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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


12/05/2003  - Discovery channel betta film

Dear Faith,

 Just to say a big thank you for letting us film you and your wonderful fish. We were very pleased with the results. Hope you liked our rearrangement of your room! It was a lot of fun.

 All the best,

 Miles Barton
Producer, BBC network.


12/18/2003 - Your picture...


A friend of mine just got me a betta and I happened to come across your website. I saw your picture (in black and white) next to a description of you, and I just wanted to let you know that you are gorgeous!  

-Adam, Gainesville FL


12/19/2003 - Uh-ra!

As a former Marine Officer, I gotta say I love the style of your web site. Not a lot of questions left to the imagination on where you stand on a given issue.... Keep it up!

Bozeman, MT


12/26/2003 - Flattery

I went over your site, which I find absolutely charming.
I bought my first Betta few days ago, but sadly he died. I decided to find out more about bettas before getting another one and found your site.
Your energy is so positive that it even transforms through the cable computer lines. You made me want to explore more about these wonderful fishes and treat them with respect. I do have gold fish but they are no comparison to bettas.
Je vous remercie pour votre dédicacion!

Anna Dulfan


12/27/2003 - Bettas!!
This is such a wonderful website!  I have recently been searching for the perfect new pet, and had no idea it was bettas until I stumbled across this website.  I read the information given about caring for bettas last night, and went out and bought 2 female bettas today!  They are the coolest, most vibrant fish that I have seen!  I am sure that I will be visitng your website frequently- thank you for all the information that helps bettas live a happier life!  



12/28/2003 - Betta fan mail

I have just stumbled onto your Betta website and I wanted to thank you so much for all of the wonderful information.  Although I have long admired the betta's beauty and grace for a long time, I have not until recently, owned one.  There were so many questions I had about them which were answered in your site.  I have looked for information on various sites, and your website was by far the best I've found.

Thanks again, 




Got a Betta for Christmas.. it was in a Lil bowl with a bamboo plant stuck through the top... I was told as you know.. not to feed the poor Lil Betta or clean the water...

After the first day I had some serious questions... This fish doesn't look like a fish that eats algae and those roots are too hard to come off without teeth...
So I went on a search... and thankfully I happened up on your website now everyone I know has been enlightened about the sad plight of Bamboo Bowl Bettas.... 
Thanks Faith.. couldn't have done it without you!



12/29/2003 -

    I was reading the FAQ page and saw the answer to: 'how to stop betta abuse question"...I'm on a mission let me tell you! My best friend works at our local petco and as I learn more and more about bettas so does he (i never stop spouting betta info, I think i'm mentally ill:) ...he was outraged, as
was I, about the poor conditions in his store, and he has since taken over as the betta manager... i came in and gave betta 101 to the staff one Sun. and I now have employees calling me on my cell phone asking questions for costumers, or calling me in if they think one of the fish is having a
problem... thanks to you and your site in the last 2 months there have only been 2 betta deaths...usually they were having 2-3 a week!!! and they are selling at least a betta a day (people like clean healthy fish) so its not so over crowded. So... I'll be off to other stores, now that i know I'm not
the only one fighting for the little ones. Thanks again for all the info...the little guys thank you too.
P.S. we also tell anyone who buys a betta or who has questions to visit bettatalk...There's a surprise! :)           

-Kristina Keller


12/29/03 - Great job on the site!


I was bored at work and was surfing the web when I stumbled into your bettatalk website. I am most impressed and super excited with this site.

Currently, I own a betta (the common one found at Petsmart) I call him Rainbow and he has been with me for more than 1 year. He still looks pretty healthy so I guess I'm doing a good job with him. I have Rainbow in a 1 gal tank and when my fiance bought a 20 gal tank for his flowerhorn I had
Rainbow transferred in the 20 gal tank for a few days before the other fish came. His color improved a great deal. He actually looks brighter than when I first bought him.

I was quite disappointed with the variety found in Utah (where I'm staying/studying). I come from Singapore which is pretty well known for its fishes. Back home I did have a halfmoon betta and he was much more aggressive than Rainbow. In fact the bettas that I've seen here are on the
verge of death or already dead at the stores.

It is sad to see how the corporation treat their fishes. It is pretty disturbing actually. Anyway to end of, you can be very sure that I will be an ardent visitor to your site. Hopefully I would be able to order a betta or two from you in the future.




01/03/04 - Good morning,
I love your site and visit it quite often.  It has become an invaluable resource regarding care, health issues, etc.
As of February 2003, I have become a one person betta rescue.  I started with two pitiful bettas that were stuck in those tiny cups at Wal Mart.  I now have 7, and plan on taking on two more.  5 of them are in their very own aquariums (with a minimum of 8 gallons).  Each has live plants, filtration, heater, etc.  The other two are each in one gallon containers with live plants, etc.  They appear to be happy as clams, as they are blowing bubbles all the time. 
These $3.00 rescues have cost me a fortune, but it is so very worth it.  I have tried to rescue the ugliest fish that were in the most dire of straits, assuming that they would not be purchased and eventually die.  7 fish later they are all doing swimmingly.  What is so great is that these ugly duckling fish have blossomed into gorgeous ones-all because someone took the time to give them a chance.
Thanks again for you excellent site.  I would have been unable to keep these fish alive and thriving if it were not for your website.  I have shared it with other fish enthusiasts. 
I have no intention of ever becoming a breeder.........just knowing that 7 "throw away" bettas are living a better life is more than rewarding enough for me.
Marshall, MI