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color type: chocolate derivative
Super delta & BF
note: from top line
this strain is: rare
skill level: all levels
strain by:  Top IBC breeder

price range*: $70 - $100 / pair

prices vary depending on color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

G R E E N  /  G O L D    B U T T E R F L I E S

These are not your usual everyday bettas. A fairly new color  development, green/gold BF are an offshoot from chocolates and at first glance may look like one. However the body here is green and fins usually display a noticeable black BF pattern. Oftentimes only the tail shows the pattern. Sometimes all three fins. This line often produces heavy finnage, and nice crisp tail angle. One of these gorgeous bettas was featured on the ANIMAL PLANET show. If you are into the rare color variation, this strain is for you. This color combo has been known to sell for very high prices on the internet, but you will not have to declare bankruptcy to get some :). Reasonably priced starting at $70 to $100 a pair, they are now in your reach, so enjoy!