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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


07/11/2001 - OUCH !!! Oh- My eyes...

I've never seen such beautiful fish or a beautiful lady! (Not necessarily in that order)
GREAT job on this site. Keep going,

Bruce Hague


10/10/01 - THANK YOU!


Don't worry, no questions, only praises and to thank you for being there. I lost 2 bettas; I RESCUED  them from Walmart.  I am going to have a talk with the buyer.  No information, no directions, no anything.  I can only imagine how many of the poor things died after other buyers took them home.  I am sure people buy them only with the thought they are so beautiful, but with no idea of how to care for them.   I have had these fish before, but have never seen them die so quickly.

I am SO THANKFUL for your site.  So knowledgeable and very informative - and with a sense of humor, yet!

I would like to suggest to the Walmart store they list your website right on a sticker on the bags the fish are placed in to take home but I WOULD NOT do this without your permission, of course (then you could take the concept from there.)    So let me know.   If I knew about your site before this, maybe I could have saved the 2 poor little guys who died so suddenly on me  (they both died with the very inflamed red gills).

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SITE.   I plan on getting all of the items you listed and keep them on hand.   I MAY go back and rescue a few more of those poor things at that particular store, because I feel they all may have the same condition, although I still have one of the little guys left and he is doing fine.

I am sure you have helped so many other people as well as myself.  I want you to know how much I, for one APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR WORK.  I can only imagine the hours you spent putting your site together.


I hope to tune into your talk show at a later date.

With my sincere thanks and great respect for your very, very helpful site!


08/25/01- Thank you!

Thank you for a terrific betta website! My co-worker had received a betta fish in a vase with a plant in it and they had told her to use only distilled water. The fish is still alive and doing pretty good, although I am giving her a hard time to change the water every week. Sometimes she doesn't do it for two weeks, so I do it. Poor fish!

 Now I bought 2 bettas in at Petco's in Westminster. One looks really good, but the other one looked very bad and half dead in a dirty little cup with a lot of stuff floating around... that's why I bought him. The store said they feed them only once or twice a week. After reading your article how to care for a betta, I find this very sad. 

Unfortunately I read your article about easing the betta into his new environment after I put them in their new bowls. I also used distilled water, since I didn't know any better. They seem to like it better than the little cups and got used to it pretty quick. I will, however, use Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water from now on and check the PH level in the bowl.

 Thanks again for all the great information :)) I will recommend your website to all my co-workers and our students who have bettas. 



09/1/01 - Bettas rock!


Your site is great.  I am a first time Betta buyer and your site is awesome.  It contains everything I need to make my fish the happiest and healthiest betta in the world.  Your pictures are great and have given me many ideas on what I want my tank to look like and what I want to breed my Bettas to look like!




09/8/01 - Brains on OVERLOAD!!!

Man o Man I can not believe the information I have learned in the past two days since I have found your web site.  I have an interest in breeding my long time spoiled rotten betta Swipper, but didn't realize he may be to big or old.  I have set his vase, yes plant and vase. (cleaned weekly, feed very well, and he runs the show basically) next to a couple of girls I picked up a couple of weeks ago.(...) Thank you so much for all the information I have, and will continue to learn from you.                



09/9/01 - You are so incredible

Hello, my name is Emily (aka Elle). I am 14 years old and I have decided to breed bettas. My dad did this when he was younger and with him inspiring me I was hooked. I have to tell you that you have the most informative site. I have looked at over 50 websites and they all have a little bit here and a little bit there, but your site has everything!!!!!!!!! I have tons of questions to ask you, but I wont. :) I just spent the last 5 hours preparing for my new bettas I will be receiving this week. I wish I would had found your site sooner though. I just recently did. AFTER I had set-up my tank, and the most ironic thing is I set it up exactly like you said...(...) I am SO excited if you can't already tell. Well I have definitely talked enough. Thank you again Faith.


       Elle, from Tennessee




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