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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


Dear Faith,

I think your Betta cam is awesome!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed watching your bettas spawn.


Hello Faith- this is Christi- and I have sent you quite a few emails in the past stating how AWESOME
your betta cam is!  Man you have gone over the edge though with the spawn!  I am on everyday to check on the lil ones and see if anything is coming about with them.  Actually a couple of co-workers also are hooked! I wish I was in the same time zone as you- so that I could watch longer!  Well- keep up the good work- you never cease to amaze us!

Best of luck with the new ones!



Oh man- Faith- can you believe it?  It was awesome!!! I am so glad you decided to set the cam up.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them start to spawn.  I gathered everyone around the computer.  Nice Job!!!!!



Awww! I missed the spawning. I live in the UK so your cam isn't always on when I am awake. Will you be showing it again? I hope so! I think your site is fantastic and very educational. We can't get the varieties of bettas over here and in a way I'm glad that we can't because I would want all of them! I only have one, he's turquoise but in some light he looks lilac and he's marbled, sort of, but not pedigree like yours, yours are just beautiful.
Thank you for the site and keep up the good work


I like the betta cam! My computer is a little slow so it always doesn't load, but when it does it's well worth it! Keep up the great work with your bettas, and when I get enough money, I promise to buy from you!


Ok, have you ever heard of "fishical" therapy? Well yesterday I just got a rescue betta from the LPS. I was looking for a fish for a five gallon tank and saw in the corner of my a very active fish. I walked over and saw this beautiful betta swimming against the side of the rather better displays for a betta. He was a big and strong fishy friend. He was royal blue with red tipped fins. I thought he looked like a gas flame, hence his name FLAME. When I took him home and put him in his new tank, he was relieved. Then came the funny part. He swam over by the power filter waterfall and started to swim under it. Then he ran back and looked at me and ran to the filter again. he swam under it and grabbed some air and swam under and grabbed air and so forth. He had so much fun with his "massager"! Then, he went to the bottom and picked up some dirt from the gravel {which I cleaned today}. Then he went by the wonder tube and got some dirt cleaned off him. Now and then, he goes to the "massager" and cleans himself off.


                                                  P.S. YOU HAVE THE BEST BETTA SITE EVER!!!
                                                                                   Scott, Pittsburgh PA


Faith- A very nice Betta lover, and cares a lot about Bettas.
That's my new word-Faith! It should in the betta glossary! :))
From Helen, whose Betta addiction too came from a pet-store betta.


Hi there! I just felt I needed to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your site. I have been in love with Bettas my whole life....I have 3 now that I just adore.
I have one that I bought at a local pet shop that is just extraordinary. He is bright orange with bright red spots through his veiled fins and then he has turquoise throughout his fins and then red at the tips. He also has a beautiful turquoise dot on each gill cover.....I have not seen another like him anywhere. (...)


Thanks for your site--it is extremely informative and I am just in love with Finley!
Sincerely, Theresa


Damn Betta girl, even betta humor.. .

I hope things are going well for you, as I would like to see the episode on Animal Planet.. Not only is the site excellent for information and tips, the catalogue is one of the best I've ever seen. It took several days to absorb all it's info.


Thanks *Munee
Daytona, FL


I love your site! So informative! Thank you so much for all the information and pictures. I plan to order fish from you in the future. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have devoted to the well being and breeding of these beautiful fish. Your jokes are very amusing and are added in appropriate places. It gives people having problems a bit of relief. Again, I thank you and think very highly of your gift as a betta keeper.
Thank you,


