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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


09/23/2002 - Thank You. 

Faith.........Just wanted to belatedly thank you for the inspirational picture of Jesus and the prayer that you had on your website when you were facing your surgery.  The day I saw it I was going to my first of six chemotherapy treatments for an early cancer that I had been diagnosed with (I am expected to make a full recovery).  I was very concerned and I must say frightened as I did not know what to expect.  I had already had my surgery so that was behind me.  I printed the picture and prayer and took them to the doctor's office with me when I went for my treatment.  It was a comfort and an inspiration.  Thank you again.  There are probably countless others that you touched that you will never know about.
Peace and Love,
P.S. I love your website.  I do not breed bettas but I have a beautiful cobalt blue betta named Sapphire that I rescued from Petco.  I have learned a lot about him from your site.


09/8/2002 - I saw you on Animal Planet!!!!


I saw the tail end of you on Animal Planet, GOOD JOB!......
(Don't worry, you looked fine)  I saw you and I screamed out loud "I KNOW HER!" LOL  I had my whole family tune in and watch! Very nicely done, I still think they should have put your band on there! LOL



09/18/2002 - suggestion

Great bit on Animal Planet! You're a Gem in our wonderful world of Bettas.

Fellow Betta fancier and breeder,



09/14/2002 - Poetry Submission
Dear Faith,
Congratulations on your Animal Planet spot! I saw it recently. As unconventional as it may be, I would like for you to consider my poem, "Betta splendens," for your magazine.  I believe Betta lovers, both experienced and novice, will "feel" this piece of poetry, which focuses on the connection and awe we feel for these beautiful creatures.
Thank you so much for your time.
Janna Kate McDonald
Betta splendens
Beautiful warrior
that in an aquarium
upon my desk resides,
we drove together
when I brought you here
It seemed a long journey
You were brave,
I was gentle,
You could sleep in my palm,
you tiny Oberon!
We are awake in this dark
room together, peaceful,
and that is why I love you
We drove together
two beings connected,
not alone
With sighs and swims
and voices and stares
we drove home together


08/27/2002 - HELP! 

Thank you for e-mailing back.  (...)

I go to your site for whatever I need.  I cured my friend's Betta with your website advice.  She was getting ready to give up on him.  I took over care for two weeks and he is in great shape!

Thanks a million for your advice and patience.  I can't wait to see Satin Flames.  Just missed the last one.  If you ever need a reference - tell 'em to ask me!  You're a great breeder.



09/13/2002- frozen meat 

Hi Faith!
Note: Awesome job with the "Most extreme" episode!  I wish, like you said, they could have a whole program on Bettas. 

I bought a pair of blue moons from you about six weeks ago.  After five months hard work, trial and error, I have finally succeeded in spawning today!! I am so excited.  The female you sent me was more awesome than I could have imagined!  I got home from work and she was in her hurricane
lamp, totally bloated with eggs!  I let her out, she swam right to the nest, did the head down thing, fins clamped, and he didn't know what to do!  She nudged him a couple times, and he nipped her fins once or twice, but in about five minutes they had their first wrap!  I could not believe it!  She was great!!! No fin damage or anything! 

(...)  Thanks! Your the best of the best!!!!

Laura Leseman





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