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color type: yellow/white BF
note: hard to find
this strain is: rare
skill level: all
strain by:  IBC breeders

price range*: $70 - $100 / pair

prices vary depending on pattern, color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

L E M O N     M E R I N G U E

Pretty and hard to find, the lemon meringue are back. These rare yellow bettas carry and sometimes display a beautiful yellow/white butterfly pattern. I always liked the idea of a yellow BF betta, but producing them was another story. Now, thanks to the efforts of a network of affiliated betta breeders, we are able to produce some.

Currently primarily in ST version, lemon meringue may get a bit more pricey than their cousin red/white BF. Females are usually solid yellow, with only the males displaying the BF pattern. Other males may not display it but all carry it.

I really wish more breeders would work this color! Meanwhile, whenever available, you will find them here.