Well, my dear, dear, Miss Faith, I knew you would want to be the first to know that our sweet little Phreddy made. . . .  POOPIE  TODAY !!!!!  The first time in well over a week.  Ain't  ya' just soooo proud?? ( insert BIG  smiles and grins here)  He refused all and any assistance in eating,(ie: tweezers or eye dropper), so I left a big pile of blood worms at his regular feeding station, and when he thought I wasn't looking, I saw him suck in at least two worms.  He has learned to trap them between the side/bottom of his bowl and his mouth.  Smart and resourceful,  he is, he is.  I'll keep ya' up dated on his progress, but I think we may have just turned the corner.  Once his pray didn't try to wiggle away from him, he quickly figured out how to use the "trap" method.  Thank you my dear, sweet Faith for your help and guidance.  And finally, if you ever have some orange fishies that you need to cull, well. . . you have my address.  I won't ever try to breed them, but I'd love to have the "bragging rights" to tell people they came from FAITH, universal star of the Betta world and television goddess of the Animal Planet. ( insert big grins and giggles here too).  My many thanks to you for all your help with my ol' pet store fishie, Phreddy.  I do love him so.  Your biggest fan from Iowa,  Ol' Gramma Lynda 


Hello, I would like to suggest the following new word be added to our betta glossary:

Faith- A very nice Betta lover, and cares a lot about Bettas.

That's my new word-Faith! It should in the glossary!
From Helen, whose Betta addiction too came from a pet-store betta.


Hello, congrats, you have one of the most amazing sites, and the most amazing bettas. THe web cam is awesome, and i really enjoy it. I have 6 bettas, 5 beautiful veils, and 1 amazing looking CT. I would have ordered one from you, but my parents refused to help me finance one. lol.. CONGRATS!!!!!!! THanks for putting time and effort in the site, because thanks to you and that site, i was able to make sure that i took care of my bettas the way they should, and made sure i learned everything i could, thanks a bunch!


I just wanted to let you know, you have a fantastic and very informative site going on! 


I really enjoy the Betta Cam, the entire website for that matter!
   Thank you for making me and a lot of other people aware of what it REALLY takes to take care of a Betta.
   LOVE the Apaches and the White Crown with the black cheeks. Just beautiful!
   Thanks again,


Hi, Faith!!! I loved your blue half-moon male on the cam (I saw him Friday)!!! I can tell your bettas are much more healthier than I thought (and much much more healthier than pet store bettas, I've never imagined a betta that happy!)!!! Thanks for all the breeding info!!! It's helped!!! Thanks, Felicity


Hey again,

this is your ultimate fan; Dean Slater from wicked savyor. You are the ultimate woman!!!!! Not only do you breed spectacular bettas, but you also have your music, that by the way rocks!!!.

you have a great web1



    When you first buy a betta at the pet store, I can't believe how unhealthy and sad they look. I know everyone's seen it, but it's just so depressing  Anyway, my best friend gave me my first for my birthday and whenever I would feed him, I would show him the food container and he'd start trying to break through the plastic like some lunatic fish. It was definitely a site!
    A few months later I got a little buddy for him. It was a bright blue (again pet store) female and she was so pretty. I put her in a separate tank beside him. He always flared at her. At first I wasn't sure what it meant so I did some internet research. That was when I discovered this site. I checked out the breeding section and I became interested. I always wanted to be a marine biologist when I grow up (I'm 13) and I thought this would be good experience. I also wanted to know what a fish looked like growing up.
    So here I am, trying to breed my two fish, but my male won't make a nest! I've tried everything! I've decided that I'm going to have to buy another male, its the only thing I haven't tried. But I am really disappointed in him, but I still love him.
Sarah Crawford


Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your site is.  Oh, twenty years ago I had Betta's but let's face it, that was a long, long time ago.  I just got 3 male betta's because my dear friend passed away and I had told her I would take care of any animals she had, of course. I normally (if I ever get to normal?) stick to the larger animals.  Horses, dogs, cats, those types, but I do love goldfish and betta's so I brought them back home (from San Diego to Los Angeles) with me.  It dawned on me that I didn't remember that much about keeping these beautiful fish.  Not wanting to learn by the school of hard knocks (i.e. dead fish, sick fish, etc.)  I jumped on the internet.  Almost all the sites were "pay for our book" sites or uninformative until your site.  Not only do I find your site informative, straight forward and interesting but it was easy to navigate (I'm a computer nitwit) and fun, too.  I feel like I found the oasis in the Sahara.
I believe that people should let others know how much they appreciate the help and so on that they find on an Internet site.  So, THANK YOU very much for all the help I found on your site.  (I'm sure that the 3 Fishkateers here thank you also). For a novice, such as myself, it was a goldmine of information.  I appreciate the time and effort it must take to construct such a site.  I'm a domestic and exotic animal trainer, so animals are extremely important in my life and I want to provide these fish with the best care possible.  Your site makes it much easier for me to do just that.
Take care and best wishes to you and your fin friends
P.S. The band sounds very interesting too.  You must have a pretty busy life!!! Good luck to you on that aspect of life also.



