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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


3/14/2006 3:47:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

Like you, my first pet store betta entranced me and I decided out of the blue I wanted to breed bettas.  Before buying breeding stock, I did a lot of research on the Internet to make sure I was well-equipped to give my bettas the best care possible.  Your site is by far the most informative (not to mention entertaining) site I have found thus far.  I have spent hours pouring over it!!! 

Since then, I've welcomed 6 male halfmoons and 4 females into my home... and all of the sudden I have four aquariums.  (Now how did that happen?) I decided to start with some nice blue marbles, black marbles, red/purple and blue butterflies.  I spend a lot of time fawning over them and reveling in their charm.   My boyfriend thinks I have lost my mind!!!  And he is a bit jealous.  :-D

I just purchased your Happy Betta Breeder Kit and some java moss and I am really looking forward to breeding my first pair in a few weeks.  Thanks so much for providing such great information and useful products to help feed the betta addiction!!!

Sorry... was that too long?

Mary T.
Colorado Springs, CO


Subj: hiya 
Date: 3/6/2006 1:55:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have a betta, and i was doing research on it today. Via google, I found your website. So I checked into it, and it helped me to pinpoint what was up with the betta (it is sick), and I ordered medication for it. i should be getting it in a few weeks.

then somehow, i dont know how, i got sidetracked and started exploring your whole website, learned about flame, ladybug, poopie, the pigeon, and so on.
At some point, you mentioned you were very deaf. Then I found the alternate faith website. so I got confused.
Are you deaf, as in physically deaf? I'm deaf also, so it's quite a please to meet deaf people of all kind of strains of personality. yours is certainly an unique one. lol. :)

Don Cullen


thanks a bunch!!!!
2/11/2006 10:32:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Somebody gave a betta to my mom and it died like 2 days after that, and then she got another one and decided to take care of him i named him "ichi the killer" lol, though he died a week after i "rescued" him, it frustrated me soo much i searched the web and found your website, i thought you were like a 40 year old freak when i saw all the info you have until i saw the "meet me" section, i admire all youve learned and share about bettas, i tried to find the reason why "ichi" died, and it was probably because he was already infected or something because he never ate!! The thing is, i have a much more stronger concience on animals because of your website, and now ive got two males and a female, got one for my bro too, in mexico its really really hard to find females and other kind of bettas beside the common ones, but i decided to try and breed just to get caught in the bettamania, guess ichi is like "flame" was for you. I wanted to show my appreciation for the care you take with all your bettas and i wanted you to know that if you ever want to translate your website to spanish, so more people learn how they should take care of their fish id be glad to do it for you, id love to have some kind of collaboration to your website helping people in Mexico get the closest items and products, food etc that you recommend, because as you know we dont get all the things you have on the US, thanx for taking the time to read this.                                                                             

ps. you never mentioned your name or nick in the "meet me" section      (or did i miss it?)



Subj: hi 
Date: 2/22/2006 8:58:33 PM Pacific Standard Time


When I came to your site, I knew this was right. Do you ever feel that way?/
Breeding Bettas really has changed my life. It did yours too, I'm sure. I cant help it...but they are different. You know what Im talkin about.
I love my little fishies. SIlly.. I know. So ...soon I hope to get some from your site.
I have really gone insane. I have, baby brine, microworms, daphnia, copapods. ( I know....NUTS)   When I get home from work...( which is a fish store..) I start caring for my fishes. I make sure the PH is correct and that my microfood is flourishing. I LOVE THIS. I love the fact that you might not know what colors you will get, and that they are excited about the eggs hatching too. ( my guys are anyhow). My girls leap out of their tanks and into my hand.... (silly girls). My whole room is jars and tanks.... I just don't care. I love them....I will always take care of them. Working at a fish store, I have everything available too me. The guys at the store still think Im nuts. I don't care. I am old enough too know that the smallest kindness is sometimes the best.( they just don't see the big picture) I talk too my fishes....and I listen to them. ( this is the part where you decide I am a mental patient)...LOL...maybe so, Maybe not. YOU, have done what lots of women should have been able to do....I am proud of you. I have 3 little boys, and if they accomplished half of what you have, I would be very proud of them.
You are too cool, you are an artist and an empath.  

your friend, Sue



Subject: no need to reply
Date: 4/7/2006 4:46:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

FIRSTLY, I forgot to tell you that I loved your CD and gave it to my 20 year old son, Justin,  to try out...he's into Linkin Park and that sort of rock (I kinda like that too) and he really liked the feeling of your music...He's a no-non-sense type of guy, He'd tell me if it were good or not!

