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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


02/22/02 - Congrats!

Hi there, Larry B from Fairhaven, Mass here. Three weeks ago, my wife had rotator cuff surgery to repair some nasty weight-lifting workout damage (not my cup o'tea I assure motto is "NO PAIN = GOOD!") and a friend came by and dropped off one of those Betta-In-A-PlantBowl things. I was horrified! Not knowing a THING about any kind of fish at all, common sense told me  that this configuration was NOT a humane thing at all!  Not a pet-person at all, my wife was content to let the poor thing just fester there in that cesspool, I, however was NOT. I bought a Betta book, a bowl, some gravel and food and set the little guy up in some clean spring water. He was so happy it was unbelievable and I was very touched by the obvious and often outrageous personality of this fish. (Goldfish are morons by comparison!) Finding your web site was a real blessing and my red male Betta has benefited greatly from my increasing knowledge. Although I don't plan on going all out as you have, I intend to be a proper and humane owner to this former orphan. The way I see it, neither of us asked for this but, as a compassionate human being I have no choice but to properly care for the little creature which Fate has delivered into my custodianship. He is a real character and I have already had some great laughs and touching moments with him. My wife is NOT amused by any of this and is even getting jealous of the Betta, but that's her tough shit, I have to do what's right, right? Anyway, the REAL purpose of this letter was to say CONGRATULATIONS ON THE UPCOMING "ANIMAL PLANET" APPEARANCE!!!!!!!  We will be watching for sure! That is SO great and you truly deserve any acclaim. Keep up the good work, best of luck with your band ( I am former lead singer from circa 1974 to 1977 so I know how difficult and rewarding it can be!) and above all please keep on inspiring us poor peasants with your Betta wisdom and web site!

I am not worthy! ;)

peace out, Larry Bizarro


02/11/02 - Fanmail


A few weeks ago my betta began acting sluggish. At first I thought that he might have been depressed, since I had just moved him from our computer room into
my room because it was starting to get to cold. I thought maybe he missed my younger brother and sisters pressing their faces up against his jar and 'playing'
with him. But then he started hanging out at the bottom of his jar only coming up for air, and soon after that he stopped eating. I was very worried and I remembered coming to your site right after I had purchased him about 6 months ago and seeing a section on 'betta diseases'. I soon found out (with the aid of a flashlight) that he had velvet. Thanks to your site I was able to diagnose and treat him successfully and he is now once again a healthy, happy, and hyper fish. 

So thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on your wonderful site, and we hope you continue to do so for years to come.

Thanks again,

Ashley & 2D


03/6/02 - my bettas best buddy

I love your whole site and your exotic fishies.  Just wanted to drop a line about keeping your lonely fish happy when you're too busy to sit with them all day.  My betta, Mr. Fish.. yes I know, I'm so creative.  Luvz.. luv luv luvz our lava lamp.  In fact when I come into his room, well the computer room, he swims around and around untill I turn it on and once it gets going he just watches it for minutes at a time!  (probably hours in betta world)  So anyone with single lonely fish, here's my advice, buy your betta a lava lamp.  Not only is it retro kitch, but it's like a big screen betta entertainment centre. 


new-bee betta owner (and not a potted betta either, I liberated Mr. Fish from his cell in a petstore)



12/24/02 - Yippee!

I always refer to your site when trying to figure out my Betta friend Sam. Sam clearly has his own personality, and is sometimes moody and territorial. Most of the time, though, he is curious toward me, watching me as I work. Sam is about 3.5 months old now and has survived ICK, due to the description on your website and instructions on how to handle it. He is happy as can be, eating like a pig and blowing bubble nests in his 1 gallon "aquarium". I am a faithful user of Aquarisol, and I think it helps keep Sam healthy and free of ICK, fungus, and whatever else might be lurking.

Sam and I both thank you for your insights.



02/15/02 - Mr. 181 and Thanks!

Well, if only Mr. 181 could be cloned.  Shall we submit his name for the first human male to be cloned overseas at least?  lol!

I do have a close second for whom I have been trying to match make for the longest time.  My b.i.l. David is 34 years old and is "Mr. 165"!  He is not as financially secure as Mr. 181, but he is a darned good master machinest and tool and dye man, completely by choice as he would have aced an engineering degree and had the choice to do so.  He would kill me if he knew I had mentioned him here as he is fiercely independent and commitment shy.  What is it about these high I.Q. males?  Ooops.  Don't answer that come to think of it.  Do they know more than the rest of us know about marriage?  lol!

Thank you Faith for your delightful website.  I think you have saved my pet store garden variety male betta from quick death more than a few times.  Alberto has made it two years now at least!  He is wonderful and I will miss him terribly when it is his time to go.




02/14/02 - Fan Mail ;)

I was not going to send an e-mail. I almost think it cheesy, but I love your site so much! There is so much detailed information and it is so specific! I can not get enough. I initially logged on to see why my fish does not swim anymore. (He is getting old. He is a little over two. I think that this is what is wrong with him because his behavior does not match any of the diseases) Now I feel like I can not get enough. They are even in my dreams! Maybe I have been bitten by the "Beta Bug!" I am not really interested in breeding for profit, but I may try to breed some soon for fun. (I have not decided because I am not sure what to do with them once I do breed them and since I love my little fish so much I do not think that I would like to give them away!) I started with your site and now have been too all the site I can access and yours is superior. I have even been to the site of the other breeders that you mention on your site and thought they seem to have some nice strains, I love yours the best so far!  I have found that I do like the crowntail/combtail's. I have not seen a whole bunch on your site. I guess this is not one of your focuses right now. I know that I am babbling but there is no one else who cares about talking about betta's. I know that you sell them for a profit and there is no way that I will be able to afford one any time soon, but I still am so excited about reading about them and learning about them. From the research I have done so far there is no way that I will buy the ones from a pet store to breed (or attempt to breed, seeing that it may not be as easy as I would hope it would be) And if I ever do try I will start w/ yours. They are so pretty! I can not even tell you which one is my favorite. I love them all. ( Even though I have learned so much and see what a challenge breeding is. I still like my little "mutt". It is his personality! Even though he is old and big and tired he still gets excited when he sees me! Thank you for your site! It brings me real pleasure, entertainment, and enjoyment!



04/15/02 - Thanks!

I tried sending you a fan mail, but it wouldn't work, so I'll try it here. Sorry if I've violated any protacols!

I am not a breeder, shower, or collector. I have one little betta in a 1 gallon jar that was given to me for my birthday. I enjoy the little guy and was very upset to see him get all sick and upset in the last couple weeks. Not knowing where to turn (Walmart was no help at all!!!) I searched the web and found your site. It was a wealth of information, and I'm trying to doctor my little Phishy the best I can. I don't know the results yet, but it was very helpful to find your information and know what to try. So thanks very much, and I'll let you know how he does. Muchos Gracias from NM!

Alice Wylie
Clovis, NM



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