why I swear by microworms



As I said before, fry will not survive unless fed live food.
Forget the flakes, powders etc… What you need is
microworms and baby brine shrimp. In this section,
I cover microworms and explain why they are my
fry food of choice.


Artwork by Ashley Sewell




            They don’t swim away

Baby brine shrimp swim faster than most young fry, making it hard for the fry to catch up with them and gobble them up. Microworms, however, do not swim. They fall at the bottom and stay there, stationary, so they are easy prey, and even the slowest fry can eat peacefully.

            They are the perfect size

Baby brine shrimp are often too large for the mouth cavity of 3 day old fry. Microworms are the perfect size. I have successfully fed 2 day old betta fry microworms. 

             They are easy to spot

Microworms jiggle all day long, for as long as they live, which makes them easy to spot. The fry are attracted by the movement, close in and then: *gulp*.

             They stay alive longer

Microworms can stay alive for up to three days inside the tank, while brine shrimp rarely make it past the first 30 hours.

            They do not cause swimbladder disorder

There has been a correlation between the feeding of brine shrimp and swimbladder disorder. The disorder causes the fry to sink and become unable to balance themselves properly while swimming. Entire spawns have been ruined and lost that way. Microworms however, can be fed freely without fearing a swimbladder disorder outbreak. Feeding microworm to my fry I have achieved a 0% swimbladder disease for two consecutive years!!! (I kid you not)

            They are inexpensive

Brine shrimp eggs can be quite expensive. Only part if the eggs will usually hatch so there is always a waste. Microworms are cheap to purchase, cheap to set-up and maintain.

            They last forever

With a minimum of maintenance, you can keep your culture going forever. No need to keep buying more cultures, one will suffice :))

            They are prolific

They do not require heat or light to prosper. Brine shrimp can only be harvested once hatched, which can take up to 3 days sometimes. When a microworm culture is going, you can harvest every day, often twice a day.