My Hiboy's specs...

          First place winner at the Primer Nationals 2006, this nostalgic Hiboy sports many desirable authentic and vintage parts, which greatly adds to its appeal. You will not see a lot of chrome on this hotrod and you will certainly not find any billet parts. Understated and unpretentious,  nothing here distracts from the simple beauty of the Deuce's lines.  A "classy rat rod" of sorts, I love my Hiboy just the way it is. The flat black finish contrasts beautifully with the glossy blood red grill insert and wheels. This old school roadster stands as a tribute to the golden days of hotrodding, back when hiboys like this one ruled the dry lakes and drag strips. And I intend to keep it that way.























Original 1932 chassis, original front axle with 4 inch drop, original grill shell and insert, original 32 radiator, original 32 gas tank.

Circa 1948 front wheels, 1940 Ford front backing plates, 1941 spindles, original 1941 unrestored hubcaps and 1948 beauty rings. Circa 1930s Guide 682-C headlights. Vintage 50's Buick finned drums. Circa 1953 Chevy steering wheel with custom built steering column. Stewart Warner white face retro gauges. Vintage RPM gauge. Stock seat. Rumble seat trunk set-up. Very early Dan Fink windshield.


Chevy 350 engine with Tri power Rochester carburetors and progressive linkage on Offenhauser manifold. Nostalgic vintage Edelbrock finned valve covers. Mallery electronic distributor with vacuum advance.  350 transmission with retro style Lokar shifter. External radiator style transmission cooler. 10 bolt Chevy S-10 rear end. Unisteer steering system. Smithy mufflers. 4 link rear suspension with coil over.


u Left: Photo by Alan Greene , who's Automotive fine art
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Mid 1970's unmarked fiberglass body. Manufacturer unkown, possibly an early Gibbons body with custom steel reinforcing. Body is very solid despite its age and an exact replica of original Henry Ford body, down to the firewall details.