I got my multi Betta at a pet store in Oct. of 2002.  He was fully grown, as far as I could tell (likely, from the info on your site).  I have treated Mr. Fishy's water as you suggest since soon after acquiring him (aquarisol and aquarium salts after adjusting pH).  I haven't always been diligent about changing the water, but he's still going strong at 2-3 yrs!  He has never been sick...knock on wood.  He's had a companion snail for several months. I just moved them to a 10 gallon aquarium and they seem happy with the larger space.  I really like your site and eventually will buy some fish/supplies from you.  Drool, drool.  :) Keep up the good work! 

Pamela J. Betz-Baron


Dear Faith,
I know you can put female betta together, and when I put my two females together in a 10 gallon tank with a corydora catfish, they loved it!  They would play "Follow the Leader" around the tank, switching positions.  It was like a fairytale come true for the first week.  About a week after I put them together, I noticed at feeding time that they were flaring at each other.  Really flaring.  I hoped it was a phase and waited until the next day to see if things had improved.  I was watching them the next evening, and Baj was chasing Suane around the tank mercilessly.  It was really sad, because in one day, Suane had gone from perfectly healthy to having all kinds of torn fins.  I separated the two, and they're both perfectly fine now.  I guess some betta are just too aggressive to be with others.  Well, too bad...
The moral of the story:  Even if your female betta seem like perfect little friends, keep an eye on them after the first few days. 


Hi! I don't know if you will read this, but I just wanted to say thanks for the info on my Betta, he's doing a lot better! I did loose a female Betta, but next time I know to put her in a jar. I also splurged today and bought 3 pet shop Bettas, one of which had a bladder problem, but he's feeling better now! I also saw the Betta food package that featured your blue Betta!  Thank you very much for all your help! I will add to your fan mail!  My Betta, Flame (who had the bladder problem, and is bright red) says  hi!



 I LOVE the cd...thank you sooo much...when you do your cross country tour, do I get a back stage pass????  I'm having soo much fun with my fish...I really appreciate your website, and emails!!!  Nice change from mucking the horse barn!!!  My son is in his 3rd year at college to be a music teacher...he was pretty impressed with the sitar!!!  Talk to you soon, I won't be able to pass up having new Bettas come in for toooo long!!!!  Thank...pam




I guess I started out like the typical fish owner.  Buy the fish, and all the fish stuff to make them look good.  Clear water meant healthy fish.  NOT.  I would buy them, they would live for a couple months, and die.  Only to start all over.  I noticed that this one was going down the same road as I sent so many down before.  My betta was floating sideways, and had no fins...  Only this time I didn't want to give up. That evening, I found  That was three weeks ago.  I am happy to report that his fins are growing back, he no longer floats sideways, and he is now in a new tank with me at home.  I am so happy I was able to save his life.  But without this site, I know I could not have!  Now I will have to get another one to put in my empty tank at work.  I have cleaned that tank, and it is ready for another betta.  Now that I have Faith, I know what I am doing!!!!!  


thought you would find this funny, Faith. In my dream that I had last night, I was on the computer, and I clicked the Home Page button, and my home page is normally (in real life) Yahoo. But in the dream, when I clicked Home Page button, it immediately landed on your Bettatalk site!! LOL. Congrats Faith, I am officially obsessed with bettas. I guess this has a deeper meaning as well. Bettatalk has truly become my Internet "home", now. 

Mark L.


