your stock that way, but dieties can do those sorts of things...  :o)))
I'll be waiting impatiently for some of Gorgeous' line to be posted for sale!

your newest subject and fan,



07/01/02 - great site

I just wanted to say that I have been trying to learn as much as possible about bettas and breeding (for fun) and have viewed a lot of sited online, and I have to say that your site is the coolest and most informative site I've seen yet.  You sound like a "cool" person and I plan on checking out your site as much as possible for information.  PLEASE, keep up the great work.

Ps.  I plan on purchasing some bettas from you in the near future.  You have some of the most beautiful bettas I have seen yet.


07/12/02 - hi

Hi! I'm Anastasia and I'm only 12 but I love bettas. I have two from a pet store and am getting two more. My best friend Alexandria and I are try to save enough money to buy some delta tails. I just wanted to say I love your web site and always turn to it for reference when I need help. So thanks a lot for the help you have given my friend and I.


                                           Yours Truly, Anastasia



06/30/02 - The Betta Vase Alternative

Faith you have saved the life of eight little finned friends in Kentucky. It started with my sisters baby shower, she wanted me to make two betta vases for decorating. So while at the store looking into one I saw the 'DO NOT FEED' and being an animal lover grew concerned. I came home empty handed and looked over the internet for a different answer and found your site. After reading it I agreed that betta vases are inhumane, but my sister was counting on me. After thought and paining the Betta Vase Alternative was born. Two nice gallon bowls with colored marbles and artificial plants placed on unfinished wooden trays that were used to hold a beach like flower arrangement around the bowl. They were a big hit and the two lovely red bettas Tenshii and Eiyu (Angel and Hero saved from Walmart) found a good home with a care reference to your sight. As for me I fell on love with the little guys and hated to give them away at the shower but shortly after set up my own lovely little tanks for six little friends of my own and saved them from the cruel destiny of a Walmart fish. Treize, Millardio, Herro, Duo, Wufei, and Trowa thank you and so do I.

You deserve a hero's medal,



6/30/02 - Thank You


The other day as I was walking through the mall, I saw the 2 most beautiful creatures I have ever seen (besides my husband and children that is). They were of course 2 male half moon bettas. I was instantly in love. I bought 2 one gallon vases to put them in, some beautiful stones, and have placed them next to each other on top of my entertainment center (I invited just about half of my neighbors to see my beautiful new "sons" LoL.).
But the one thing I DID NOT do was cover my vases. I didn't know that bettas could jump. I also didn't know that they liked to rest "like butterflies" as you so elegantly put it. When Fire (he's my red baby) started going to the bottom after swimming at Ice (he's my blue baby) I was becoming worried.
So I have 2 things to be grateful to you for. Because of you I now know to cover their jars (which will save me from a great deal of tears from both me and my oldest daughter LoL), and I know that they are ok. Make that 3 things. For having such a great, informative site. My thanks and my blessings are with you.



06/17/02 - Fanmail!

Just bought my first betta- my husband claims I rescued it as 75% of the fishes on the shelf were dead!  It is heartbreaking to see the conditions in pet stores for all animals.  I am so grateful to your site because it helps me take care of my little guy as he needs to be cared for!!  Thank you!


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