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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


01/28/01 - Love your site!!!

I have been going to your site for years now and I love it! Your breeds are gorgeous!!! I tried to breed a few years ago and came up empty handed.... Oh well, a try is a try.... As soon as I have adequate facilities I will be ordering from you!! I saw these bettas once that looked like midgets.. they had no back end, just a stomach with fins.. really weird......  Are you not into those? Oh well..... I just wanted to give you some support and tell you that I love what you are doing! And, I'm sure you get this all the time, but you are TOO hot to be breeding fish!! hehe! Keep up the good work!

 Take care!


01/27/01 - Love the Holy Grail


I was checking out your website today and I just had to drop
you a quick line and tell you how absolutely beautiful
your "Holy Grail" line is. I think that are such beautiful
opaque bettas and are absolutely wonderful to look at. 



01/30/01 - Gotta get my betta fix!!


Hey, it is me again....I don't know if you remember "me" after all of the
emails that you no doubt receive from people.  I just wanted to thank you
again for a cool site to get my "betta fix" from!  I surf the web and look
at other sites that offer info on bettas and I must say that your site is
by far the most interesting and informative site I have seen yet.....I just
wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your site is way cool and to
keep up the good work!




01/31/01 - Love love love love.. and more!!

Faith, honestly, what can one possibly say that will let you know just
HOW MUCH your advice and wisdom is appreciated.. even all the way out
here on the East Coast near Philadelphia.  I'm in college, I have a few
bettas, and I've learned mucho much from the site about how to take care
of my finned babies.  My bettas and I thank you!  (...)

I think it's a fair trade, our fan mail keeps you going, and your site
and your beautiful strains keep me going.  Pretty sweet deal. 



02/11/01 - Fan mail

Just a note of thanks for all the hard work you put into your website.  Your site has helped me a lot with information on my little betta.  My sister got him in a jar with a peace lily in July after she was injured in a tragic car accident that My sister got him in a jar with a peace lily in July after she was injured in a tragic car accident that took the life of her best friend.  I sort of inherited "Fishypoo" as she is still recovering, and have done my best to keep him alive and healthy.  After he began to swim sideways a few weeks ago, I came across your website and have diagnosed him with a swim bladder problem (guess I overfed him).  I'm not feeding him now and hope he soon recovers.  I keep him in a jar and try to keep him in a room that stays fairly warm, though his water temp is usually no higher than 72 degrees.  

Since I read that you're a Christian, I'll tell you that my sister's friend that died in the car accident was also a Christian and since her death, my sister has received Christ as her savior.  She officially joined her friend's church last Sunday. We all miss Lara every day, but praise the Lord for what he's done/is doing in my sister's life.

Thanks again for all your hard work -- it's appreciated!


02/7/01 - Your Opaque Pairs

I love those Opaques. Its a shame that you're already sold out. As soon as your most beautiful pair comes up I want to buy them. Nirvana II and Holy Grail are absolutely world champion quality fish! You are one of the best betta breeders I've ever known. Please e-mail me back! I want a pair of those Opaques badly!! Those fish still blow my mind! I'm a huge betta fan! I've always wanted the rarest bettas ever and it seems Nirvana II and Holy Grail are your knights in shining armor, your champions! I e-mailed you before and I will do anything to get a pair with those two males. No matter how much they might be worth I will buy them! I want them so bad!!!!!!!!! I know how busy you are and how aggravated you can get. Please e-mail me and let me know if I can buy those Opaques from you. I am absolutely in love with them. You have talent!!



02/11/01 - fanmail

Hello, My name is Chris Pyle I am 15 and I live in a small town in Seth West Virginia (well i guess they are all small in West Virginia LOL.) I needed to  know how long it will  take before a female betta can breed again. When I first saw aBetta was in my science class at school. So I went on the internet and looked at your web site and found all kind of
info. Then it hit me that I can do a science project on them. Thanks to your web site I got first place at the county fair.

 Thanks Again..............

Chris Pyle  



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