Hi Faith,

I received (2) betta's as a gift last week. They were decorating tables at a family birthday party I could not attend and my sister brought them for me from Florida. Did not not know the first thing about these guys. Got them in a jam jar w/ small bottle of water conditioner, bio-gold and was told "gotta keep em seperated" or else. Since I like to do things very accuratley I needed much more info and gOOgle directed me to your way CoooOOoool site. 505 pages later :):) the betta's have perfect water ph, temp, diet, etc. Also got a small crowntail at the LPS while getting my initial setup for them. This young dude swims alot and the other (2) are veiltail and pretty much take it easy and relax. I keep them all in my office and out of site of each other.

After reading everything on your site I now know there are LPS betta's and there are Faith's (breeder betta's) - WOW. Now I am really spoiled and only want to aquire this type betta. I am not a breeder just want beautifull eye candy betta's with cool colors and BF and have that WOW affect. So I will be checking the stock page periodically - ok, every day :)to see what's new and if any say Grab Me :)

Looking forward to receiving the kit and java moss next week.

Thanks again for doing such a great job w/ the site.



3/8/2006 11:09:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi, I have to thank you for creating your column on betta diseases.  My black melano double tail male (named Whisp) was becoming a "belly slider" and I didn't know what was wrong with him.  So I visited your site (not for the first time :)) and followed your instructions on what to do about my problem.  Now Whisp is doing great!  Thanks!


Just found your site and I love it.  This is the best information about Betas that I have ever found.  I have had freshwater aquariums for over 10 years and enjoy the hobby.  I have also had Bettas in the past and they ususally do pretty good.  After visiting your site, I think I may get another one and get a 2.5 Mini Bow tank for it.  I have always just kept them in small bowls, but I agree with you about it being too small. 
Your website is great !  Love the Betta blowing the bubbles on the home page.


3/6/2006 1:55:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have a betta, and i was doin research on it today. Via google, I found your website. So I checked into it, and it helped me to pinpoint what was up with the betta (it is sick), and I ordered medication for it. i should be getting it in a few weeks.

then somehow, i dont know how, i got sidetracked and started exploring your whole website, learned about flame, ladybug, poopie, the pigeon, and so on.
At some point, you mentioned you were very deaf. Then I found the alternate faith website. so I got confused.
Are you deaf, as in physically deaf? I'm deaf also, so it's quite a please to meet deaf people of all kind of strains of personality. yours is certainly an unique one. lol. :)

Don Cullen


3/5/2006 10:14:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Faith,

I'm writting from Costa Rica.
My girlfriend gave me a beta, my first fish in more than twenty years.

I found your site through Google, and all the info you've posted is incredible, I'm sure I can take so much better care of my betta because of all of your hardwork and patience.

To make it short, just wanted to say THANK YOU (I really thought I had to!!!).

Cheers from Costa Rica, pura vida!!!



3/1/2006 2:05:06 PM Pacific Standard Time

I just felt i needed to say this: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SITE!! By the way, don't be afraid taht this is a long e-mail, i tend to get carried away...alot LOL

last sunday, my old betta, tetris, was horribly sick and a good friend sent me the link to a site, i recall it was something like 'fish experts' or so, and on one of the replies there it had a link to your site and i clicked it...i don't think i favorited a site so fast LOL! Sadly though, later that night tetris died because he had dropsy (and i only had him for 4 months!) , you're probably wondering 'why is the thanking me?!' well, i am going to that now :P or eventually LOL
This past thursday, i got a got a betta from walmart (BLEH! NEVER AGAIN!!!), which is where i got my old bettas, i admit with my first two that my dad got me, i was a bad mommy for i knew nothing, yes shame on me! well, since i was distraught with my loss of tetris mom took me to get a new fish, where i find a cute lavendar/purple with fuscia and blue, absolutely colorful! I dubbed him 'Lord Ipallazzo' from a japanese cartoon show (i told my friend i would name my next fish after him lol) . One problem, HE HAD VELVET! ):< I ran to petsmart, got the WRONG medicine (i thought it was a fungal infection) but came home with another baby , who i call Amentis (he looks like he has some CT in him!), becuase petsmart takes so much better care than walmart, i was impressed...except i almost slapped the person when they said 'We don't carry bettamax' LOL!!
But due to the meds and your disease page, and alot of research i was able to get some coppersafe yesterday, and i came home from school today to see he is already doing better! Instead of sitting at the surface he is never still and swimming happily, wee! i have thier tanks next to each other so they don't get lonely, plus Ipallazzo seems to know Amentis can't hurt him, so he swims and sits right by his tank just to make him angry, its so funny because it's like he is saying "can't get me!!"
By the way, in case your wondering 'how old is this kid?' i turn 17 at the end of this month, and within a week your site has turned me into a smart, decently knowledged, and loving mommy for my two babies! so thank you! without this site i might have lost one so i send my appreciation! keep it up!! i'm sure if my Lord Ipallazzo could talk he'd send you kisses (: and one more for the road: THANK YOU!

