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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


11/7/01 - Fan from Europe....

Hi there,

this is a fan mail from Europe, so I want to see it on the page ;-)
No, not necessary! I just wanted to, I think all the other mails started this way, too...
Well, however your page is great! I have never found an equal one- and I know about 50 Betta- related internet addresses BY HEART! Here in Germany there are not so much breeders and as a result only a few websites :-(
You have some really great fish- I'M SOOOOOO JEALOUS!! And most of your tips are worth to pay for (don't consider this too much please ;-)

[Even if I raised my fries with powder and flake food-hehehe]

Now I come to my most important point: I was very surprised when I first saw your photo and the link to your band's
page! I thought most people breeding bettas where old, boring, bald headed High School teachers....good to know that I was wrong! 'Normal' (well, I often take this as an insult...take it as a compliment meaning that I like your style, okay?) people also breed Bettas- jiipiee! (in the meantime I found some 'not High School teacher-like' German breeders too..)

Greetings from Hof, Franconia, Germany
                                                           Mart (biggest fan ;-)  )


11/9/01 - I hope this is not bothering you..

I'm sorry if this is bothering you, I just wanted to tell you i love ur site and it has been a lifesaver, for my bettas of course!!...

Just recently my betta (I think) had "Swim Bladder Disorder:.. within hours he was a lot better, (...)  and i appreciate ur disease\treatment site, that has really helped, everything's great, keep it up..

~Fan #42042




12/4/01 - What a wonderful site!

Just a little note to add to the others about how great your site is.  Your bettas are beautiful!  And your site is really informative.  I found just the information I was looking for.  My betta, "Gorgeous George" thanks you!


12/11/01 - Definitely not the typical betta breeder

Hi Faith,

Yes, seen your photo and have to agree that you're definitely not the typical betta breeder. Just like your Apache line, which I like best! Also your bettas are really marvelous and I like the detail info you gave for each line that you breed. Hope that one day you can ship your bettas to Singapore as well.


Chris Yew



01/19/02 - Fish & Hives

Hi Faith

 My first betta died this morning, and I was pretty bummed.  Found your site on a net search, and it was extraordinarily helpful.  But, you seem to be an extraordinary lady!

 My fish was a vase-deal, brought home as a surprise by my husband.  Which shows, after almost 37 years together, that he knows NOTHING, because I don't like fish!  At least, I didn't until "Franz" came into my life.  This fish had personality, and I really got to be fond of him.  I quickly caught on that he needed FOOD, and he seemed to live quite well for months until this past week, when he started losing color and hanging on the bottom.  Oddly my daughter's first betta died two days ago, and she had him for three years.  We both got tons of info from your site and will soon be replacing our fish and hopefully giving better care--the info from Petsmart was woefully inadequate, as was the info from every other pet store in this burg.

 Now, to the hives!  This doesn't surprise me.  Honey, you have what I call "conscientious person syndrome."  At the age of 35, I started having allergies: food, drug, lilacs, and more.  Hives, eczema, face breaking out, skin breaking down, stomach trouble, thyroid trouble, etc.--I was in a downhill spiral.  I was juggling two kids with tons of activities, a non-helpful husband, a house, horses, volunteer work, a demanding full time job with an overbearing boss plus a part time job.  I was literally beating myself to death, wanting to please everyone, trying to do a super job at everything, always feeling guilty that I wasn't doing enough!  And, I didn't know how to get out of the loop.  Finally, circumstances forced me to make some changes, and that probably saved my life!  I still have a tendency to worry about everything and to try to take care of everybody--just have to fight it, that's all.

 When a person is as talented as you are, it is hard to resist using all those talents and pushing the "pedal to the metal."  But, resist you must.  You just had the first warning.

 Remember:  Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

 Thank you again for the wonderful, wonderful web site.  And stay well.