SECONDLY, I just wanted to thank you for all of the support (and patience) you've given me in the past few months! The gorgeous black male acquired a nasty infection after spawning and if it weren't for your web-site and the betta meds that I had "splurged" on, I would have been clueless on how to treat him!  I would have been devastated! After all... the black male was what brought me to you in the first place. By the way, the two Bettas you sent me in the last order are healing wonderfully! All thanks to your Betta Med Kit!
THIRDLY, the black spawn has about 30 fry...I don't think that's too bad for a beginner! I already have several placed in good homes...once we know what is what and who is who in the spawn...I would guess in the next 2 weeks, I'll have a good idea about males, females, colors, finnage...that sort of thing...I AM GOING TO DONATE A PORTION OF ALL SALES TO YOU!!! From here on out, Curt and I will give you some $$$ every time we sell any have been so great! Thank you soooooo much!
LASTLY, the giant 4rth of july pair are very well! I set up a 20 gallon tank for's acclimating now...maybe this weekend...I'll let you know how it went in a couple of weeks.
Again, thank you so much...for everything!
Denise and Curt


Oh Faith,
If you only knew what you do for people........You have helped so many people through happy and sad times.......Your free spirit and strong convictions (is that the right word?).  I wish I could give to you what you have given so many people......I go to your website every day.....I have another betta....cute little blue one.....I really wanted one of yours, but I don't think I'm ready to breed them...I'll wait until I know a little more....With 2-dogs, a cat and an Amazon parrot, I am definitely busy when I get home from work.....
Thanks for being you....It really meant a lot to me that you wrote me..........


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 5/7/2006 1:39:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Faith!

I'm so glad I've found this site with so much information on it, great job!

I recently decided I was ready for a pet in my life, however I'm not home that much so I opted for a betta.  I picked one up at the local pet store.  He's a vibrant blue with beautiful fins.  His name is Azul. I have him only about three weeks now.  He is the pickiest eater ever!! So far the only thing I can get him to eat are blood worms, he refuses to eat pellets or flakes (I've tried several different brands). I know blood worms aren't enough nutrition however, so I'm working on
finding other sources...any suggestions?

Anyway, Azul has such a great personality!  I just have a one gallon bowl (I plan to expand shortly) with a plant and a peice of coral from Hawaii in there right now.  The bottom is a mixture of black sand from Hawaii and white/clear pebbles.  Azul loves to sleep in between the coral where it forms a 'u' shape, its so cute, and I always try to
catch him sleeping HOWEVER as soon as I get within about 4 or 5 feet of his bowl, no matter how quiet or softly I step, he knows I'm coming and immeadiatly perks up.  He swims right to the top hoping for more yummy blood worms of course!

I'm so happy I bought this little guy, and I'd like to get another one sometime soon for another room of the house.  I recently tried to mirror trick, and he is just beautiful when he is flared.  What wonderful little creatures!




Just wanted to say that I have found your website extremely helpful and loaded with tons of Betta info! I have a Betta here at work and started quite a trend as we now have 6 employees with Betta. Enclosed is a pic of my fish Zorro and Walter who unfortunately tried to push the easy button by jumping out of his tank over a weekend that I was not here.  I named him Zorro because he looks like he is wearing a mask.

Keep up the good work!



