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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


12/20/03 - the cam is cool!

love the cam, and the website, it has helped us out a lot. we only have the one betta, "Omega" is his name, and he is quite happy, in part thanx to your wonderful advice.



12/20/03 - Love it!

Dearest Faith,

   Hello! I just want to say that you come up with great ideas for your website! I didn't really know that was coming.
   The first time I saw it, I was thinking "Where's the sound?" "Oh, duh, BETTAS don't make no sound." I'm really expecting soon to see you. Love ya site and your bettacam! Perfect Work! ;D




01/06/04 - Camera works

i used the web cam to see the red and white apache. the colors were not faded at all. it was some real nice color to it. thanks for making this sight so cool.

ps, you're really cute.



01/06/04 - bettacam

Bettacam looks BEAUTIFUL - the Apache's color comes shining through the monitor.  :)   I can see the nice background you selected as well (in detail!).  VERY clear!  I've been watching him zip back and forth and he looks great!
Whatever you did - it was the way to go because compared to my viewing experience before (where I had to play with the controls a lot to get a half decent picture), it's like going from an old black & white TV to a nice color flat screen.  ;)

~ who put her "Evil Fin-Shredding Demon Monster" Apache Female up to the screen to watch him, and sure enough, she flared at him and tried to attack through the side of her jar *sigh*.  LOL  She's a brute!


01/06/04 - bettacam

I got in on your betta cam testing and I have never seen the betta cam so perfect!
The Red of the male is just perfect, his body seams a little (and I do mean little) washed out, but then again that might just be the way he is. And the lighting is just perfect! Not to much light, but not to dark either. :)  The picture doesn't even jump anymore, just nice and smooth. Almost like I'm right there in the room watching him! :)

Whatever you're doing keep it up!!!!!!!!!!! :)


A very happy viewer in Wisconsin.


01/06/04 - bettacam


betta cam looks great I see red betta with some white in fins and  head  is that right colors? Rock behind I am on dsl and seems to be real fish time lol thanks for the site it is great



01/26/04 - bettatalk only gets better!

I love the live web cam - great stress relief mid-work day, especially when I'm home sick for my finned friends!! 

Madison, WI


01/27/04 - thank you!

Your website is great, I really learned a lot. Napoleon is blowing lots of bubbles. I was worried about that too. But like I said your website was filled with all the things I was asking about.

Thank you again for the e-mail


Cassie Cohen


02/22/04 - bettacam

Love it!  First time viewer-already it's a favorite!

Amy C.



02/15/04 - bettacam

I've loved seeing Minimee and Giant on the BettaCam this week, just a about a trio day, with Minimee, a regular and Giant, side by side by side?  That would really show us the difference between them, hehe.
Anyway, thanks again for the BettaCam, I look forward each day to see if it's up and what we get to see.
Linda Ferrol


02/18/04 - famous in Alaska FAITH !!

Dear Faith,
    I am sending my copy of this sweet little article about you and your interesting business in the Anchorage Daily News. It will go out in today's mail. 


Sincerely, Liz Goodrich

P.S. I love watching the Betta when I need a sanity moment at work. They are great little devoted creatures.



I'm just emailing to say that I absolutely love your betta cam! My fish were unable to make the plane trip back to college with me after winter break due to heightened airport security, so I had to leave them home. I've really missed my babies and having just bettas around  in general. They're great stress relief! Anyways, every once in a while I load up your betta cam and watch your fishies swim about and do their thing and it brightens my day :)

So thanks a bunch for setting such a neat thing up!



Just wanted to let you know- that a couple of co- workers and I really enjoy your betta cam. We all have at least one tank on our desks, but it is also fun to watch yours too!!! Good work!


Hey there, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed watching this morning the "Betta Show".  Thanks a lot Faith, I really love your web site!  Love Those Bettas!



First let me just say that your betta cam is AWESOME!!!! I have it on almost all the time at work. People thing I'm crazy to have the betta cam on when I already have 6 bettas on my desk, but I love watching all the different bettas you put up there.

The new lighting is great! I think that this is a much better way to view the bettas. It seems to show off their own color more. And it helps that they seem to like it better too.

Thanks for making such a great site.  I visit almost every day. :)
Can you tell that I'm just a little bit addicted???? LOLOL

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


The Bettacam rocks i wish my bettas could be on the show...


Hi Faith, just peeked into watch your bettas this morning.  I believe it is a change for the better, not only for the bettas, but I find it easier on my eyes also!  I have 6 bettas but I still enjoy watching yours.  Someday I plan on buying a betta or two from you, but don't tell mine, it would hurt their little feelings.  I can actually pet one of mine, he is so cute!  Have a great day,  Tish


I love your cam, I check it out every other day to see who is new!  Thanks so much




I think the fish are responding a lot better to the softer light.  Are you going to be breeding any of these fish?  That would make for a cool web cam shot. I love your site!  I think it would be neat for us to see how the bettas actually do it.  I have never bred bettas, but would like to this summer.  I think for me to see you do it would help educate me on what I
should do.  Keep up the good work-



