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color type: white opaque
Double Tails!
rare: yes
this strain is: fairly delicate
skill level: intermediate/expert
strain created by:  Faith

price range*: $80 - $120 / pair

*prices vary depending on color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

H O L Y      G R A I L

When I started working with opaques, Double Tail opaques were extinct and nowhere to be found. Recreating a DT version of an opaque strain has been a very challenging task! It has taken already years of hard work and I am not done yet! However, many gorgeous opaques have been produced in the process. This year enough DTs were produced to insure spawns, hence increasing our chances to produce more. The HOLY GRAIL line is my best betta breeding achievement, and the one I am most proud of. And opaque whites remain my favorite of all betta colors. Holy Grails are usually great breeders,  and have been known to spawn without a bubble nest. They have always been great parents, and usually are gentle breeders. These gorgeous bettas are somewhat delicate and unforgiving of mistakes. Not recommended for beginners. All opaques will get red washes as they age, some more than others. Opaques also may get steel blue washes in their fins. This color is recessive.