- 'Dobby' , GA


2/28/2006 12:55:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Your web page has been very helpful to me.  I received two Betta's as a birthday gift a year ago.  Unfortunately one died unexpectedly last weekend, and the other has now gotten sick.  Your page has helped a lot with water treatment and feeding my guys.  Of course I had to go out and buy new ones right away the empty spot was too much. Your satin flame betta's look beautiful, I wish I had the
room for four more betta's.  Of course then we would have the issue of shipping to our frozen state(ND).

thanks for all the useful advise on your pages.

Beth S.


2/28/2006 12:35:53 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Faith!

My fiance and I were introduced to our first betta this passed Christmas - with a little help from a secret Santa. Since we are both animal lovers, our blue crown betta, Alphonse, quickly stole our hearts. I immediately slapped betta into google to find out more and came up. Since then, we have relied on your site to find answers to all of our betta-related questions. It is surprising how little you can find out at the local pet store. We are now interested in acquiring some friends for Al - each in a seperate tank of course - and are considering breeding.
Thanks for creating such an informative website. With pet stores reducing the betta's reputation to the level of the goldfish, it is important for betta lovers to spread awareness about this beautiful fish. We will do our part from now on as you have done yours!
Nicholas and Alexis (and Alphonse)
Philadelphia, PA
February 28, 2006


2/26/2006 11:29:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Faith,

Your website has proved invaluable and I just had to say thank you. I just had my first spawning about 30 hours ago, and now I have a tank (10 gal, of course) full of fry, and a very devoted dad to watch them. The way you saved them though is that somewhere (I don't remember exactly) I read that the male should be removed as soon as the fry hatch because he would immediately eat them all. I checked bettatalk just in case, followed your advice to leave him in there, and you were right; he is gently (but frantically) tending to the million or so fry that seem to be in there. So thank you; I am very confident that when I check in the morning, I will still have little ones zooming around. is the most complete, and in my opinion the bes and most reliable, betta resource there is.

Again, thank you, from the bottom of my tank, and from my heart.

Jennifer M. Forte


2/11/2006 10:32:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Somebody gave a betta to my mom and it died like 2 days after that, and then she got another one and decided to take care of him i named him "ichi the killer" lol, though he died a week after i "rescued" him, it frustrated me soo much i searched the web and found your website, i thought you were like a 40 year old freak when i saw all the info you have until i saw the "meet me" section, i admire all youve learned and share about bettas, i tried to find the reason why "ichi" died, and it was probably because he was already infected or something because he never ate!!

The thing is, i have a much more stronger conscience on animals because of your website, and now ive got two males and a female, got one for my bro too, in mexico its really really hard to find females and other kind of bettas beside the common ones, but i decided to try and breed just to get caught in the bettamania, guess ichi is like "flame" was for you.

I wanted to show my appreciation for the care you take with all your bettas and i wanted you to know that if you ever want to translate your website to spanish, so more people learn how they should take care of their fish id be
glad to do it for you, id love to have some kind of collaboration to your website helping people in Mexico get the closest items and products, food etc that you recommend, because as you know we dont get all the things you have on the US, thanx for taking the time to read this.

ps. you never mentioned your name or nick in the "meet me" section
     (or did i miss it?)


