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color type: yellow
ST & DT halfmoon type
note: has produced true HM
this strain is: sturdy
skill level: all levels
strain by:  Faith & IBC breeder

price range*: $50 - $80 / pair

*prices vary depending on color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

G O R G E O U S    Y E L L O W S

Although the yellow color is not rare, good yellows with great finnage are not always easy to locate. Thanks to the efforts of several breeders, including myself, great genes have now been locked in and we have a line of beautiful yellows to offer you. The latest development has been the creation of true Halfmoon yellows. Finnage of this strain is big, flowing and very nice! Double tails specimens have wonderful split and even lobes. These bettas are elegant and have a refined look. This strain is a finnage oriented strain, but we are also working on improving the color as well. I expect this line to do very well on the show circuit this coming year. I will keep you posted of it's progress.