Saturday, May 06, 2006
03:31 AM

Hello there Faith. I recently stumbled onto your website after deciding to start keeping bettas again ( i dont know why i ever stopped, they're amazing) Anyway, after a few years of not taking care of anything type of animal, i got very rusty and forgot a lot of important information about taking care of bettas/fish. Just last week, i got a couple of fighter bettas from thailand (and just to let you know i have no intentions on fighting them for they are too beautiful and i care about my fishies' i've done it in the past and it isnt pretty -.- ) and i needed to refresh my memory about taking care of bettas. After clicking on many useless sites i got from google, i finally clicked on yours. i immediatly saw the many sections of information and your beautiful page (and your pic, heh ^_^ ) i started reading everything you had to post. i found your website very informative, probably the most helpful and informative website ever when it comes to bettas. I don't personally know you of course, but i can tell you have a passion for these wonderful creatures by the way you talk about them and how you breed them...and im pretty sure you're a damn good breeder, cause unlike some people, you know what you're talking about. After just a few days of looking at your site, i've grown to really respect you and everything you're doing.  Now you're probably thinking "who the hell is this person and how can he respect me if he doenst even know me" Its true that i dont know you, but after reading everything on your site, i kind of got an idea of what kinda of a person you are by the way you type...besides, anyone who loves something enough to make a site like this is worth respecting, plus your site helped me a lot. Anyway, to conclude this email that you'll probably not even get a chance to read, i just want to thank you for your site. you truly are a betta expect, so keep up the good work.


Sunday, May 07, 2006
08:49 AM

The best betta site ever seen. (Havent checked them all yet:) Keep it going and try  keeping it free for all betta-beginners like us.


Monday, May 08, 2006
11:22 PM

Hi your site by the way is the most amazing i've come across! Now my male betta became a Daddy b4 i realized i was so happy yet i thought he should be with them but my friend kept pointing and repeating (hes eating the eggs!) i freaked, removed him, they hatched, following day were ALL dead. Point, my Male is so depressed he could care less wither he's alive or dead, question is will he ever want to try Daddy stage ever again?!! my poor baby was NEVER so miserable...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006
04:33 AM

Thank you SO much for all the great advice - my sweet (and gorgeous!) "Khan" is so much happier than those poor souls I see trapped in vases and shot glasses (an exageration, but not by much...). I wanted to tell you that I got a five gallon Eclipse sytem, and a three gallon Eclipse system - I removed the filter/biowheel setup from the smaller tank and installed it in the larger one - so he has the larger tank, with a filter that isn't strong enough to hurt him or blow him all over the place. Don't know if anyone else would want to try this method, but it worked great for Khan and me! (I gave the smaller, filterless tank to a friend for his goldfish.) Thanks again!! Great site!! Sabella


Tuesday, May 16, 2006
09:28 AM

Dear Faith

hope Faith is the correct name ...........

My name is faisal and i live in Kuwait and i was going through your site for betta and wowowo what a site . I never thought that a site like yours exists....

I am a animal lover too and had my hands on breeding many different birds  .
betta is something i recently got involved in (last say for the past 2 months ) and have imported several fish .

oh by the way i do travel to LA with my wife and my son (2.4 years old now)and already developing into a animal lover would live to drop by and see you and your betta on my next trip there.

I understand you might not have time to reply to all your fan mail but i would appreciate it a lot if you reply to this one lololol

Faisal Al Marzooq


Wednesday, May 24, 2006
05:04 AM

Your passion for Bettas is CONTAGIOUS!  It seems everyone is a fanatic of Mr. Betta after coming in contact with your site!  (We just rescued two more from the pet store)  Keep up the good work.

Chris and Matthew (age 4)


Wednesday, May 24, 2006
05:07 AM

HEY FAITH!  Ambassador to Bettas!

First, I want to tell you that your site has helped me to learn SO much about my new bettas.  My son named him CarGoggle.  We rescued him from the petstore because they looked so sad.  He's a red veil tail.  The other is a multicolored red/blue/purple male.  We think he's a double tail.  His tail is split in the middle but tapers off towards the end.  We have a 10 gal and a 3 gal for them.  I watch them for hours as soon as I get home.  It's so peaceful and amazing.  When I notice anything new or strange,  I immediately consult your site for help.  Thank you so much for sharing your passion with the world.  You really are making a difference in the world.  (You're saving my family from the trauma of prematurely deceased fish)  You are AWESOME!  and HILARIOUS, btw.

