animal planet segment now available here

Well, ANIMAL PLANET is airing our betta segment again :). However, the reruns have been airing on late at night, so stock up on coffee LOL! If you (like me) turn into a pumpkin at midnight, then your only other alternative is to view the segment right here. This is a very low res super small screen version covering only the few minutes allocated to bettas out of the full hour The Most Extreme "Fighters" episode. Still it's better than nothing at all hehe. Click here to see segment.

bettatalk customer places at IBC show

A young customer who purchased an orange plakat pair from me a few months back, just placed second in the novice class at the Houston IBC show. The novice class is reserved for all new IBC members that have not shown before. A great way to get your feet wet, and for our customer Kelly, a great way to start with a bang! We wish her the very best of luck! crowned King of betta sites by the Daily News!

DAILY NEWS - ANCHORAGE - 02/02/2004: "One woman's love affair with bettas has led to what is undoubtedly the definite betta website, There is so much information being dispensed it's hard to know where to start, from breeding to how to carry a betta on an airplane. (...) If you are considering getting interested in bettas, this site serves as a warning of the potential depths of betta addiction. If you're unsure you can handle the temptation, just go with bettatalk's Virtual betta offer. It's a whole lot safer"

Darn straight! :)) bettas are filmed by the discovery channel!

I AM BEAT. Had a real long day yesterday with a good size TV crew (straight from England), who came to film bettas for a future segment scheduled to air internationally on many channels, including the BBC and the Discovery Channel. As always it was a LOT of fun (but also a heck of a lot of work for me). Yes, yes, I took photos :), and YES I will share them soon. But for now I need to go back to bed cause I am beat. The bettas were awesome, all wanted to participate and be on film, and they really did their best to give the crew a run for their money LOL.  Flaring, courting females, gulping air, and all that sort of magic stuff bettas do. The producer agreed: They are naturals LOL. Most of my current strains will be featured in one cool swift pan which was designed to show a line up of about 20 jars each containing a different variation. A treat for the eyes! 

IM000632.JPG (388197 bytes)

click on photo for larger view

Although this was not initially planned, I ended up on film, too. So there is a good chance I will actually be seen when and if the segment airs in the US. At any rate, I drilled the producer to find out why networks do not show more interest in our wonderful, wonderful bettas. He said that big, mean, species get most attention (sharks, man eating animals etc LOL). So I decided that we should start to cross breed bettas to piranhas to create a new man eating betta strain LOL. Of course at least one human will need to be consumed before the media will show any interest... Any volunteers? ;)


my blue male featured on San Francisco Bay Brand new packaging!

Well I'd say it's about time a betta food packaging displays a betta after our own hearts! I don't know about you but I got real tired of seeing pet store quality veil tails on all the betta products :(. Didn't these product people know that veiltails are a thing of the past and that we betta breeders have worked HARD for YEARS to produce much more glorious specimens?? 

Well once again San Francisco Bay Brand took the lead and when they approached me asking for a betta photo for their new package, I was delighted to oblige!! The team was very open to my advice as to what I feel constitutes a betta up to our current standards. Form, color, finnage and attitude were my  criteria for finding the right candidate. They requested a blue colored fish and Mr. Blue Moon was just the perfect fish for the job. A fully mature royal blue perfect halfmoon betta, with ZERO impurities (to this day!!)  ! Mr. Blue Moon carries BF but is a solid betta, which is what was requested from me. Mr. Blue Moon was also very eager to please and posed for my camera for hours, displaying and being as glorious as a halfmoon male can be. No less than 50 shots later, we narrowed it down to 8 and the San Francisco Bay Brand team and I both picked this one:

SFBB_FOOD_PACKAGING_web.jpg (42215 bytes)
Click on above photo to see a larger version. 

So look for this new fine product at your local fish store! And when you hold it in your hand, be proud to be a betta hobbyist! I know I am. I am real proud of Mr. Blue Moon and proud to see him on all store shelves nationwide real soon! Mr. Blue Moon will also be featured in the San Francisco Bay Brand print adds campaign in most of the aquarium magazines! 

Mr. Blue Moon not only is a gorgeous fish, but he is also a great breeder. Gentle husband and devoted father of 100 :), he gave me many offsprings which will be ready for sale soon. Threw beautiful royal blue, greens, butterflies and (much to my delight) some smashing blue and green splash!! Life is gooooooood.

introducing the Golden Crusaders

BETTATALK proudly introduces the Golden Crusader strain. Like knights in shining armors these unusual bettas have a deeeeeep gold/brass metallic shine to them. This brass colored iridescence is primarily striking when you shine the flashlight on them. When not exposed to direct light, our Golden Crusaders seem to be wearing more of a silver armor but the gold sheen still can be noticed. Unusual, rare, only few pairs to spare, so be fast or be empty handed. THIS IS THE LATEST BETTA COLOR DEVELOPED!!!

get your Golden crusader pair now!