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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


Congrats on the spawn, I checked a little while ago and yes I saw them embracing :)   I just checked back and she's gone, so it was either a very short spawn, she's taking a break or she gave up, Lol  (they did seem to be having troubles getting the embrace done properly, silly first timers, Lol).  I was pretty sure I saw eggs though a couple times, so hopefully you have eggs and eventually babies (this pair is awesome, the babies should be very nice!).  Nice job on the web cam and getting a spawn live :)


Scratch that last email from me, she is back and spawning again and this time definitely produced eggs after the embrace!  Great job on the webcam quality that you can actually see the eggs (shoot, I can barely see the eggs when I

'm watching my own spawns and I'm sitting right there, Lol)  I'm very excited for you that you got this on your webcam, I know you wanted this :)   I so hope he's a good dad for you and you get some great kiddies out of it...(just think of the sales pitch..."watch the actual spawn that this beautiful male was produced from!" hehe)

Anyway, I was so excited for you and wanted to share :)




What a wonderful idea!!!!
I love being able to see your Bettas!!
Best wishes with the fry.
I just got a Betta (our first) and he is so neat.... lots of personality. Your site was recommended by many people, and has been very useful. Thank you for sharing your love of Bettas with the rest of us.



 Yesterday I stayed tuned as much as possible to see the spawning. How utterly incredible! If that wasn't good enough I get on this morning to check things out and there are 2 cameras? You are the shit!!
How do you do it all? The fish/site, the band, Mr.181.... You are so my HERO!!!


wow -- this is AMAZING. i had no idea how quickly fertilized eggs developed into fry. thanks for showing us!


It has indeed been a blast for me as well.  Poor papa must be exhausted!  Thanks for the wonderful peek at nature......could you comment on the anatomy of bettas?  Regale us with the birds and bees of fishdom.  I'm curious. 
Thank you,


Awesome! Really stunning!


Wow!.  Like being able to choose which one to see


Hi Faith!
Thanks so much for sharing your bettas with us via webcam! I can't watch for long periods of time, but I check it out every once in a while. I definitely enjoy watching the male spit the eggs to the surface of the water through the macro lens! That is so cool! Thanks for all your hard work!


I think it's a really awesome idea!I live in Australia so it's interesting to beable to see the "exotic" bettas "live" as we mostly have veil tails here. Great work,