Subject: The coolest site I have ever run across
Date: 2/13/2006 5:47:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

This site I found by mistake, but this site and faith are the coolest I have ever found. I enjoyed reading about you and your band. I will be purchasing a CD after listening to your music (awesome music). How you find the time to run a site, work your band and work a job is beyond me. You are a great inspiration to me and others. Keep up the great work...


Subject: Great website!
Date: 2/14/2006 11:29:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Faith,

Just wanted to write and say Thank You for such a great website! It is really thorough and informative and you cover ever topic I could think of!

I just bought my first Betta last weekend...i had been planning it for a while and I finally commited, prepared and did it! I am so happy with my little buddy! His name is Lloyd, and he's just great. He seems very happy in his new first he wouldn't eat the food I was feeding him and then I read your site and realized he might just not like it, so I went and got some freezed-dried blood worms and they are a huge hit!!

Thanks for the webiste...please keep it up!! It's an excellent service to people and to Bettas!!




Subject: Love your site!
Date: 2/14/2006 7:07:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

I love your site I've been going to it for a while now, I've got a blue male betta whose name is BubbleGum lol, I bougt him petco and hes been alive for almost 3 years now :), were big fans of your site!

But I was wondering if you needed help with your site, I know html, css, php, mysql and I've owned a website before. I thought maybe I could make a script for you to easily upload new bettas for sale, and supplies with some other cool features. Email me back if your interested, oh and did I say I'll work for free? lol



Subject: Pet Store Bettas
Date: 2/16/2006 11:06:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

My name is Lindsay and I was at Wal-mart.....worst fish place EVER and I saw that they had probably 30 bettas and I was mad because they keep them in those nastly little half full cups...swimming in their own poo. I decided even though pet store bettas are not the best quality I decided to buy ALL of them
and I got a petition going in my town to try to get wal mart not to sell least at their store. They really don't know how to take care of them AT ALL...and I felt bad. So now I have 30 bettas....I have been giving them to good homes and I'm interested in them now. Since they are pet store
bettas I assume they are all veil tail although one I have have has a huge tail that is very wide and I have one that has very wide pointy fins. Just wondering if you had anymore pics of veil tailed ones so I could make sure that is what they are. I am very interested in bettas and would like to have
some that are not cheap walmart ones. :) It's not their fault idiots at wal mart made them that way. I sitll love them....and I am proud of myself I had never had a fish before this and after reading through your website I have managed to keep 30 bettas alive and healthy for about 5 months now. One of
them was pretty bad off when I baught him too. His fins were tore up and one of his side fins was missing...but he is good now after some skin care medacine and lots of water changes to keep disease out. Your wesite was lots of help. I didn't know there was so much to know about a fish. Even though they are cheap wal mart fish they still have some pretty colors:).



Subject: thank you, thank you, thank you!
Date: 2/26/2006 6:50:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

I see you have many letters of thanks, and mine is no different. I bought my son some goldfish, and went back to the store for supplies, and there was some beautiful fish stuck in just a tub. He was gorgeous! Mostly blue, some red on the body and tail, and when  you look at him just right you catch purple. Needless to say, Frank now has a home. And he likes being photographed! He swam right up for pictures! Definite personality.

 After reading your site, I feel that I can take care of him. And the goldfish. J

 Mary F. Joyner

New betta lover


Subject: Hello :)
Date: 2/24/2006 9:34:17 PM Pacific Standard Time

I just wanted to say; this is the best website for anyone who has a betta, wants to learn about bettas, or anything dealing with a betta... I knew almost nothing about bettas a few weeks ago, and I have read for hours and hours and hours, about 90% of the reading was done here (other 10% was on other random bettaa information sites, history, etc).

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great website. You made me and my betta pal very very happy :) As well as educate me to the fullest on bettas. Thank you very very much for this, I can't tell you just how much I appreciate this website and all of your help. Thank you very much!


