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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  




Thank you will wait till tomorrow.  If you were not dating Mr. 181. ;) I would marry you.

AH the goddess of my dreams. LOL  Just Kidding

Thanks Again

A. Louie


4/10/2003 - Thank You! 

I just wanted to say thank you so much! We just got bettas about 4 days ago, and sadly they died. The pet store that we got them from didn't tell us anything about them, they just put them in a cup and said here you go. We bought once of those duel tanks and one of our fish got sick and died and then it spread to the other one and he died too.
       Today we went back and got two new bettas.I found your website and read everything! Hopefully my bettas (now that I've taken the proper care) will live a long and happy life.
       In looking for a website on bettas, I have been to a few others before I found yours, and when I did, I found your website to be the best! It helped me with everything I needed and didn't know about bettas. I just want to say thank you again so much you have been very helpful!

Thank you,



4/11/2003 - I love your website 

Hi Faith,

I love your website! My friend told me about it, and ever since i've been a betta fanatic! I currently have about 300 bettas, and more! You have definitely inspired me to breed bettas. Thank you so much for all of the help through my hard times with my bettas.


4/11/2003 - I'm a betta fanatic!!!!!!!!! 

Dear Faith,

           I absolutely love your website. When I found out about your it I didnt know a darn thing about bettas. I was 0ver my friends house when I found it. When i saw the pictures of your beautiful fish I said I want one:0).I first ordered one from your website to see what they were like. I loved them so much that I read your breeding section, and bought a female. The first time failed, so I waited four weeks, and tried it again. The second time went perfectly, and got about 300 fry from the spawn! then I thought what am I going to do with all of them:0(. So I went down to my local PETCO,   and sold all of them and got 450.00 dollars for all of them! So I guess i'm just saying thanks for having such a great website.


5/8/2003 - Wicked Awesome Site 

Dear Faith,
   "Wolfcub" (my 5 year old son) and I are nurturing our third betta, Spike.  Saved from a 5 and dime that's closing.  He just sparked right up when he saw us and did a look-
at-me-take-me-home-puleeeeeze dance. He's a glorious Tanaka blue with red ventral fins.  So glad to have found your site now. I had a 2.5 gal. set up last year for Maizy, a marbled betta.  It turned out Maizy was an old fish but lived a wonderful, happy 8 months.  There was alot I did not know but tried to learn from the few books I could find.  Maizy's successor did not fair so well due to my ignorance.   Before we bought Spike, I found your site and read and reread as much as I could.  We currently have a one gallon goldfish "bowl" that is kept sparkling clean thanks to all your advice.  A bigger tank with proper filter and NO gravel is next.  Spike comes when called, and happily makes bubble nests.    When you are not busy, bwa ha ha, you should write a book.  I love the way you write.  Informative with a wonderful sense of humor.
I adore the pages about you and Mr. 181.  He is a hottie!  Sit, Berlin!  I'm happily married to my own mensa musician.  *wink* 

Best regards, 

Mufi  (off to check out the band site now)


6/10/2003  - Thank you Faith! 

Hello Faith,
   This is Kati writing again, although not about bettas this time :) :). I was just emailing to tell you thank you for putting that little message up on the website from Justin. That was just about the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me, by both you and Justin. Thanks for helping him out, and for making my day! Sometimes I think he gets jealous that I email you more than I email him! LOL!!! Oh well, I guess my bettas sometimes have more Thanks again Faith, you really are such an angel for all your work with your bettas and for going out of your way to cheer others.

Heaven will kiss you for that one!!! Have a great day!!!

Your Betta Friend,



8/06/2003  - FANTASTIC site!!


Thanks for the personal response!! I certainly didn't expect it. (...)  Your site is FANTASTIC, I was a total newbie to betta keeping when I found it and it has taught me more than I could have ever hoped.  Also, give kisses and hugs to Ladybug, I know what it's like to have a pet (mine was a Persian cat) for a long time and how horrible it is when they get sick.  Unfortunately, my Pandora did not make it.  Thankfully, Ladybug did! Again, thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with the masses and just being a generally cool human, the world could use more!! :) 
Chanen Mihalich



11/27/2003  - Thanksgiving banner :)


Your Thanksgiving banner is a treasure! 
If you keep this up, you are going to have to create another page just so we can enjoy a history of your creativity any time we need a laugh.  Look out, Snoopy . . . here comes _____________ (name to be determined by contest results)!
Speaking of contests  . . . I notice you have over 800,000 hits to your Web site.  Maybe there is a way to identify the one millionth visitor or have your regulars guess the date of the one millionth hit!  More work for you, but I'm convinced you are Superwoman.
I'm going to spend time this Thursday being thankful for you and Bettatalk along with all my other blessings.  Hope you and Mr. 181 have a wonderful holiday.  God bless you and all the critters at your house.


11/30/2003  - bettas...

Hi faith,

As I type this, the gorgeous red crowntails I bought from you are spawning, and the female is actually helping take the eggs to the nest!! :)))




12/05/2003  - Discovery channel betta film

Dear Faith,

Just to say a big thank you for letting us film you and your wonderful fish. We were very pleased with the results. Hope you liked our rearrangement of your room! It was a lot of fun.
All the best,
Miles Barton

Producer, BBC network.