OK, so I finally mustered enough guts to undertake the launching of the    B E T T A T A L K    E- Magazine. The    B E T T A T A L K    E- Magazine aims to provide betta hobbyists with articles related to bettas (well, duh!) and hopefully provide hours of fun reading that will inform you, teach you, tickle you, delight you, surprise you, bore you, stimulate you, puzzle you, help you, brainstorm you and hopefully, make you laugh. Cause this is a hobby and after all, hobbies should be fun :)).  Needless to say I will be stuck with the ever so stressful duty of creating betta articles (aghhhhh) but I hope to be able to also feature many other betta hobbyist's articles, letters, emails etc... You too, could write a betta article! There are some guidelines and restrictions though so please click on "submit your own article" (top left corner) and read that page first.

This is a free e-magazine, just because I care and love you all.

On the LEFT you will find a list of all articles presently published in the magazine. 

Click on the "READ" icon of the article that tickles your fancy, and hop to that article in like, seconds, 'boom', here you are, reading about the topic you need to inform yourself on. It will appear right here and replace this intro page. Or, you can also just read them as they are published, and let us surprise you.

Because I know better (LOL) I will not make any commitment as to how often I will publish new articles, but when I do, they will be announced on the home page, fear not. New articles will always have their links at the top and will be dated, so there you go, one less headache for you (and one more for me) :))).

Special thanks to Bruce for proofreading this website and our magazine for us.