Anyhoo, you're cool.  Bye!

Mommy, CarGoggle, and Q Armstrong


Friday, June 02, 2006
03:06 AM

   I have searched google about a million times, but could not find a better site than this! Your site is not confusing to read and has lots of good info. From all I learned from your site, I am going to try to breed bettas also. I have never bred bettas before, so wish me luck!


Saturday, June 03, 2006
05:43 AM

O.O...::blinks and rubs eyes:: whoa, you actually had a chance to read my email ^_^  and of course all of your hard work will not be in vain because my bettas and many other people's bettas are alive and healthy because of you.  Once again, thank you Faith!


Saturday, June 03, 2006
09:41 PM

I had to let you know that your web site is AWESOME! I went to one of those places you warn us about. You know, the ones where they keep Bettas in those cruel little plastic cups. My heart broke when I saw one male in his cup with his nose crammed to the underside of the lid, trying to get some air when they had filled his cup too full. I have spent over 100 hours researching needs and possibilities of fish on your web site. From this I realized that they were drowning this poor Betta. I immediately called for the manager and informed them how disgusted I was, and was offered the fish for free because they considered him too far gone. With your help, I am happy to report that "Nemo" (my new turquoise and purple Betta) is in his brand new 10 gallon tank with 3 shrimp, perfectly healthy (after some considerable medication time in a 1 gallon jar), and very happy. He is constantly flaring at his reflection in the glass. In return, Nemo is bringing my daughter, and myself many hours of enjoyment in watching and caring for him. Soon he will be enjoying his new Java moss I just ordered from you. Thank you Faith, for giving the knowledge that has brought me so much enjoyment.
God Bless! I know he has blessed us through you.

Kelly Bindewald, Samantha, and Nemo.


Monday, June 05, 2006
12:45 PM

I work at Petsmart (first in NJ, now in WA) and therefore sell many many bettas in little cups.  I diret a lot of betta parents to your site, knowing the fish will be better cared for with the info you give.  Yesterday at work, there was a man who said he wishes he had a big room full of bettas.  I told him to check out Bettatalk because he would be wowed!  He said, "I just moved here from TX and you are the second person to suggest that website!"  He's gonna check it out.  Cool.  :)


Your site is just so fabulous!  I always came to it to check on basic questions about my betta, but after placing an order, I took the time to read the rest of it.  The story about Baby was what got me motivated to read (My mother thinks I'm completely insane with my love for "all things beastie", so it's nice to know I'm not alone!)  The stories about your dogs and the list from Cole on the humor page had me IN TEARS from laughing!  Your sense of humor is fabulous.  If you wrote a daily article, it would be the first thing I'd read every day!  Thanks for the laughs and endearing stories.


Some good news,  I'd like to congratulate you! You're a grandma! I currently have 3 spawns just under 4 weeks old from lots I obtained from you--two are from Satin Flames and one from Twilights.  I'm especially excited about one of the Satin Flame lots--I don't know if you remember but I had gotten a male double tail that was from a SF outcross w/ some green marbling?  He's been dubbed Ragtime Cowboy Joe and he has great fins, by far the strongest of any of my fish--even after spawning not the tiniest tear!  All spawns were small--under 30 with no mortalities once they hit the free swimming stage--but out of RC Joe's spawn of 28 I've counted at least 9 double tails, and they are perfect double tails--nice clean split right down to the peduncle and beautifully even lobes all of them!  I'm so proud of him and his sister!
Thank you again so much,


L. Peterson


 I just came across your site and wanted to let you know that it's great.  Your dedication and passion for the hobby is evident.  It is very informative and thorough and you mix in lots of witty humor, which makes it fun too.  Although I am not a betta breeder, I am a aquarium hobbyist who is just getting to the point of setting up my first fish room, as my girlfriend is getting cranky about all the tanks spread throughout the house, hehe.  I picked up alot of useful information and got a few ideas for my fish room from your site,  Thanks again and keep up the good work!
      - Jeff / Long Island,NY