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STEP 1 - please provide the necessary customer & shipping information :)


I need the info below to fill your shipping label. So FOCUS! PAY ATTENTION!! Make sure to fill ALL fields, so your name and your address and phone are EXACTLY as you want them to appear on the shipping label. You mess this up, and your bettas might end up in the Bermuda Triangle (get my drift?). Double check your phone number! One bad digit could = lots of headaches for the both of us! All fields marked with an * are required to be filled. OK, are you focused? Are you paying attention? Proceed :). 

full name*:


**Note: Help me give you faster service by consistently using the same above email account to email me about this order. All orders are filed by screen names, so switching can cause confusion and delays.

retype your email please**:      

**Note: Please don't copy paste. I need you to retype manually your email so to make sure I have a correct address to email you back at!

Which phone number do you want listed on your shipping label? The USPO will call that number to let you know the bettas have arrived, so pick the one that is most convenient for you (may it be home or work or cell):

enter that phone number here*:

In case of emergency I might need to contact you about your order, so please do provide: 
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     STEP 2 - now let's talk about your order :)


No lots numbers = no bettas!!

Make sure to list each lot number, description and price otherwise your order will be rejected. Take the time to do this right, or you will lose the lots :((. 

1. tell us which bettas you would like to purchase:

select:     reference #          describe each lot in detail      $price

 Shipping fees:  
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Note: If you have ordered less than 3 times from me, you will be required to leave a $25 security deposit for my shipping box. It will be fully refunded once I get the box back (in good condition). Box must be wrapped before shipping it back (don't worry, I'll send you instructions). 


substitutions :

Should one or more of the lots you selected be already sold, please let me know if I can substitute them for another lot/strain or not:

if it is OK to substitute, let me know what other lots interest you:



2. can you adopt some additional, free bettas?


If this is your first time ordering BETTAS from me, you are eligible to receive a "surprise" betta. Betta sex, size or color may vary according to availability and cannot be predicted. If you do not have the room for a surprise betta, please let us know. I want to make sure your surprise betta will be housed properly so if you do not have room for an extra bowl / tank, better let me know now! :)

YES, I have room so please send me my surprise betta  
(I will send you the surprise betta).

NO, room is tight right now so better not send me a surprise betta  
(I will NOT send you the surprise betta then).


Culls ,  adoptions and extra bettas

Please note that culls or extras are sent only if available. I cannot guaranty or promise to have culls or extra bettas to send to you, but if I do, and you have checked the proper boxes, then you will get some. Do not be alarmed if you open your box and find no bags marked: "adoption" or "extra".

I have room for free extra bettas  
On occasion I might be able to spare some extra stock.

I am willing to give a cull a good home 
Culls are either healthy but flawed fish (unsuitable for breeding or for resale), or flawless but damaged fish (Halfmoon with torn tails, maybe very slight tail rot, etc...). The later can be used for breeding and carry all the same great genes. However they will require a little investment of time, TLC and meds to heal up.  

Send up to 4 culls, I have lotsa room and love!

3. what other betta related products would you like:

   BettaZing!  (replaces Bettamax hehehe)

u save $5 when you add BettaZing to your betta order!
(regularly $15, only $10 if you order it now)

I strongly suggest you get some BettaZing if you have not yet ordered some. You will need it when you acclimate your bettas, so to prevent them from getting sick after they arrive, since they will be a bit stressed from the trip. BettaZing will protect them as they get used to their new homes, water and foods. A great betta disease preventative and cure, this med is perfect to administer to bettas in jars since it is liquid (use 1 drop per quart jar). Makes it simple and easy to dose. This is a Bettatalk exclusive and is a great substitute to our beloved (but defunct) "Bettamax" (Aquatronics went out of business so no one can find Bettamax anymore boohoo... So I came up with this narly substitute!). I tested this on my own fish as a preventative and also on sick fish as a cure and it gave amazing results. This great med will protect your bettas from a multitude of ailments and is extremely effective against betta's biggest foes: Velvet, parasites and fungal infections. Just like Bettamax, this is not meant to cure serious bacterial infections. But for example, if your bettas get clamped fins or stiff fins this will in most cases fix it pronto! A must have for all betta hobbyists! Use it as a preventative to protect your bettas or use it to treat affected fish. Comes with detailed instructions. BettaZing! It's a betta thing! (boy am I good at coming up with slogans? Or am I good?? :)  )

Send me a dose of BettaZing at the reduced price of $10 

Send me double dose, I know I'll use it! $20  
Twice the Zing :) two bottles of BettaZing 


live plants:

Would you like a starter clump of java moss/fern plant* (a betta's best friend)*? 

*Note: Subject to availability. 

Java Fern.JPG (148984 bytes)
Java Fern will grow to look like this


is much prettier and more decorative than Java moss and less messy. It too, can survive without gravel and tolerates colder water temps, high or low PH. It is also a betta breeder's favored plant. However it is not as effective at cleaning up nitrites and ammonia then Java Moss. Hence when moss is in season, I will send moss. Java fern starter clumps are made of several young plants with usually only 2 to 3 leaves each. Don't worry, they will grow LOL. 

java moss.JPG (156075 bytes)
Moss free floating in a jar


Each starter clump will effectively keep nitrite and ammonia levels down to a near ZERO between water changes for up to 5  half gallon betta bowls (cost to keep water cleaner per betta = $2 :) ). I recommend getting 2 starter clamps of moss, so you have a little extra left to play with. This is a hard to kill plant that will do great in betta bowls and has no special light requirement. Can survive in low light or high light, low PH or high PH. Gravel or NO gravel. Prefers still water, like our bettas :)). Will keep your fish healthier between water changes. Comes with complete instructions.



microworm culture:

I am a new customer so please send me a free MICROWORM culture 
Please note that adult bettas will never eat microworms. Hence, only request a microworm culture if you have, or intend to have, small fry to feed. 

