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cause a little praise goes along way! hehehehe  


03/20/03 - You're Cool


My name is Michael, and yes, this is HATE MAIL, , Just kidding!!!

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to say, "YOUR AWESOME," I have spent hours reviewing your page,  you truly have the best betta site on the net.  I will be buying some bettas from you soon, I am waiting for the Christmas "fever" to come down, And possibly for the weather to warm up just a tid bit.

PS..I couldn't agree with you more on the damn betta vases LOL
(no need to reply to this e-mail, I know your busy, un-less of course you wan't to, Of course if ya wanna e-mail me back, I don't think i'd get to up set with ya LOL...



04/01/03 - hi


My name is Susan.I'm only 10 years old. Your betta website is #1.
I have one betta that has a blue and red mixture.It was from the pet shop but it was starig at me for no reason at all.When ever I feed it,that betta always trys to nibble on my finger.It eats freezed dried blood worms.Thank you for saving my betta's life.Without your website it would of had a short life.

Yours truly,



04/05/03 - Thanks

Hi Faith -- short note - I love your Betta site!!!

My Betta was a very sick boy and due to your site and reading everything about "Healing your sick Betta"  he is now well. I only have one Betta and he picked me out at Petsmart in Atlanta Ga.

Good luck with your band and in everything you do.



04/25/03 - Thank You!

Dear Faith, 

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done on this awesome website! I can tell that you have worked very hard! I especially love your supply page! There are so many great deals on that page. Because of you I had my first spawning 1 week ago! It was so amazing! I thank you for everything! I'm sorry if this wastes your time, but I figured it would give you a boost of hope and FAITH! And remember, when you are going through rough times someone is always there for you, Jesus Christ, our Lord! I am 15 year-old young man that has a very strong faith and I am willing to share with the world! 

Thanks Faith!


  Chandler S. Peed


05/01/03 - Just saying thank you

About a month ago I had ordered the vinegar eels and the micro worms.  Once my cultures were up and going I spawned a chocolate male with a Cambodian female. ( choices of bettas here in Canada a very limited.)  Got a small spawn to work with and it has been about 2 weeks since the little ones have hatched and they are doing great.  I have never had such health  and energetic fry.  For years I have always started the fry off with liquid fry but lost alot.  Now that I have a stock of the eels and worms I feel confident that I will have better survival rate of my fry and for that I would like to say thank you.

 In fact, this spring I am going to be converting some of my garage into my betta room.  I look forward to ordering fish from you in the spring.  I especially am interested in the black bettas.

 Again thank you.

 Betta enthusiast,

Terry Rodger 



05/10/03 - Linking to your site


Wonderful site!  Your betta health page helped save one of our beauties!  My kids and I want to start breeding, so anticipate orders...  Quite simply yours is the coolest site I have yet to encounter on the web.

 Meanwhile, I would appreciate your permission to link to your site. (....)

 I anxiously await your response.

 Thanks, Loren

 ! Good luck with the latest album!


05/30/03 - Awesome!

Hey this is Darale Haney again!  I just finished listening to your betta show.  I do not know how you do it! An awsome betta page, breeding bettas, and a talk show! I really admire your ability to do all this. The show was awesome and really helpful.  I have found the best info on your site and it is definitely the most helpful!  O just wanted to say thanks.  I am trying to save money in order to buy a few of your females and one male.  I will also buy 4 of those heaters in weeks to come!!  I am so excited that I found someone to help me with my bettas!  I am going to tell my friend about your show.  He will appreciate it.  I do not want to ramble on so I will let you go.  I can not wait for my shipment!!!!!!!:)  

thank you,

Darale Haney



06/03/03 - Heat packs!



I must commend you on your outrageous work done on your site.  You have done an excellent job with that along with juggling other things on your hand.  You're a PRO!  Keep up the good work and I hope to be finding more NEW information on your site!

I'm a beginner at raising and breeding bettas.  This is my actual first time and gosh, nature just won't take its course!  I'll be patient and see what happens, but so far, so BAD.  There's NOTHING!

Take care!






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