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a complete info page on how to place a link on your site and the restrictions that may apply 

Who can place a link to BETTATALK on their website

If you have a website on the internet, may it be a betta site, a fish site, hobby site or a personal site, we would be honored to have a link to BETTATALK appear on it. A few restrictions do apply so please read this carefully: If your site contains any illegal material or pornographic contents you may not link to us. If you conduct any illegal activity on your site you may not link to us.
If your site is of slandering nature, if you badmouth any breeder or betta hobbyist then you may not link to us.  

You may place a link even if you do sell bettas on your site. However you may not use our link in regards to ANY sale activity you conduct. Including, but not limited to: Linking to our catalog to illustrate your own lines, linking to our stock page for price comparison, linking to any of our photos to promote your own stock or stock lineage. Any of the above is strictly prohibited.


Why place a link to BETTATALK on your website

Because is the largest, most comprehensive betta website worldwide! Many people with small sites do not have the time / patience to elaborate on many of the topics covered here, especially betta breeding, betta care and diseases. It is easier to just direct your visitors to us for this information. Others want to expose people to the joy of the betta hobby, and place links on their personal sites. Many very large informative websites about aquariums and the fish keeping hobby do direct their visitors to us to answer betta related questions. Last but certainly not least :) all of the BETTATALK fans rant and rave about this site to anyone who will listen :). They too, have placed links on their sites.


A link to BETTATALK may save a betta's life

Sadly enough, too many people take a betta home while not having a clue as to how to care for it. Many bettas perish needlessly each day. You can save a betta's life by placing a link to BETTATALK.  You can rest assured that no matter the question they may have, no matter the problem they are confronting, no matter the disease they are battling against, your friends will find the answers and help they need on BETTATALK. Together, we can save Mr. Betta's life!! :))))))))))

How to place your link

Two options:

  • simple link: copy and paste on your page the following URL address :
  • cool link: Add some snappy visuals to your webpage by pasting one of several cool animated banners. Please note that other than resizing, you may not alter in anyway the banners. Permission of having a banner or link placed on your website may be revoked at any time, should your website not comply with our link policies.

New animated banners and BETTATALK logos will be added so check back regularly. Flash based animated logos will be available in June for those who know how to upload them or add them to their websites.

Thank you for linking to us and may the betta madness be with you!