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9/17/2002 -   Re: Animal Planet

Hi there!
          Caught the Animal Planet segment? Are you kidding? I taped it! My 3 sons, aged 19, 18 & 12 and I have watched it a few times already. My 18 yr. old, Neal was the first to comment on your speaking voice. Having never heard it before, we were all caught in its seductive spell! No wonder the fish obey you so well! :)
My 12 yr old, Alan, said "Dad, that chick's a babe!" I thought that would make your day!
(Have you received any calls from Hollywood agents? You never know who was watching that show........) The segment, although brief, was well done despite the obvious accent on the fighting side of our favorite fishies. My red male veil tail is doing very well and continues to be a source of endless entertainment. What a character!

Well, keep up the good work!

Peace out, Larry B.


9/17/2002 - Fry talk and blessings! 

I just had to let you know that I am amazed and astounded at this whole breeding experience.  I have ordered a few fish from you, and i have aquired others from reputable breeders.

I have been on your site a million times, in fact, F1 is my shortcut to your site.  And I had to thank you for the fine job you have done, and the priceless information you have shared with so many people. 

Ok, I feel like a new mom!  I have had two days off of work, and I kid you not, I spent half of it in front of my spawning tank!  I think because the temperature on my tank was 83-84 degrees, My spawn hatched in 24 hours, and they were all free swimming in three days.  They had their first meal yesterday, and today I gave them brine shrimp, and they all have orange bellies.  I have Captured the moment of the first wrap to their first meal of brine shrimp on video too.  Now I don't want to
go to work tommorow, because I'm afraid they will grow when I'm not looking. Next thing I know they'll be off to college..... Ok.  So you know what I mean. 

On a personal note (and i have to share, I know so much about you from your site, and you know nothing of me)  I am 24 years old, and My hubby and I have been trying for 3 years to have a baby.  It looks like It will take a doctor when we decide to get serious.  (We both have fertility issues.)  I guess God has other things in mind for now.  But spawning these bettas, although only 4 days ago,   is very theraputic! I am so excited I have a hard time sleeping at night!  I'm also having a
hard time keeping my hands off..... Maybe going back to work will be a good thing!  But thank you so much for all of the knowledge and experience you have shared!  I am a betta addict, and It's bettatalks fault!  I just wish I wasn't the only person in Minnesota who liked to breed them!  Land of 10,000 lakes, and no betta breeders.  (Not that I know everyone....:))  But I just had to let you know what a difference your work is making in other peoples lives.  I hope you don't ever get
too discouraged, as busy as you are!  You should look into judging! Yeah, one more direction to try and pull yourself in, right?  Well thanks a whole bunch, and God bless you many many times over!!!!!!!!



12/20/2002 - Love Site 

Just want to say I love your site - it is the best I have ever seen on bettas.  I also saw you on Animal Planet (have TIVO so recorded & watched several times!! LOL).  Your bettas are gorgeous & I especially love the chocolates and the green ones with gold fins.  I'm the "mommy" of 6 pet store male bettas among many other fish, and am saving up & making space to get some from bettas you SOON (I need to be sure I can set up for them properly in my trailer with my already burgeoning tank load LOL & my 7 dogs!!)  Got the livebearer thing down (to the overflow mode!! LOL) and my very first pet store angels even spawned (over & over, just by dumb luck I got an actual pair---was it the weekly 50% water changes?? Food??? LOL) but they do eat their eggs but I let them b/c the male is a "rescue" gorgeous HUGE blushing angel w/abnormal :-( short pelvic fins (actually doesn't look too bad) and female is a smallish black marble w/PERSONALITY--the point is offspring would not be worth much from these due to the male.  The bettas are my first love of all fish, smart & full of fun, they all greet me every day at home & work (yes, they overflowed into my workspace!), and each has his own definite personality, all the way from ultra feisty Spooks, comedian Buford, Lazy Odus, Hyper clever Milo to "boring" Billy Bob......Anyhow I anticipate I will be ready for "real" bettas by spring!!  I can't wait!  Are there any difference in temperaments between different strains I wonder?? All I have a are "mutt" bettas, hard to say on my end LOL
Keep up the good work........
Betta Talk has become an addiction!
Kim W
Pala CA


8/22/2003 - Deepest thanks


    This letter of thanks is not only from me but also from our three (mutt) Bettas - Ken, Benson, and Jeff.  Thanks to you, when my grandson wanted a goldfish I was able to convince him that a Betta would make a fine pet.  We have never regretted the decision. Not only does my oldest grandson have a betta, so does his younger brother and his Grammy (me). 
    With all the information you share we are able to give our pets the best of care.  They eat Betta Bio-Gold and freeze dried blood worms.  And they love their homes.  I could not stand the thought of them being confined in small homes, so.............  Benson and Jeff share a divided 10 gallon tank complete with under gravel filter and each has a Whisper Micro Filter in his side of the tank.  Ken has a 3 gallon tank with the Whisper Micro Filter ( I just love these filters for bettas as they keep the tank very clean and don't bother the fish). With these filters the boys can even build their bubble nests. And as I am sure you are more than aware, each has his own personality......I have never had fish before that came when called. Because of their strong personalities we have had hours of fun with them. 
    I can not say that the pet shops or other stores in our area that sell the "betta bowls" and tell people not to feed their fish are as pleased as we are with all that we have learned. We are happy to report that more than a few bettas now live in larger homes and are fed!  
     Thank you also for sharing all the information and pictures about breeding.  It was a great help in explaining why we could not breed bettas, (the amount of room and number of babies). Although the boys understood why they could not breed their fish, they wanted to buy good bettas and proceed from there. 
    I dream of the day that I can set up another couple betta homes and order a couple of bettas from you. Thanks again for so freely sharing your knowledge and giving us such beautiful pictures to drool over. 
    With our deepest thanks, 
        Deb, Willy and Tommy  and from Ken, Benson, and Jeff 


5/2/2003 - betta fan
Hi, my name is Roxanne, I got my first betta fish 2 months ago, and then I got (let's say bitten) with the betta bug, I'm addicted now,, I have 3 male betta's in my 2.5 gal. tank with dividers, I love them and Your site has helped me a lot. I am learning so much about them and even though I am not ready for breeding yet. All I can want now is more betta's and can't enough info on them..  Great web site. Keep up the good work.


4/29/2003 - Thanks for your helpful site 

I have a 60 gallon tank with approximately 30 small community fish, but I just got my first Betta.  I was in the fish store and this beautiful emerald Betta caught my eye (albeit untrained eye) and now he is blowing bubbles in a half gallon bowl at my house.  I have started to research Bettas and the more I read the less I know (at least that is the way it seems).  Thank you for your helpful site.