Subject: Thanks
Date: 2/22/2006 7:28:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

Thank you so much for the betta health page. I found your site searching for any info on bettas. it turns out that my very handsome mutt betta PurpleFlame had dropsy ...( i really miss him) but your page saved my other 4 bettas from getting it. once aagain thanks,

P.S. i love the virtual betta 


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 2/19/2006 6:39:46 PM Pacific Standard Time

Okay, so my husband thinks I'm nuts.  We recently moved into a new place and were given a beautiful scarlett-colored betta as a "house warming gift" from his sister.  We've never had a betta, or any fish for that matter, and were amazed at the whole "fish in a vase with the plant out the top" idea.  OK, so it was pretty...and we were just inthralled. 
Not knowing ANYTHING about bettas, I turned to the internet where I immediately found your website.  I must say, THANKS TO YOU we have a newfound respect for these incredible creatures, and have invested more time in making sure the little fella is healthy, happy and well taken care of.
I have to tell you what happened though...and please, no judements here.  We were, after all, just doing what we THOUGHT was best for our little buddy.  During his first water change, I think we did EVERYTHING wrong.  (this was before I found your website!)  We used DISTILLED water and just used our fingers to "feel" the water temp!.."hmm...feels about right to me."  We didn't own a net, so my husband just transferred him by cupping his little body in his hand and being as gentle as humanly possible, placed him in the fresh vase of water.  As I'm watching him float in circles to towards the bottom of the vase, I noticed a slight blood trail following him!!  We PANICKED!  OMG, we've killed him!!  Then I saw a piece of his tail fin floating to the bottom of the vase...Oh...My...GOD!!! 
Well, that's when I frantically turned to the internet to get help....and found your site.  It's been two weeks since the "incident" and "Chip" is doing just fine.  Sure, he was pissed at first, but I think somehow he knows we were just learning.  Since then, he gets fed healthier food, to include the Hikari Betta Bio-Gold with the occasional freeze dried blood worms.  We have purchased an extra vase so that we can treat the tap water with those fizz tablets that de-chlorinate and treat the water then set it aside so it becomes the same temp as the other vase, a net so that he can safely be transported from one vase to the other, and feed him regularly. 
We've even purchased another betta...a blue one (named "Blue"...pretty ingenius, huh).  Blue is a bit spoiled, as he didn't have to go through the pain of our idiocracy like Chip did.  He's a vivacious character...always flaring and zipping around in the vase.  We put his vase close enough to Chip's so we could see how they would respond to each other.  We were a bit surprised to see that instead of flaring, Chip just stared at the seemingly hyperactive youngster.  This has now become something he seems to enjoy...visits with his "room mate." 
Anyway, the whole point of my writing to you tonight was to THANK YOU.  Because of you and your oh-so-informative site, we have a lot more confidence in our ability to care for our bettas and ...I've got to tell you this... I will sit here on the laptop reading your website for hours on end!!
So from the bottom of my betta's wee-wittle hearts, thank you.  And good luck with your band!  :)
Patty Cross
Indianapolis, Indiana


Subject: Hi & Thank U for your Site ;0)
Date: 2/18/2006 10:37:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Just wanted to say Thank You for your site ;0) It has helped me in making sure our Newest Member of our Family is going to be Happy & Healthy! We just was given a Betta from my Mother-In-Law due to she works @ Wal-marts & is sadden by seeing them in such Poor conidtion! She has had hers now for about 2 yrs.
But once she called to say she brought us one I went right out & brought a 3 gallon kit so when He moved in he had a Nice Home ;0) Not knowing much about them I did pretty good ;0) He has moved in & seems to like his Home ;0) altho it has only been a few hours lol He is very protective of it & flares @ us as if to say back off lol. Plus he is very active which now I know is a Good thing ;0)
Altho I wished I would have found your site before I got the tank for it has the under gravel filter which has me alittle worried. But he seems to love the bubbles it makes & seems to like the plants even tho they are plastic. But now reading I think after he gets more use to his new digs I will replace them with real plants. I will be getting him a Mirror so he won't get alonely. He does have a nice rock house to hide or sleep ;0)
Plus I'm going to get him the frozen foods after reading about him on your helpful site. We have not named him yet waiting get to know him better so he has a name that fits ;0)
Thanks so Much,


Subject: RE:  THANK YOU
Date: 2/22/2006 6:40:41 AM Pacific Standard Time