I am a recurring customer but I completely killed my last culture so please send me another MICROWORM culture for an additional $10  
If you are a recurring customer and previously received a free culture you should not need a new culture unless you have completely killed your last one. Adding a new sample of microworms to an already established culture is completely useless and a waste of your money! So, save your money and only request a refresher culture if you are fairly sure you murdered your last culture LOL! 


vinegar eel culture:

I am adding an extra $10 to receive a VINEGAR EEL culture with my order 
Please note that adult bettas will never eat vinegar eel. Hence, only request a vinegar eel culture if you have, or intend to have, small fry to feed. 


save money by ordering our happy betta breeder package deal !

This kit comes complete with: 1 BettaZing, 1 Microworm culture, 1 vinegar eel culture and 2 java fern starter clumps. Everything you need! PLUS you save $10 off of the regular prices posted above by getting the package deal.      

Yes, I want to add a Happy Betta Breeder Package Deal for an extra $40
Note: You would end up paying $45 plus $6 shipping = $51.00 if you were to order the kit separately from your supply page. So adding it to your current fish order is the smart way to go :).



OK, so maybe this one has almost nothing to do with bettas hehe... But so many of you have asked me to add this option so here it is :).

Please also send me a full length ALTERNATE FAITH album for $10 
This is a full length album featuring 12 of my songs. If you enjoy modern rock/world music, and would like to order my CD and support this independent artist :), you can by selecting this box. The CD will be inserted in a paper sleeve and placed at the top of your box and shipped at no extra charge this way, along with your fish hehehehe. Bettas love to spawn to my music. Really? No, not really LOL, but I had you going there, for a monent LOL. ;)

Thank you for your support! 


4. now it's time to add it up

order total and method of payment :

Enter your GRAND TOTAL (everything included) here:  
If you're real bad at math, don't worry, I'll add it up for you. 

Please select a payment method:* 
Selecting the paypal option will make it possible for me to ship your fish immediately! So please if at all possible, do pay with paypal. It is very safe, reliable and EASY. Oh, and did I mention it is EASY? ;)



STEP 3 - tell me a bit more about you ...


This is your chance to let me know more about you, to add any comments or questions to your order. Please take a moment to fill this section, it will help us both immensely. 

I am:

I am an IBC member  

What are your bettabilities?   

Do you intend to breed these bettas?   

Do you show bettas or have ever shown bettas?  

how did you find me?* 

How many times have you ordered BETTAS from me (do not count supplies orders) *      

Ever got bettas through the internet/mail before?     yes      no

Do you have VIP status with BETTATALK?*

Repeat customers: Do you have a pending credit?            yes      no
credits are sometimes issued to resolve betta mishaps. If you are a new customer the above does not pertain to you. If you are a repeat customer the above pertains to you ONLY if I issued you a credit for a betta mishap and only if it was issued within the last 12 months.

If so, please enter your credit amount here: 

additional comments/instructions?


STEP 4 - make sure you got it right!


before submitting your form please check the following:

1. did you order at least $60 worth of bettas? If not, your order will be rejected.

2. are the bettas you are ordering actually posted on the stock page? If not they are not currently for sale and your order will be rejected.

3. did you remember to mention the reference numbers of your lots? No ref number = no bettas.

4. is your email address correct? Otherwise I will not be able to respond and process your order :(

5. are your address and phone numbers correct? If not, bettas might get lost when I ship them to you :(

6. do you live in the US? I do not ship outside of the US. No, really, I DON'T.




STEP 5 - one last thing before you hit 'submit'  



By submitting this order, you agree to purchase the above bettas (should they still be available) from BETTATALK. Please don't submit an order unless you are ready to purchase and send funds promptly. Your consideration is appreciated. You hereby agree to pay a $20 cancellation fee should you cancel your order after submitting this form. 

bullet Remember you must wrap and mail back  my box promptly or you will be billed! ( see my sales policies )
bullet Please click here to read my sales policies.   In the (rare) eventuality we should run into a betta mishap, we will go by whatever my policies state. This way you know what to expect and so do I. In an effort to be fair to all customers, we always stick to policies, in ALL cases.

You hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with all of my sales policies.


Your order can not be submitted and processed unless you select "I agree"


Email me if for some strange reason, you are unable to submit this form. Form usually works great but if you do not get a confirmation page after you hit "submit", then for sure email me!

My reply to your order request may end up in your spam folder! If you do not hear back from me within 1 to 5 days, please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!!!!

Also, sometimes emails get lost in cyberspace. If you do not hear back from me within 1 to 5 days, EMAIL ME (use button below). This is a must, otherwise your order will fall in the cracks of cyberspace! :(



STEP 6 - we are done! please 'submit'

  there is a $20 cancellation fee if you flake