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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


12/26/00 - Happy Christmas

Hi Faith,

 First - Wish you a very Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!! 

Well, Your microworm culture has been the greatest gift to my bettas. I have now 3 cultures going simultaneously just to be on the safe side. I don't want to lose out cultures totally since they are not available anywhere else in my Country (India). I really really appreciate you taking the trouble to send them for me.

 I used the microworms for the first time with one of my new spawns - A DT turquoise male and a ST turquoise female. They are 2 weeks old and I couldn't believe how each and every single fry was staying alive plump and healthy without a single mortality. I am sooooooo happy. I cant thank you enough. I don't think anyone could get as devoted to bettas as you... well... I am catching up.. he he he.

 I am working on an orange strain from a few fry from my Red DT male. Can't wait for the fry to get mature. There are some which are showing orange.

 By the way your site is really looking better by the day. You have the most awesomely interesting articles and photos about bettas ever on the net. I really admire your creativity in bringing out sections like the Polls, talk show, etc. Keep up the awesome work. I think I am lost for words now.......




Hari (India)


01/12/01- Quick note...

Hi, Faith! Just a quick e-mail to tell you that my betta farted today... OK, just kidding!! I cracked up when I read that one. Really, I just wanted to say THANKS for answering my question on your most recent Bettatalk radio show. I love listening to your shows. And thanks for all of the time and effort you put into the shows and your website!



01/13/01 - Thank you!

Hi Faith,

    This is Madeline in NJ.  :)  Thank you so much for answering my question on your Radio Show about yellow/non-red genes.  You saved me a lot of confusion and a few useless spawns. 

-- Madeline


01/21/01 - Great Work!


After stumbling upon your stories of Geronimo and his kind,i was waiting to see what other beautiful bettas would pop up on your page.

You really surprised me pleasantly with the Satin Flame line,which i personally think is more beautiful than Apache (poor Geronnie....)

Well, keep up the good work. Hope to see even more unique and elegant lines coming up on your site!


Lionel Leong


01/17/01 - Great Web site and info !!!!

I just wanted to let you know your hard work  was well it for me. I was interested in doing the "betta vase" thing. ( don't worry, I have a large glass vase, not a small one). I currently have one red male in my community tank, and he's great.
Thanks for letting me know that I have to leave plenty of air space in the vase, and that I have to feed him in there. I was told that they survive in there by eating the plants roots. Thank goodness for someone who knows what they're doing!!!!!
Years ago I had two males in separate bowls (large of course) that I kept in work and they provided solid entertainment for everyone.|

Thanks again for the great web site. I will be back!!!!


01/17/01 - Love your site!
Thank you so much for all your hard work on this site.  I received a "betta vase" for X-mas and immediately fell in love with my little fishy!  I bought him a new 1 gal.  aquarium with plants & stuff....Then my husband wanted his own betta, so we went to the local pet store and bought one more.  Unfortunately, our second betta (little "Wasabi") became very ill, and we thought he was a goner....BUT, I learned from your site how to nurse him back to health and today he is a healthy fish!  His color is back, and so is his appetite.  I really appreciate all the info you provide to us "beginners" and I bet Wasabi appreciates it too!
Thanks again,

Yvonne Davis


01/18/01 - THANK YOU!

My beautiful betta fish has Popeye... but it is because of your site that I know that, know why, and know how to help him!  THANK YOU for your wonderful, thorough, and informative site!!!!

Jennifer L. Julyan


01/21/01 - Thank you!
I do not normally send these types of email, but I just HAD to take a min. to thank you for your site. I have been searching the web for hours and could not, until your site, find any good info. to help my roommate's poor little fish, Phish. 
I thought he was going to die, so I am so glad I found your site and found out I can help him. I am ashamed to report that he has pop eye. My roommate is out of town, so I will go buy antibiotics for him tomorrow and clean his tank. I promise to help her take better care of him! I am so sad that this all could have been avoided, poor little thing. Phish will never swim in dirty water again!
Anyway, I had no real interest in betta fish until I embarked on this little quest for info. Your site is fabulous, and I have a new found love and appreciation for the beautiful breed. Keep up the good work!


01/21/01 - just a quick thanks

just a quick thanks for your website. I learned so much about Betta health care that I couldn't even find on a lot of commercial sites. 
I've book marked the site and hope to learn more!



01/22/01 - Love you site
I love your website!!!!!! I have not found anything quite like it anywhere on the web. I have two beautiful bettas. One is orange and the other is clear. I also enjoyed your section on housing for bettas. I unfortunately learned the hard way  that community tanks are not the way to go. I had a tank that could hold four bettas. Before I knew it they were showing distress signs and before to long they all died. I have learned my lesson and only have two fish in two separate tanks that I put together so they can flare up at each other. Keep up the good work and the great web site.





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