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color type: black/orange/black BF
ST and DT
note: also in marble version (rarest)
this strain is: newest color
skill level: intermediate/advanced
strain by:  Champion IBC breeder

price range*: $90 - $150 / pair

prices vary depending on pattern, color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

O R A N G E     B L A C K

This is a brand new color combo!! Created by Champion IBC breeder who also created the Orange color, these beautiful bettas are a result of a search to create orange/black marbles.

Orange/Blacks are usually dark bodied (black), with orange at the base of the fins, which then turns into black (BF pattern). Surprisingly, it appears most (if not all) males display that pattern :)). Females may be lighter colored, with a more orangey look, or may be black, or even orange-red-maroonish. Hard to describe LOL. 

More sturdy than their ancestors, the solid oranges, orange/blacks remain on the 'fragile, handle with care' end of things. Not suitable for a beginner, I recommend you are intermediate/advanced before tackling them.

Very rare, this strain is one of the more expensive sold here.