The Betta cam is really cool!  My betta, Storm, sit in his tank on my desk so he sees everything on my PC.  When I had the cam on, he Swam to the closes corner of the tank to see the other betas swimming around on the PC.  He Flared bout 20 times and started moving his mouth alot.  I dunno f he was enjoying it or Was really pissed off  =)  well Good Job on the betta cam. I love it and hopefully storm likes it too


OMG! I was watching your closeup of the nest, at first nothing was there then all of a sudden, 2 of the babies shot back up into the nest!  I can see them so much better than I can my own fry when they were still wigglers like this!  My eyes just aren't as good as your camera lens, Lol.  My own babies were so tiny they were just specs to my naked eyes, but your camera really does a good job at magnifying them.  Now I know what my little guys and gals looked like, Lol (I had my first successful spawn about 3 weeks ago, they turned 3 weeks old on Wednesday, they are from a beutiful sibling pair of Turquoise, the male is a HM, I can't wait to see how the babies turn out).
Thanks for the bettacam and the good job getting a spawn live, it's also very cool to see you so excited about it all :)


Hey Faith,

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the live spawn you've been working so hard to bring us betta fans.  I was watching earlier today, and noticed that the pair looked quite friendly ;).  When I checked in later, they were actually spawning.  It was very exciting, and I definitely look forward to seeing the fry develop.  I wish the daddy good luck with the joys of parenthood.

An avid bettatalk fan,



Faith, I sat at work almost all day glued to the betta cam - much to my manager's dismay, I'm sure  :)  Anyway, I was quietly cheering and gasping and ducking and "swimming" in my seat at work watching it all happen!  My co-workers in cubicle land surely think I'm insane.  I can't wait to look again today and see the nest and eggs - you rock Faith!  I only hope my manager can appreciate it as well, LOL  :))

Madison, WI


Was that exciting or what?????
I was glued to the cam yesterday and I'd watch her come out
and then get chased off. Then at around noon (your time) I thought
I saw a wrap but I couldn't quite tell. But as time went on when I would
check back in the "wraps" were more and more obvious and THEN
THE EGGS started dropping!!!!
I was amazed!
Thanks for sharing......I'm finding it difficult to watch today however
cause I
want to tell him to leave it alone! It's actually making me nervous......
how's that for BETTASTUPID????
Great job Faith, you gotta be proud.
Also.....thanks for the Easter message. It is ALL ABOUT HIM!


What a good dad he is!  I can see him spitting those eggs back into the nest!  This is a wonderful experience.  Thank you Faith for sharing that! 
Gayl Tsutsui
Aurora, CO



I had hoped last week to catch the two you had on camera last week,
"mate".....but missed it.  I've only had my Betta about 2 months so I'm
still a "newbie".  I know there isn't anyway I'd be able to handle breeding
him, but really thought it was cool that you tried to get it on camera.

I love your website and have recommended it to everybody I know.  I have
saved many a Betta from vases after having people take a look at your

Keep up the great work!  And believe me, when it's warmer here (Wisconsin),
I plan to purchase one of your babies!

Dina Santos


Wow, that macro lens is great!  It's going to be awesome when/if the eggs start to hatch and we'll be able to see the little wigglers, hehe. I can't wait :)


Faith, I just LOVE your site, and I've just had the privilege of watching the spawn happening via live cam - all the way over here in South Africa! So your bettas are international now!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to see that, and keep it going!


I do hope your taking a video of this spawning process! I'd love a copy!! *s i have a betta female that looks just like the one being spawned now and My husband is interested in someday breeding her.
Thank you SO much for the live web cam I've realy realy enjoyed it!
Gail hengen


I found your site when I found out my sweet little male Ermine (a little lavender I fell in love with at the local specialty fish shop) was feeling under the weather and I was searching for breeders tips on how to make him feel better.  Your illnesses page was very informative and made me realize that my other male, Skittles, was a tad on the overfed side.  I was following the instructions on the bottle of pellets to feed him but obviously I was feeding the little porker too much.
You may have saved the life of both of my darling little boys and I am very grateful. :)  I hope by following your tips I can make them happier and healthier tips.  (And I will make sure I or none of my friends ever buy those betta/plant combos.  I had no idea!)
I also saw the webcam of your fish spawning and wow!  You have quite the dedicated male. :)  When I tuned in he was carrying the eggs to the bubble nest and was just plugging along happy as can be.  All of your fish have absolutely beautiful colorations and my salivary glands will never forgive you. ^_~
Thanks agian and good luck with your breeding!


I really like your new cams.  My betta Fred passed away yesterday.  He was my work buddy.  I was kinda of sad this morning coming in and seeing an empty spot where his tank use to be.

I was at your site to learn about sanitizing the tank and stuff after a fish dies and found the betta cam link.  Now I can see a live betta at work until I am ready to bring a new work buddy into my life.

Thank you.



Hi Faith,
I found your website so wonderful, at least I could erase all the earlier beliefs about caring and stuff.
I like the bettacam! I think that it's great. I started watching it this afternoon(morning at you) and I think that male is simply beautiful, my betta is like half of him in size LOL. I'm very curious about how it will end, I hope I will be able to catch them ;)
That's it. I just thought I'd drop a mail :) Keep up the good work!